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  1. Hey Jeff, I always wanted to do the Batman's Batcave in LA Batcave Not a very challenging cache, but it might be memorable. My favorite '60 Batman quote: "Robin, there are few things I don't know." Good luck, D
  2. Going caching in the Lagunas on Friday (8/6), I know its short notice, anyone game? Drop me an e-mail by 10 PM if interested. I'll drive! Have jeep, will cache! Really want to do the Sandy creek cowboy cache that requires the ladder or pole or whatever. Duscwe!
  3. Hey Chris, Just saw all the episodes, too funny! I'm glad my travel bug has let your creative juices flow, I'm thinking of digging out the old figures and putting on a show, we'll save the town....or something. Thanks, Duscwe!
  4. Yay D-gang! Who says numbers don't matter!? Not to toot my own horn (well, maybe a little), but I did #800 today at TT's Geocaching Geometry, lotsa fun! Looking forward to the picnic! D
  5. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet Yrium, I did enjoy reading his logs. On a lighter note, this is what happens when you ask for pictures of your TB's. Careful of what you ask for, you might get it! Part 1 Part 2 See everyone at Crown Point! D
  6. Nellybelle is green with envy that everyone is making such a fuss over those little yellow jeeps. Now she wants a bug tag! How do I tactfully tell her she is too big to fit into a cache container. Ruscal Got mine just today! D
  7. Hey webscouter, I happen to agree with you. I made an error in judgement in posting this here. In fairness, the following is an e-mail I sent Hemlock. (MMM...crow tastes good!). ---begin quote--- Hello, Okay, my bad. I would very much like it if you could unarchive dead end four. Sorry for any trouble I may have put you in. Just a little frustrating to be told everything is lame when I put some effort into hiding a cache. Again, my apologies. Duncan Aka Duscwe! ---end quote--- Sorry to bother everyone. D
  8. I archived the old cache. I started a new cache. Is this not allowed? D Is it allowed? Technically, yes. Once a cache is archived, the location is available for someone to place a cache there. Should you archive a cache just to place a new one there? I think most people would say no. It just doesn't seem like the right thing to do. Okay, thanks for letting me know I'm wrong. I'll pull the cache. D
  9. I archived the old cache. I started a new cache. Is this not allowed? D
  10. The following is a note posted by Hemlock on a new cache that I wanted approved. This was to be a replacement on Duscwe's Dead End Cache:Four. I put a new cache there, new container, I wanted it to be a new cache, a new name, why is that lame? Why shouldn't people log an extra smiley? Is this a game or not? Most games are lame, are they not? Why the heck would I want to continue this game when I receive garbage like this? I pay good money (granted, it 3 bucks a month) to support this game? Do I really deserve this type of treatment? I'm I taking this too personally? ---begin quote--- April 25 by Hemlock (0 found) I don't understand why you would archive one cache here then submit a new one in the exact same spot. Talk about lame. Why should people get an extra smiley for logging it again. How about an anti-lame series? Hemlock ps. The above is my personal opinion and not a guideline. But I want to understand the reasons behind such a lame idea. ---end quote--- Watch for my ALC caches coming soon! Anti-Lame Caches! Need feedback. Duscwe! PS- Remember, this is a GAME!
  11. Forgot to mention, if you guys ever go up to Chino Hills there is a cacher called BarbiQ62 who has hidden some of the best cammo caches I have ever seen. Very senic up there, nice trails behind the houses. You could grab about 16 caches in one afternoon, but they ain't easy. Well worth the drive if you're looking to get out of SD. http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=40...69-612432ee2e63 Duscwe!
  12. socal admin has been on vacation, enjoying a well deserved break. on a note along the same lines... hope to have a new cache up this weekend....a puzzle cache just for Ducswe!!!! however, not too much of a mind bender. Team APC will be deploying new caches soon to combat the insanity. Vacation? I guess that's acceptable. Duscwe!
  13. After four encounters with snakes I always have my snake radar on. My first encounter was with a Southern Pacific Rattler at the end of Regents St. in Rose Canyon. Just expect to see them wherever you go, especially this time of year. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?II...2db&LID=1677526 On a different note, why are no caches being approved? Five on Monday, one on Tuesday, none since. I'm not interested in rational answers, I just want to complain Duscwe!
  14. I went around and collected all my Dead End caches today and archived several of them. The altoids tins were getting rusty and some of the caches were placed next to or in front of homes, not an ideal location (although I thought it was back when I placed them). One thing I did notice was that there was nothing in the caches, no swag. I remember putting some good swag in most of these awhile back. Do people take and not give? Maybe I'll just set log only caches for now? I guess this echos back to Sddarkman's point, caches do turn into trashes. Thanks for letting me vent. Duscwe![]
  15. I think a must-visit in San Diego is Old Town. Presidio Hill is the location of the first European settlement on the west coast of North America. Several caches: 1769 View of Margaritaville Above Old Town Cache #2 Archaic Passage Lots of others in the area, including a couple of virtuals. Old Town is a little touristy, but I love going there. Have fun! Duscwe!
  16. Nice pics, Gecko Dad! That looks like the same snake that I had run in with back in January. Had the same black and white banding on it's tail. Thats all I got a picture of... Funny, this was also near a GOLDINHELIX cache. A trend? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?II...8dd&LID=2798269 Duscwe!
  17. Hello All, I'm looking to go North in the next few weeks to do some "power caching". What I'd like to do is get the maximum number of caches with the minimum of driving. A couple areas I'm looking at are Sycamore Canyon near Riverside and near Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks. Of course, we'd have to drive there to get the caches, but once we're there that is it for the driving, all the caches are on the trail. Very possible to get 20-30 caches depending on the trail we choose. I'd estimate about 5-6 miles of hiking for the day. I don't have a date just yet, but I'm thinking late April or, more likely, early May. Anyone game? Duscwe!
  18. Hey!!!! I have a life...sort of.... How about TucsonThompson for new FTF King? Duscwe![]
  19. Tell me that you can't hear Slim Pickens saying "A toll booth? Somebody go back and get a whole shipload 'o dimes!" One of the strangest things I seen in the desert. That's a heck of a lot different from what I remember... Duscwe!
  20. Hey RG, Rough coordinates for Palm Canyon Trailhead are: 33* 16.220 116* 25.088 Or better yet, as you enter, ask for the Palm Canyon Trailhead, there is a booth there, I think it is four bucks to get in, have not been there in several years... The first cache on the trail is Just Frogs GCG6VN Hope to see you there! Duscwe
  21. For anyone who is interested... I plan to be at the trailhead to Palm Canyon no later than 1:30 PM on Friday. Hopefully, it shouldn't take more than 2 hours to hit the six caches. If anyone is interested meet us there! Duscwe!
  22. Parsa, I plan on doing six of the Palm Canyon caches on Friday afternoon. In fact, I've spoken with eporkchop (who is currently out of state) and I am going to reset his Pool at the Oasis cache for him. I hope to get to Palm Canyon around one or two in the afternoon and then get to the campsite before dark. As for Saturday, I'm playing it by ear... Duscwe!
  23. Anyone find that gad-durn Sierra Memories cache? Had to leave after about 20-30 minutes of searching with devhead and fishnjack. Met the 4DeeZ and some other folks coming down the trail as I was exiting, have not met so many cachers in such a short period of time! At least I picked up two geocoins! Duscwe!
  24. Hope to make the meet-up, have to leave work early, but was planning that anyway (really!). Duscwe!
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