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  1. Hey Chuy! You got 11 FTF's? I got 11 FTF's today! We're brudders! I did miss GCKNV4, so I didn't hog *all* the FTF's! Can't wait! D!
  2. Since I am no longer employed..no, wait, sorry...since I'm in the middle of my fall vacation I'm planning to get out there early on Friday and do some caches in the area, but not necessarily Blair Valley. Took the Jeep out to South Anza-Borrego today, had to use 4-low for one particular cache. If anyone is interested in getting started early, let me know. I have leave Saturday morning since the 23rd is my wedding anniversary (barely got permission for this one). See you guys soon, D
  3. Thanks Duscwe, seems like a nice route. Will see how much my hiking/muggle companions want to do on the day, but 6 miles sounds nice enough. Incidentally, what topo site/program did you make that map with? Dr.B, It's called TOPO! by National Geographic, the whole state cost me about $100 (probably available for less if you shop around). I can upload and download waypoints via the GPSr, very handy program. After I upload a pocket query to the GPSr I like to download the waypoints into TOPO! to make sure I have the waypoints I want. You can create routes, build profiles, can't imagine not having it. Worth the money. D
  4. It wasn't official until now!!?? Forgot to mention, did ya see yerself in a cave in a Darth Vader outfit? D
  5. You really can't miss no matter where you park. There are numerous trailheads -- Calle De Vida, Clairemont Mesa Blvd., Mast Blvd., Father Junipero Serra Trail, Mesa Road, the Visitor Center off Mission Gorge, Jackson Drive, Golfcrest, and there may be more. Just about any of these trailheads has great hikes with multiple caches along the way. My favorite is Clairemont Mesa Blvd. just because of the cool footbridge that you cross. From there, you can head to North Fortuna and hit a few along the way, then across to South Fortuna, then circle back to Clairemont Mesa. That would probably be about 10 miles or so and there are probably a dozen caches along the way. Pretty strenuous, but certainly doable in a morning or an afternoon. T.R. Violin is the guy to ask, though. I think he must live up there or something with all the caches he has placed! Hey Dr.B, I set out from Calle Vida, up to Stickers with a view, past One Small Step, and South Amarillo, up to N. Fortuna, Tuna Sandwich, S. Fortuna (the one I didn't find), down the staircase to Beam Me up, past Hang em High, then back to Calle Vida. Round trip took just under 5 hours (I took my time), about 6 miles, over 1700 feet elevation gain/loss. Definitely worth the trip. Sorry about the image size...
  6. Hey, I'm gonna take you up on your offer as I didn't find the MTRP Mystery Cache. I was certain I was at the right spot... D
  7. I have about six to polish off, one at the lake (Bubbles), Stickers with a View, and the rest up on the Fortunas. I have Saturday morning free, when will you be out? D
  8. Well...since I am going on my puzzle hajj this weekend I guess I should probably leave something behind for you all to work on while I'm gone. I wasn't planning on doing anything more than dumping Agent 99 off up in Oceanside at the most northernly San Diego County cache I could find. But everybody thank Toby now! I'll just put her in a new puzzle cache. Now I just got to think of one. OK. Got it. Pray for help! --TT-- D'Oh!
  9. The Dynamic Duo? Go fellas! I'm pullin' fer ya! D
  10. I love puzzles too! NO, wait... I hate puzzles. That's the thing with me and puzzles: I love and hate 'em at the same time. Drives me crazy sometimes, but feels good when I solve it, even if I do need some help. Some puzzles (which shall go unnamed) I will not even look at anymore. In fact, I don't even look at my filter finds page anymore because I can't stand to look at puzzle caches I can't get. Where I'm I going with all this, well, a proposal... Let's say Arizona Al puts out a really tough, head-banging, sleepless nights, on the computer til 1 AM, type puzzle. After a certain amount of time, after the puzzle junkies have found the cache, why not offer a hint or spoiler upon request? At the bottom of the cache page put something like: Hints and/or spoilers gladly given upon request. What's the point in hiding a cache that someone can't find? So far only three people have visited my Point Loma High puzzle. Is the puzzle too hard, are people sick of puzzles? I don't know, what I do know is that I want people to visit the cache, it's a place worth visiting. So, if they want to visit the cache without doing the puzzle, that's fine, just ask for a hint or the coordinates. I would ask that people give the puzzle some thought, that's the reason for the puzzles after all, stretch the brain a little? But after all that stretching, if the answer is not in sight, why not a spoiler or a hint (or both)? Thanks for listening, Duncan
  11. Thanks Fireman78, My Favorite areas would be Balboa Park, Old Town, La Jolla, and Mission Trails (if you like hiking). Here's one of my favorites from each area: Old Town: GCG5GH Balboa Park: GCG7K2 La Jolla: GCG2PT Mission Trails: GCJ99C Have fun! Duscwe!
  12. Thanks for the plug, Steve (and Duncan, too). So far only a handful of cachers have taken this one on. The puzzle part is certainly not even close to a match for a TT whopper, and the terrain level is entirely dependent upon what previous cachers do after solving it. But it has some unique aspects that I think you will enjoy. Might bring me out of my TT-induced depression trying to sequence DNA from only a 10th grade biology education if someone would go after this one . Zis is Kaos is so cool I might just do it again! Duncan, you up for it? Actually, there is an aspect of the cache that we didn't get to experience... BTW, just hit the big 900, just a 100 to go to a thousand caches (last time I checked 1000-900=100, but after doing TT's caches I question everything...). Puzzle junkie in training, Duscwe
  13. Maybe I should bring back the APC's (now that I'm banging my head on this Blueprint puzzle), Jeff said he didn't mind... D
  14. Moer learn-ed of the DNA than want to ever. Ability loosing to tipe and use brainy thingy. Go sleep now I do. bye bye D
  15. well. there is a new puzzle in Leucadia.Leaving work now....think I'll go to hit rocket man's as well. PUZZLE JUNKIES ALERT! ----------------------------- FYI....I've just made a deliciously evil (but logical) cache called "Blueprint"(GCKGYT) . Be on the lookout for its approval in the next few days. --TT-- Groan! Had to change my avatar to old McCrosky. Everytime I get down to two TT puzzles to go a new one pops up. Coincidence? Shouldn't have taunted happy fun ball... D
  16. My second puzzle cache is up, easy, easy. Go Jeff, go! Point Loma High D
  17. BPN 1350 Cache is hidden 1653 Cache is approved (that was quick) 1815 Cache is found by Tucson Thompsen Sometimes I think I hide caches just so Jeff can be FTF! Congrats on another FTF! D
  18. Master, will try to get it going by next week, but no promises. Grasshopper
  19. Evet!!! Tabii Türk bir hapishaneye bir zaman gittim. Türkiye'deyken, benim kizarkada$imin anneannesinin evi bir hapishane yakindadir. Gerçekten, o bir yer çok güzel! (Oh....Duscwe! didn't know that I speak Turkish). --TT-- Who's "somewhat adorable?" D
  20. Looks like a red diamondback to me. Ask TT, he likes diamondbacks
  21. I am serious... and don't call me Shirley. Jeff, have you ever been to a Turkish prison?
  22. PUZZLES?? Yeah. I got yer puzzles right here! I've got one waiting to be approved called "Opus 25 Etude in E-flat Major". According to FlagMan, he's got one in the queue, and Dillon Gang is out in the field right now placing yet another puzzle, according to devhead. My God! What have I wrought???? --TT-- Okay you puzzle junkies, let's cool it! I'm still working on Stay on Target... I got smoke comin' out my ears here Just kiddin', keep 'em coming, doesn't matter, just will take me months to solve them... D
  23. Oh, Great! Now my CTTDV is like 152, I'll never catch up! Congratulations Jeff! D
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