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  1. Howdy, I received the following from a geocacher in Oklahoma. I work the day of the Marathon, but if anyone is planning to watch the Marathon in person, maybe you can help him out? (I think it's the Rock n Roll Marathon, June 5th). > Sir, > > I am a cacher from Oklahoma City, OK. I am hoping > you can help me with something. There is a marathon > in June that my girl friend is walking in. She is a > cacher as well. I am unable to travel with her to > support her on this walk. I was wondering if I could > find a small group of cachers who would be willing > to line the route and make some signs that would > cheer her on. Do you know of anyone who would be > willing to assist me on this? I posted a on a Texas > Cachers Yahoo Group and someone suggested that I > look you up. > > Thank you, > Mark Klinger > maxwell q > maxwell_q@sbcglobal.net > > User's Profile: > http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=62...9b-ab0aa672b5f9
  2. It's not all about the numbers..... just mostly about the numbers. (C'mon, I'm a guy, guys like stats, trust me.) D!
  3. California geocoins are being tracked on a different site....which...I can't remember. Somebody...help. Nevermind, I found it, go here... Ca geocoin site D!
  4. 1:25 PM still waiting...... Oh yeah. I'll have another batch of puzzles to be released shortly in the next week or so. (4/1.5) Somewhere in San Diego (GCN9N0) (4/2.5) Quit Poking Me! (GCM3BC) (4.5/2) Searching for Bobby Fischer (GCMJWN) (5/4) Unnamed Cow Spots and TT Puzzle Cache, though we like so far the title: "Mommy! Mommy! Make the bad puzzle cachers stop!!!!" Santa Maria! Time to go to Home Depot and get another stack of 2X4's! How many in a gross? D!
  5. I'd say just write a note on the page and claim yourself as FTS. D!
  6. Hey Now! Thanks for the links, TG. I just got a Pocket PC and I've got every cache in SD county (that I haven't found) loaded up with GPX Spinner, too easy. Was a date decided for the paperless event? I still wanna attend. D!
  7. Hey Now! Sign me up! Gotta get a PDA though... D!
  8. Picked up one YMS 007 from Pop Art. D!
  9. I thought Gloretta Canyon was very nice, check out the link: Gloretta Canyon D! Thanks Duncan, Is it accessible with a 2WD? How much of a walk is it? (I'd be happy with 10 miles, but certain other members of the party may not be.....) It seemed okay for a 2WD, short hike (.30) to the cache, if you find the right wash... If you do the Gloretta cache, don't go to the end of the road, look for a wash on the left. D!
  10. I thought Gloretta Canyon was very nice, check out the link: Gloretta Canyon D!
  11. Looks like Mike might hit 1000 sometime soon. TR Violin D!
  12. The day will come, but you will have to be patient for a while.... Oh, oh! I know the story, but I can't tell, it's a secret New puzzle coming out soon, hoping it will challenge the pros.... Could be a couple of weeks.... We'll see.... D!
  13. Submitted for approval @ 9:45 : GCMQYA Good luck! D! Ready to go....that was fast....feedback appreciated. D!
  14. Submitted for approval @ 9:45 : GCMQYA Good luck! D!
  15. Picked up one YMS #3 (SCC) from said cache. D!
  16. Picked up the Halstaff (original) and Night Hunter (YMS) from Seaquest Picked up the Gumby&Pokey, Bikedog, and Tuna that was with the Udesignit TB at Beanie Bonanza. D!
  17. Well, it looks like it WAS taken from my bench in the lab! Does anyone have an old spare unused GPSr I could borrow until I can sort myself out with a new one? Toby, you can use my Geko or Vista, they're not new, but I don't use them that much, you can borrow one for as long as you like. D!
  18. You can do them in any order, but order does matter. Does that make sense? It'll become clear when you find the caches. D!
  19. Tell ya what, e-mail me the coordinates and a few hints, and I'll go find it for ya
  20. Jeff, get more better, can't wait to see the scars, first round is on me. D!
  21. No can do, Tom. The Portabello trail that skirts along the south edge of 52 towards N. fortuna is closed. Well....it's posted closed with a bunch of markers and what not, right at the trailhead by the condos and posted as closed by another set about .15 miles west of the duckpond. I, however, wouldn't say that it's guarded like Checkpoint Charlie though. Howabout the trailhead at the top of Corte Playa Catatlina? D!
  22. Well, since you asked....Did 105 caches mostly in a two day span, 56 on Thursday (my new record), 48 on Friday, and one Saturday morning as I made my escape. BorregoBill met me on Thursday and we cached most of Friday. Those caching trails are a lot of fun, don't knock 'em til ya try 'em. Was very lucky and had great weather, actually could've been a bit warmer. I think I could have stayed another two days and have found just as many (and my wife would have my head!). D!
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