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  1. You can make all the notifications you want (trad, multi, puzzle, etc..), but they should have an option for all types. No? D!
  2. What a caching pair we'd make: Douche-we and Cutieman. Nice. D!
  3. You guys just gave me an idea! Duncan was looking for a new Geocaching name. He found one already, but he might change his mind when he hears: "RisingBubbles"! To think we could have PassingWind AND RisingBubbles in our Geocaching community! Let me think about it... no. D!
  4. How long will it be until you go back to TucsonThompsen? D!
  5. Is that the French pronunciation? Mais, oui! C'est bon! Oh la la. D!
  6. Aw, c'mon, we've got time. No new TT puzzles to solve....... Well, since you asked... Being called "douche-we" was kinda the last straw. Besides, easier just having my name as my username. I guess it's not a long story, but it is boring. I do like the Hey Now idea. That's from Jeffery Tambor's character on the Larry Sanders show. D!
  7. Will that be for the forum only or your GC name too? GC too. Can they be different? D!
  8. Hey Now! For those who care... Changing user name to Duncan! . Long story, very boring... D!
  9. Sweet!! Time to dust off the RV Chili + Passing Wind = Flatulence How large is the camping area? No wait, how far apart are the campsites and which way will the Wind be Passing? I'd like to see a competition between PW and Fkrexcal! I don't know PW very well, but my money right now is on FK! There's a reason that "Rex" is in his caching name! I'm just happy to have survived that storm, onslaught or whatever you want to call it! Thanks for the warning. The event should be a big blowout. Hey, it's gonna be a gas! D!
  10. For those interested... I will post a clue for LXG tonight, around 8 PM. D!
  11. LXG: The League of Extraordinary Geocachers. Man I hope I make the list....I'm not sure what my super power is yet. Gotta be better than those lame-ohs Zan and Jana. --TT-- GeoLeader!
  12. Three amigos - "And they called us scum-sucking pigs. Us!" Too funny, I was lookng at the pics with my daughter (2.5 years) in my lap and she says, " that's you daddy." I took a closer look...oh, it is! I think I need glasses! D!
  13. Forgot to mention, purloined a Flagman #8 from Monopolizing Your Time, signed no less. D!
  14. First, wait for a new cache to be approved. Then RUSH (and I mean RUSH) to get there before anyone else can. Then hide in the bushes and jump out as cegrube, Chuy, Duscwe. D-Jollymon, Gobolt, John&Jess, Night Hunter, Passingwind, etc. (listed in alpha order, not necessarily order of appearance) each converge on the cache seconds apart from each other. Chances are you will fail to arrive before all of them, but now that TT has left town, you might have a fighting chance of meeting one or two of them!..... Of course, if the cache is located in Santee, you'll also have a chance to meet Army_SGM, team fatman and Skillet. You forgot Flagman... D!
  15. NJ has just over 1700 caches...shouldn't take too long! D!
  16. I'm planning on a McGinty hike this Thursday morning, around 8:45a. Call/email me if you'd like to join me. TR Violin went up there today, betcha he hid one or two up there. Gotta work Thursday morning. Why can't I get paid for geocaching? D!
  17. Outstanding, amazing, well done! Yes, we'll be planning another PodCache sometime in the near future. Until then, if anyone has any suggestions for future "shows" or wants to participate in this grand experiment (perhaps an interview?) Please let us know. You can reach us at www.podcacher.com. Howdy, just a suggestion... Why not setup a geocache that requires a podcast? I think more people will try it out that way. You could make it a puzzle cache, kinda like the picture puzzle caches but with auditory clues instead of visual. No? D!
  18. I vote no on staggering, saves on gas. D!
  19. For those interested... I dropped a WJTB in Twin Peaks Cache I A bit of a steep, rocky hike, but it'll be worth it. Have fun, D!
  20. If ya want to do a 5/5 cache give this one a try: Intent of Infinity Be sure to take necessary precautions. D!
  21. About 100 or so feet from JANO at the nearby summit log? Just my guess ~Jess Not a bad guess. Right kind of terrain and vegetation. Too far south, though. -GD Wild guess. (visit link) D!
  22. Why, Yes! See my Aloe virtualis cache: GCHBT3 The Wild Animal Park has one too: GC3DBD it does have quite a few waypoints, however. D! are there any in balboa park? There are two others in Balboa Park, go here:virtuals D!
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