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  1. Ok, I'll bite. This HAS to be the Rocket Family's new home in the Rockies! I'm not sure I would want to live in this place (hint), even if I could afford it. RM Mr. Burns: This house has quite a long and colorful history. It was built on an ancient Indian burial ground and was the setting of satanic rituals, witch burnings, and five John Denver Christmas specials. Homer: (shudder) John Denver...
  2. Congrats to all you guys just in case I forgot someone too and... CONGRATS TO J&J ON 5 ! CONGRATS TO CEGRUBE ON 5 ! CONGRATS TO PW ON 25 ! CONGRATS TO KAWIKATURN ON 1212! Amazing! You guys rock!
  3. Hey vegasmoose, Flagman and I just did a series just north of Ramona that I really enjoyed. Here's the first one in the series: GCQDPV Some very scenic back country and just right for a jeep! I'm usually free on Fridays. Take care, Duncan! Edit: It would be wise to pick up an Adventure Pass : Vendors
  4. This is how lazy I am.... I wanted to be first to congratulate Tom, but I got home and slept for two hours. Congrats, Tom!
  5. Hey Now! What about Yrium's Geocacher Trading Cards thread? Can I be Norm? D!
  6. Re-visited my first ever cache to pick up a regular #21 and a misprint. Actually had to read the hint cause the container had changed. Thanks, Tom! D!
  7. What's even weirder to me is that I KNOW I logged finds on both those caches, but my logs were deleted by the owner. No explanation, no response to e-mail, nothing. Just deleted my logs. And now the caches are archived in a most peculiar manner! Re-log them. I don't think that the owner will even notice now. It is only fair. Especially if Spyder1 can log it three times (and a few others twice), I don't see why you can't log it once. I checked the page, and it's not locked from new logs, so GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I second the motion. Log it! D!
  8. This one? xxxxxxxxx I think it was archived along with the other XXXXXXX caches because the Rangers didn't want them there AT ALL - not even the name of the park was left on the web site when they were archived (notice that the coordinates have been zeroed out as well). Hmmm, well, I guess we'll see what happens... D! Well, as long as we don't mention the The Park With No Name by name (oops, too late!) or provide the coordinates, I don't see how there could be a problem.. (assuming they haven't "bookmarked" it ) The first cache was further out on the ridge under some cactus, it really wasn't on the trail but as I remember there wasnt any vegetation really to bust through all you had to do was wander around the bushes and go to the edge of ridge and look under the cactus. The rangers supposedly bagged it after about 10 finds or so, Then it was rehidden a few days later where I guess it still is today. If it is the one I'm thinking about The first to find was on 6-6-01 I was the 2nd finder on 6-7-01 and Tuna was the 14th then when it was moved. What I didn't realize was that the log in there was a replacement. No, he wasn't FTF. Still interesting to see the "old" logs, though. D!
  9. This one? xxxxxxxxx I think it was archived along with the other Torrey Pines caches because the Rangers didn't want them there AT ALL - not even the name of the park was left on the web site when they were archived (notice that the coordinates have been zeroed out as well). Hmmm, well, I guess we'll see what happens... D!
  10. Okay, how weird is this! I found the old Torrey Pines Extension cache today, bone dry in perfect shape. Now, I challenge you to find the archived page for this cache. You might have trouble finding it. The cache was abandoned by it's owner after Flagman found it in March of 2004. Why, who knows? I added a new log book to the cache, took new coordinates and re-hid in the same place. 'there was even a TB in there! Cache doesn't have any great swag, but it is neat to see the old logs (Tuna was FTF). Duncan and the lost cache, indeed! D!
  11. Nice - you photoshopped it so it doesn't even look 110 degrees! Lovely, but who's the guy on the right? D!
  12. Congrats to Chuy on 1500 caches! ! Watch out, TR Violin! D!
  13. Yep, that was me. Took from Max's park: 1 #10, 1#20 and 2 #21 (of course). Need misprint. Thanks, D!
  14. If you only knew what I'm sitting on.... Not even suitable for Banter.... How do I get revenge? Stevie D already has a card! Nice work guys, can't wait to get my hands on one. D!
  15. Hey Now!!! Lookin' good D! Oy vey! My wife is gonna have a field day with this! Too funny! Love the meerkat. D!
  16. Radical Geezer. I just saw one of his cards the other day for Cedar Creek Falls. Can't remember which cache it was... D!
  17. Well . . . I do. If you buy the jerky and the ice coffee, who buys the gas? I have a good tent for camping . . . Actually, might be cheaper to fly...
  18. Who wants to go? I'll buy the jerky and ice coffee. Original Stash Tribute Plaque Or you might find this interesting: The History of Geocaching D!
  19. I would have to say Dan-oh is the Wiz himself, but don't tell him, he might get a little big headed on us. This one had a bit of everything in it, but it ran you around town a bit like "Bingo" did. I must admit, without D-Jollymon there, I most likely would have posted a DNF here and been begging for a hint. The WP before the final cache kicked my butt. His numbers were right on, my gpsr was putting me about 30 feet up the road. I would like to think I would have eventually found it, but maybe not. Anyway, luck to all of you that try it! Cache on! Dan-Oh!!! I've got to add my kudos to you!!! That one waypoint was a killer!!! I am still shakin' my head in disbelief. You da man! After doing hundreds of 1/1's in the Hanford/Visalia area it was nice to get back to the cruel reality of actual camo. Thanks for getting me back in form. Dave, did you just do about 180 caches in the last 12 days? You da man! We'll have another kilo klub member soon... Congrats! D!
  20. Thanks much all...it's been a great 25 months caching so far and I'm looking forward to the next 500! Tony, excellent job! I've seen a few of those. D! Since GoBolt is overseas: BRAVO ZULU!
  21. Dave, may you have the best of luck in Denver and few DNFs! Duncan!
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