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  1. December 7 by Chuy (1974 found)

    Duncan! He's stealing your thunder!

    The D man was thinking of placing some caches in this area; he may still do so.

    Hey Now! I still get a nice hike and I get the smiley! And...I don't have to lug an ammo can up the hill! :)



  2. I love what part of the 10th definition of noob says:


    "Perhaps the easiest way to spot a noob is in their denial of their noob status. Many noobs deny they are noobs, which ultimately makes them more of a noob."


    By the way, are you guys noobs?  :)


  3. The SDGCC is meeting for dinner at Oggis Pizza and Brewery at the North County Fair mall @ 1830 tomorow (Wednesday). It is on the backside of the mall facing the parking lot....all are welcome...If you are not into coins you can be into the beer.    B)  ;)  :unsure:  :P  :)  :)  :D  B)

    I have 3 coins! Call me a noob! :P

    What you guys do at these things besides drink beer at look at C4s 700 pound gorilla coin collection! :D

    Okay, you're a noob. :P


    (What's a noob?) :P



  4. Will this post serve as a request to join the coin club gentlemen, or is there another way to "join the club". I have just recently taken an interest in geocoins but I am willing to contribute any I order and $ contributions for purchases the club makes.

    Okay, I can't resist, sign me up too!

    Must have the preciouses!



  5. Those of you who know me are aware that I'm not one to usually be at a loss for ideas when it comes to geocaching. But I've been racking my brain tonight and I juts can't figure something out.


    I got my SD geocoins in the mail today, and I am totally at a loss as to what to name them.




    I was thinking that maybe some local SD icon would be nice, or some local establishment that I liked i.e, Moondoggies, or PB Bar and Grill, or Dave and Buster's would be funny. Then I thought that naming one after Black's Beach and having a mission of "catching some moon shine there" would be cool. Then I thought perhaps naming them after local cachers would be good too.


    Help! What ideas are percolating in the SD crowd for good SD-based names?



    Since you asked... Some of the city's founding fathers: Horton, Spreckels, Wegeforth, Scripps... Or you could name the coins after our city council's favorite hangouts: Pacers, Pure Platinum, Cheetahs... Or maybe not...



  6. "....Channelmatic, Inc. and then that company was bought by a group named Local Insertion Media Technology (LIMT)"


    "Channelmatic invented the very first automated insertion system"

    Whoa partner.....thanks for the explaining. Thought at first you were heading into the Adult Film Channel business :D

    In your dreams.

    Nice weather we've been having lately! :D


    How 'bout that local... oh, forget it.

  7. A kilo's worth of congratulations toThe Senior Sleuths on ONE THOUSAND CACHES!!!!

    Excellent! Congratulations!

    Nice job! Hey, it was my cache! Here's an aerial photograph from a previous finder... He took from his helicopter...or he can fly...can't remember which... My old house is in the upper left corner of the photo. Click here for a larger version.






    Edit: reduced file size, added link to larger file

  8. hi everyone!!! I will be moving to San Diego in 3 weeks. The only caching I have done has been out in the country, away from people and buildings, etc. Do you have any advise for a new urban cacher? :lol:

    No advice about urban caches, but welcome to the game and San Diego!



  9. Who's want to join me to complete the Proctor Valley Monster Cache? (GCG0A2)


    I know Team Adelos wanted to do it at a full moon.  I'm thinking next Saturday or Sunday night at about 6 p.m. I'm not sure the moon will be full then but at least there WILL be a moon.

    We have a wedding on Saturday, but maybe Sunday. :signalviolin: I will have to see what is gong on. I never get out as much as I want to! We have been wanting to do that one for some time. Weather has to be good though. I dont think you want to be out there if it is raining...



    Let's meet Sunday November 19 at 6 p.m. at the trailhead. All are welcome. Bring flashlights or headlamps and whatever monster-scaring devices you have. :mad:

    We may try to get out there also, it sounds like a blast.

    I've been wanting to do this cache for a while but I was too scared. I used to live down there and remember all the stories about the monster.

    Have you heard the one about the two teenagers that had their car break down...

    If you have not, here it is:



    Edit: I didn't know Harmon was a sexagenarian, is that legal in this state?

  10. Any more before I start the list?

    I'll make links to the bookmark pages too.



    Maybe. Why don't you give me the coordinates to all of your puzzles that I haven't solved. That way I can see if I want to add any of them to the list. :mad::(

    Kinda like a secret shopper or...cacher.:lol: Quality control, I'm sure.:signalviolin:



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