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  1. Hey Now! I still get a nice hike and I get the smiley! And...I don't have to lug an ammo can up the hill! D!
  3. I have 3 coins! Call me a noob! What you guys do at these things besides drink beer at look at C4s 700 pound gorilla coin collection! Okay, you're a noob. (What's a noob?) D!
  4. Great stuff, guys! I'll get this stuff on a webpage soon. Of course, by soon, I mean I have no idea when. D!
  5. Okay, I can't resist, sign me up too! Must have the preciouses! D!
  6. Since you asked... Some of the city's founding fathers: Horton, Spreckels, Wegeforth, Scripps... Or you could name the coins after our city council's favorite hangouts: Pacers, Pure Platinum, Cheetahs... Or maybe not... D!
  7. **This just in** TucsonThompsen hits 3000! WAY2GO!
  8. Whoa partner.....thanks for the explaining. Thought at first you were heading into the Adult Film Channel business In your dreams. Nice weather we've been having lately! G'night. How 'bout that local... oh, forget it.
  9. Excellent! Congratulations! Nice job! Hey, it was my cache! Here's an aerial photograph from a previous finder... He took from his helicopter...or he can fly...can't remember which... My old house is in the upper left corner of the photo. Click here for a larger version. D! Edit: reduced file size, added link to larger file
  10. Ahem...that's 2577, you guys are always short changing me!
  11. Here ya go... Goodbye Hollywood
  12. Hey Now! I lost like 600 caches! Bummer! D!
  13. This just in: Princess Toadstool hits 1300 caches! 1300 WAY2GO!
  14. Congrats to Chuy on 19 caches! Only 100 to go for the big 2 oh oh oh!
  15. No advice about urban caches, but welcome to the game and San Diego! D!
  16. We have a wedding on Saturday, but maybe Sunday. I will have to see what is gong on. I never get out as much as I want to! We have been wanting to do that one for some time. Weather has to be good though. I dont think you want to be out there if it is raining... Adelos Let's meet Sunday November 19 at 6 p.m. at the trailhead. All are welcome. Bring flashlights or headlamps and whatever monster-scaring devices you have. We may try to get out there also, it sounds like a blast. I've been wanting to do this cache for a while but I was too scared. I used to live down there and remember all the stories about the monster. Have you heard the one about the two teenagers that had their car break down... If you have not, here it is: http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/metro/2...m24monster.html Edit: I didn't know Harmon was a sexagenarian, is that legal in this state?
  17. Maybe. Why don't you give me the coordinates to all of your puzzles that I haven't solved. That way I can see if I want to add any of them to the list. Kinda like a secret shopper or...cacher. Quality control, I'm sure. D!
  18. Any more before I start the list? I'll make links to the bookmark pages too. D!
  19. Hey Now! Haven't caught a wild jeep yet? Here's your chance: GCMR3M (I didn't put it there). D!
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