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  1. Why do you think he calls me at all hours??
  2. The first time I found a lamp-skirt cache, I thought "How cool is this?" Needless to say, it didn't take long for the thrill to wear off (but then again, I still go after them...) I call this the "Buffalo Effect". Here's how it works: You are driving your car in South Dakota for the first time. It isn't long before you see a buffalo beside the road. You slam on the brakes, stop the car, grab the camera and shoot 50 frames in about 30 seconds. 48 hours later, having passed approximately 47,000 more buffalo, your reaction varies from boredom to out-and-out anger (because some idiot in front of you has just slammed on his brakes with no warning.) In Hawaii, this is also known as the "Cattle Egret Effect". We've got the same thing at the zoo, the Peacock Effect. The Peacocks are allowed to wander the zoo grounds, they pick up spilled popcorn, create a crowd in front of my bus... It's like people have never seen those nasty birds before. Oh, sure, they look pretty...
  3. I thought about joining in the search last night as well but common sense and work this morning kept me away. After reading about the mud involved in the other caches, I know I made the right choice. What is this "common sense" of which you speak? D!
  4. Traded for a YMS #26 from Intruder Alert. Traded for a YMS #24 and #25 from Pirates of the Spanish Main. D!
  5. Okay,where would you be without me (and fellow Geobabe Splashette)? Better yet: Where would I be? You're responsible for all this ya' know. Congrats, to my Geocaching AND square dancing buddy and his bride. Congrats to everybody I missed! Keep rackin' up those ######! Hey Marty, I fixed it for ya
  6. "The Strange Case of the Pushmi-Pullyu"
  7. I did mine, thanks. D Analysis of file 360281.gpx 2721 unique caches. 2721 finds logged. 76 DNF logs (on found caches only). Avg. Difficulty = 1.68 Avg. Terrain = 1.62 Avg. Challenge = 1.92 453 hard caches (17%) 5 countries 7 US states 0 multiple finds (0%) 426 (15.7%) archived First log: 06/2/2003 Last log: 01/10/2006 Most finds: 74 on 10/17/2005 Oldest cache: #234 (GCEA) Newest cache: #330731 (GCRWYN) Difficulty: 1.0: 943 (34.7%) 1.5: 756 (27.8%) 2.0: 592 (21.8%) 2.5: 179 ( 6.6%) 3.0: 137 ( 5.0%) 3.5: 50 ( 1.8%) 4.0: 40 ( 1.5%) 4.5: 13 ( 0.5%) 5.0: 11 ( 0.4%) Terrain: 1.0: 1203 (44.2%) 1.5: 593 (21.8%) 2.0: 419 (15.4%) 2.5: 235 ( 8.6%) 3.0: 168 ( 6.2%) 3.5: 65 ( 2.4%) 4.0: 25 ( 0.9%) 4.5: 5 ( 0.2%) 5.0: 8 ( 0.3%) Cache types: 1 ( 0.0%) Cache In Trash Out Event 8 ( 0.3%) Earthcache 12 ( 0.4%) Event Cache 4 ( 0.1%) Letterbox Hybrid 11 ( 0.4%) Locationless (Reverse) Cache 122 ( 4.5%) Multi-cache 2331 (85.7%) Traditional Cache 175 ( 6.4%) Unknown Cache 50 ( 1.8%) Virtual Cache 7 ( 0.3%) Webcam Cache Containers: 18 ( 0.7%) Large 790 (29.0%) Micro 108 ( 4.0%) Not chosen 115 ( 4.2%) Other 1122 (41.2%) Regular 512 (18.8%) Small 56 ( 2.1%) Virtual Countries: 1 in Canada 1 in Greece 8 in Mexico 1 in Netherlands 2699 in United States US States: 12 in Arizona 2675 in California 1 in District of Columbia 1 in Maine 8 in Nevada 1 in Oregon 1 in Wisconsin
  8. I just moved this cache to the newspaper bins near the other end of the ship, but I forgot to get the new coordinates. Duh. I'll have it going again soon. Gaslamp and Aloe Virtualis at the zoo are accessible. D The Star is back in action! D!
  9. My pleasure (well, I am a little sick, you know). Just trying to get my foot out of my mouth... That's pr'bly what made ya sick in the first place! D
  10. I just moved this cache to the newspaper bins near the other end of the ship, but I forgot to get the new coordinates. Duh. I'll have it going again soon. Gaslamp and Aloe Virtualis at the zoo are accessible. D
  11. Hey Now! Maybe dis will bump it, eh? Awating approval: GCRYXA Yep, another puzzle, wicked easy, tho. I meant hard. D!
  12. I put in a link to the puzzle just in case the image doesn't show up. D!
  13. Yet another, at a Team Gecko cache no less! Banner Details
  14. Another Team Gecko photo on the "front" page! Banner Details
  15. Purloined a Flintstones and one of my namesake from the Bionicle series, sorry, can't remember which caches exactly, I get 'em mixed up. D!
  16. Another one! Way to go Team Gecko! Banner Details
  17. Saw this over at the UK forums and thought I'd give it a go here... For me, it was when I hiked out to Goat Canyon Trestle in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park back in May of 2003 (before the trains started running again). Nope, I didn't accidentally find a cache (although I wish I had, it's quite a hike), but I did a google search on the trestle several weeks afterwards and I came up with a nearby cache. I then found Flagman's "Grandparent's Cache" in early June. How did you get started? D!
  18. Hey! Got my first coins ever in the mail today! Two NYGO's! This neat-o! D!
  19. My hovercraft is full of eels. (Anyone?) I've always been partial to, "My lower intestine is full of spam." Lovely spam wonderful spam ...
  20. Yep, it's my name. My previous handle was Duscwe! Short for:Duncan Scott Werth But most everyone pronounced it "douche-way". So it had to go. Next D!
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