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  1. At least his name ain't Bobbit.




    This just in ....


    Another webcam photo session. They left me at home so's I could be their cameraman.


    It's tough being the junior member of the Geobabes. A little know fact is that to become a full-fledged Geobabe I must undergo a sex-change operation. Frankly I'm a bit worried about that.


    My first appointment with Dr. Loppitoff the surgeon is next week. I'm not sure why but he always laughs hysterically when he says his name. Still I am determined to look on the bright side of things. I understand that one can sell just about anything on eBay. If so then I'll also become an eBabe, yes?

  2. Better hurry, the new YMS#29 cards are going fast. Met Duncan! at the park. He took one YMS #29 and a YMS #28 misprint. I took five YMS #29 cards and one YMS #28 misprint. In my case that covers $kimmer, Splashette, the Blonds, and myself.


    That leaves nineteen YMS #29 cards and three YMS #28 misprints.


    Didn't want the Blonds to miss out on their own card just because they are away in Big Bear this weekend. Want some YMS cards little girls?




    Dang, how does an Edit work now?

    Aha! now I've got it, cool, a Quick-Edit feature.


    Also a reg #28. Left three zoo pins. Thanks,



  3. What is the dude up to now?


    Look here, then here.


    He posted some finds today, so ...

    That's funny. I ran across this guys profile today as well. Check out one of his logs he made a few days ago. Twilight zone

    I saw the same webpage today!


    You missed his earlier profile where he stated he survived being marooned on an island for three years, and something about being on a Mt Everest-type expedition.


    He also posted a DNF, complete with pictures, on the Yukon Diving cache a week before cache was to be hidden (the description clearly stated the date it was to be hidden.) The find attempt seemed suspect; read TT's log entry as he has deleted the DNF post.


    He also got some blood boiling here when he posted on the SCG website that San Diego caches lacked creativity..

    I've had email conversations and he appears "sane"; I get the feeling he's just an animated character and means no harm.

    Chuy, you're feelings are right on. I talked to him at the Santee event and since via e-mail; Matt's a good guy (despite the feathers he may have ruffled). End transmission.



  4. No. I was watching something on TV about this guy who walked the bible. And this show was on his walk through the desert and his exploring the connection of all the great prophets, Moses Jesus Mohammad, who all spent huge amounts of time in the desert. That there was some sought of "connection". So I thought I'd ask the question of cachers. What is it, if anything, that you find that the desert connects you too?

    The solitude is appealing to me, guess it gives ya time to think(?). Also, it's timeless, it looked like that a 1000 years ago and hopefully it won't change.



  5. I know this may be a very basic question, but I have to ask. Those of you who create caches, especially puzzles. Do you use some kind of HTML program to create the description on the cache page?


    My newest cache was originally a puzzle. I typed it all out and submitted it. When I went back to look at my page, The text I typed out was all out of whack and out of alignment. An important part of the puzzle would've been in keeping my digits all aligned. So I tried to re-create it using MS word then saving it in HTML. That didn't work either. Frustrated, I switched it to a traditional.


    Does someone here have some advise for me? I have a few cool ideas for puzzles and would like to do them soon.




    I use MS Frontpage, then I copy and paste it into the submission field. Or, you could create an image for your puzzle (photoshop), especially if alignment is an issue. If you're using HTML, make sure you have that little "The descriptions below are in HTML" box checked in the cache submission form. Hope that helps,



  6. Are those rules something new?

    Maybe we can get some different volunteers to go up check on all those caches each month!  ;)

    Yep, new rules. I had several in the park that were archived. Not sure if I'll place any more...



    Bummer! Which caches did you just lose? The Palomar ones? Guess I need to get up there before those disappear. I just recently did the Palomar Divide caches and all those were OK....

    Sorry, no. It was several in RCSP a year or two ago. I'm pretty sure the caches I have in Palomar are not in the SP. Maybe I should check...



  7. Howdy y'all.

    For those interested, I received the following from ChuckB regarding cache placement in Rancho Cuyamaca State Park:



    State of California • The Resources Agency Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor




    Cuyamaca Rancho and Palomar Mountain State Parks Geocaching Policy


    General Provisions:


    All requests for geocache placement in the Cuyamaca Rancho and Palomar Mountain State Parks must be in writing and submitted to the Park Superintendent at 12551 Highway 79, Descanso, CA 91916 for approval and authorization. Written approval from the park for each geocache placement is required BEFORE the physical cache is placed in the park. Any geocaches not meeting the guidelines in this policy will be removed. State Parks reserves the right to amend this policy. The park phone number is 760-765-0755.


    Required Information:


    1. Proposed geocache location on a park map, GPS coordinates included


    2. Name and contact information for persons(s) requesting authorization

    3. Geocache container and site descriptions

    4. Picture and/or example of cache container

    5. Picture of proposed cache site

    6. List of proposed container contents.


    Geocache Placement Requirements:


    -Geocache name must be clearly visible on the exterior of all geocache containers. - An “Official Geocache” green and black sticker is preferred.


    -Alternatively, “Official Geocache” and cache name must be written on the


    side of the cache in ½ inch letters.


    -Caches need to be public, no “members only” caches or “subscriber only” caches.


    -Geocache must not contain any food items.


    -Geocache must not contain any inappropriate, offensive, or hazardous materials.


    -Caches must be placed adjacent to already existing trails, within six feet of the center of the trail. No natural or man-made features may be disturbed or moved.


    -Sensitive plant and cultural areas are off limits for caches.


    -Cache must be in a secure, waterproof container.


    -General park rules and rules regarding geocaching must be available on any online postings for the cache.


    Requirements for Geocache Owners:


    Cache must be checked once a month and maintained as a family-friendly cache.


    When a cache is removed, the responsible party will deactivate or archive any online postings for the removed cache within 3 days of removal.



    Once a month, huh?



  8. So when are they going to come up with an all-in-one?  GPSr, phone, palm, internet access, ???

    Duncan and I have one with the capabilities.


    We both have Verizon Pocket PCs - made by Audiovox; I only use mine as a PDA; Duncan uses his as his phone and has Internet access -brat :blink: . Both can be used as GPS with available soft/hardware. I think Flagman has one also - brat :) .

    It has GPS too? What is the model number?

    I may be mistaken, but if I understand it correctly, we would have to get not only software, but a small GPSr receiver (to hook up to the pocket pc).

    This explains it...


    Kinda defeats the purpose. I'm very happy having just two gadgets. Having it all in one I think would be a mistake, at least for me.




    Edit: Here is the pocket pc with built in GPS

    Another Edit: I do like the bluetooth idea, I could slap the little receiver on my belt and use the PPC as an all in one. I'm so wishy-washy.

  9. A couple of things I hadn't noticed before...


    There is a new log type: "Needs Maintenance". I wonder, though, when I would use it. If I found the cache and it needs maintenance, I'd either say so in my Found log or I'll e-mail the owner. If I didn't find the cache, I would have no way of knowing whether it needs maintenance or not -- unless it was obviously gone. But in this case, I would say so in my DNF log.


    I guess I could use it when the owner seems to be out to lunch and want to indicate to the next searcher that a new log book or container would be a kharmic thing to bring.


    Something else I just discovered is the WAP version of Geocaching.Com. This has been around for several months but I never knew it existed until yesterday. It's a minimal version of the web pages intended to be used from a WAP capable mobile phone. It's not flashy and it's not full featured, but it is functional (at least on my phone.) You can access it at wap.geocaching.com. (You can check it out using a standard browser...)


    This'll be real handy for the times when I'm on the road and wouldn't be able to log my finds for a few days otherwise. Also, I can use it when my Palm goes belly-up (which it has done occasionally) to look up cache information.

    Oh great! Now I need to activate internet access on my phone.

    I'll need a good excuse for this one.

    So when are they going to come up with an all-in-one? GPSr, phone, palm, internet access, ??? :blink: Just think, PW would have ruined/lost only one machine instead of the two or three that he did! :)


    All-in-one. Who's gonna be first?




    edit: oops, not a phone, oh well.

  10. Anyone care to predict the future of ... geocaching in another 50 years?

    My prediction...


    The release of the Alpha Centauri geocoin (500 in gold-pressed latinum and 25 in unobtainium) will sell out in 9.045 nano-seconds.


    None in adamantanium?

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