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  1. A big Wahooooo! To Gobolts for 2100 caches!
  2. The more I think about the multiple-claim-temp cache cachers, the more I think the #s are important to them. Otherwise, why bother logging in all those finds? I believe it was for the benefit of the cacher who placed the temp caches. I guess a note wouldn't have the same effect. Yeah, that's it. D!
  3. That's not fair!!! They must be logging each bite of pizza! You are only supposed to log each slice of pizza!
  4. And a big BZ to GoBolts! on 2000 big ones!
  5. Here's to the pioneers of Geocaching (again!) Anyone know who was San Diego's first Geocacher? Jeff Not GoodDogSD? He hid San Diego's first cache GC5B. What came first, the hider or the finder? D!
  6. Congrats to $kimmer on 4000 big ones! I got some ketchin' up to do! Nice job!
  7. Slitherin' sidewinders! Met up with this little fellow/gal during our desert night raid. Glad I didn't squish 'im with the jeep! D!
  8. Congrats to Tombmaker and Chuy! BZ! 2500?? He'll be nippin' at my heels soon. Time for another cache marathon! Way 2 Go All! D!
  9. The "northern" southern california geocachers usually hang out here: http://www.socalgeocachers.com/ Good luck! D!
  10. A belated BZ to my caching buddy GoBolts! for hitting 1800 caches. If I weren't such a scatterbrain, he woulda hit 1900 on the same day! The flat tire didn't help any either... D!
  11. Does this mean that "Ducswe!" will be back ... o sorry, that was "Dousche!" wasn't it? GoBolts!, Did you mean this? Express Logger
  12. Geez, I ignore this thread for a few days and look what happens. I work with Snapping Turtle at the zoo, he's a good friend I've known since before geocaching. I actually converted him to the darkside. Anyhoo, it's no big deal. I'll let Richard know if he wants to "adopt" the cache back. I doubt he'll care though. I thought it was funny having a sleeper cache! D! Edit: Not that it matters, but ST has been caching for over two years, not a nube.
  13. How much are those "other coast" people offering for hints, and how much is TT offering to keep quiet? I, for one, have a price, you know.... What is your price for Cegrube's puzzle in MTRP?? Well, I suppose if someone would serve as my Geo-valet and go log me in to the 50+ new caches that have popped up since the War began, I would probably allow a hint or two... I HAD MTRP COMPLETELY CLEARED BEFORE THE WAR!! I'M ABOUT READY TO GO ON THE WARPATH MYSELF!! Why I oughta... Now you've gone and done it again "I HAD MTRP COMPLETELY CLEARED ...." Who started that latest MTRP mess anyway? I think it was Flagman's Cache that started the war, so I blame Flagman! D!
  14. How 'bout that local sports team? D!
  15. The micro isn't mine! That one belongs to The Dillon Gang. Sorry to hear about all the pain John is in. It sounds like you might want to keep him on urban micros for awhile. Or the nursing home!
  16. Don't forget to call for back-up if needed....J&J Calling for back-up! I think a cluster bomb is needed. Intel has word that a sleeper cache will soon be activated. Monitor all channels. End transmission.
  17. She disabled all of her caches for some reason. GB! didn't know this at the time he placed it in the cache. D! Heh, well, considering the cache he is in is now disabled...
  18. Jet Engine by Skillet made the GC banner! http://www.geocaching.com/Gallery/banner.a...6&DS=2&BID=2467 Refresh, refresh, refresh! D! Edit: On a side note, Jet Engine is one of the few caches visited by the "Inventor of Geocaching", Dave Ulmer. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...20-f44f6f8c8d42
  19. More than half the coins have been logged into caches. There are now clues to the rest of the coins locations. We lucked out and found Jack Ryan quite by chance...err, I mean were really good at this! D! Duncan!, Gobolts! and tigger's mango are running away with it. Anyone else seriously in the game? There is a game? Apparently Duncan!, Gobolts! and Tigger's Mango know how it works! I'm speculating the coins are in caches but not logged into them and have to be found?
  20. Hey C4 it's nice to know that you're right hobbling along with us! But John's ahead of us! He's gone up and over the hill! Way to go Snake&Rooster on 1000!!! Cocka-dooooodle-doooooooo!! Cocka-dooooodle-doooooooo!! BZ!
  21. I agree with RM's sentiments BUT, here's the thing - if GC.com didn't want anyone logging a cache more than once, they easily could have programmed the site to prevent it. It's not something I'd do though. I'd probably archive my own cache and create a new one in the same place so others can come back and log it again if that's what I wanted them to do. Edit: Wheeler Dealers just deleted my and MightyDee's notes on the event page. I guess they didn't like our comments about them logging unapproved caches to pump up their numbers...... At the next pizza event I'm gonna log each slice I eat as a find! Yum! D!
  22. Driving down the freeway at 70 mph with a rag-top? Need I say more. WHAT?! LET ME SLOW DOWN TO 40 SO I CAN HEAR YOU! D!
  23. I'd love to go, but work gets in the way of geocaching yet again. Say hi to Mrs. Picard for me. D!
  24. Well done from a lurker in the States. BTW, I like your name! D!
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