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  1. The geocachers for that area usually hang out here: www.socalgeocachers.com/ Although I'm getting a forbidden message, just me? Best thing to do is show up to an event in your area and make some geo-friends. Good luck, Duncan
  2. Well, my phone / PDA is in it's final death throes. It keeps doing a hard reset on itself. I think the final straw was when I dropped it during my hike out to Old Glory / Mt. St. Michel. Luckily, I backed up a bunch of phone numbers, but I still lost a lot of info. I'm getting a replacement next week. Just an FYI if you call me and I don't get back to you. D!
  3. I really like GPO idea, I'll be setting one up in San Diego, CA soon. Any hints / tips / suggestions? Thanks, Duncan!
  4. Congrats to the Splashes on 5000 Big Ones!!!!
  5. Ron, I thought of this more than once. Especially when a certain cacher introduced puzzles onto the scene in SD ( I won't mention names, but his initials are TT ). His puzzles drove me bonkers, up the freakin' wall, crazy . Got to the point where I came out with the anti-puzzle caches, but that's another story. It came to another point where I was glued to this machine, ignoring my girls and my wife due to a puzzle or two. That wasn't good (or fun ). I eventually got to yet another point where I'd give the puzzle a good try, but I wasn't gonna let it run my life. You can see plenty of my FTF's on puzzle caches ( 2 of them TT's caches), but I'll admit to "short-circuiting" plenty of caches. I'll also admit to grabbing a puzzle cache if someone I was caching with has the coordinates. I'll admit to all of the above charges. As for my puzzle caches, I'd rather someone be able to find it, log it, and clear it from their radar. I really don't care if they solve the puzzle or not. Finding the cache is the main goal, not solving a puzzle. If people want to get the coordinates by solving the puzzle, fine. If they can get the coordinates by any means necessay, fine. Afterall, it's just a game. I hope my ramblings made some sense. Happy caching, D!
  6. Talk about pressure! I gotta get busy! D!
  7. Sign me up! I'm thinking Mission Bay. -Cool in the summer -Campland by the Bay -Lots of Hotels close by -Lots of open space for a picnic Just ideas. D!
  8. It's like he's talking some other language. This may be what you're looking for: The Squeeze Check out the other caches in the same area. My jeep is rather stock, so let me know when you go and I'll let you take me along End transmission. D!
  9. Is that why you guys like going at night? No...thats another list Would that be your webcam list?! One of Duncans! rules is what happens in the Jeep...stays in the Jeep. Hey Now! Why don't I like where this thread is going? Here's a link to GoBolts' new caching buddy: ajo. Please someone tell me if I've gone too far, I'll take it a step further. End transmission. D!
  10. Thanks for letting me tag along for the hike the other night, it was alot of fun meeting some many other cachers. I was lagging quite a bit because I had taken a spill on some rocks when I was in Hollenbeck Canyon and my ribs were bothering me once we started the uphill climbs. By the time we got the Eaney meany, Miney, Mo, I was burned so decided to head back with Miragee and fshnjack. Good thing I did, because yesterday, I pretty much did not leave bed all day and when my mother in law came over to check on me because she was worried, informed me that my ribs are definately bruised. Today we are heading up to Julian to grab a few caches and check out the town. Figured we would drive along Sun rise Highway and grab a few close to the roadside and then work our way back along old HWY 80. I'm thinking of something nice and cool for the next group outing. I mentioned to Chuy! a possible overnighter on Aug 10 and 11 up to the Palomar area - we have a group campsite reserved for up to 25 people and the campsite can hold up to 8 vehicles. The Persides start right then, so it can be a pretty amazing site at night. Anyone interested? Tony Yes, yes I am very interested. Keep us posted! Thanks! D!
  11. Did we ever get a master list? I did have plans to put one together, but it's kinda low priority. Y'know, family (I have a three and a five year old), there's caching, caching and caching. I think I have a wife, lemme double check on that. All kidding aside, I really wanna make a list. If someone has more time and the inclination, by all means please make a master list. Otherwise, I'll try to make one soon (again, by soon, who knows??). End transmission. D!
  12. Of course. If it's posted here, everyone is welcome. D!
  13. The LA area Geocachers usually hang out here: http://www.socalgeocachers.com/ Good luck! D!
  14. Pat, Let's be fair. It was ONLY 15 pieces. 14 of which have healed up nicely with one floater still hanging around in my triceps somewhere. And it was a little more than a "flesh wound" (oh you know it's time for a token re-appearance of your fav photo) <barf mode> photo removed... </barf mode> BTW...Saw "Spamalot" on Broadway last month. Very very funny! Must see if you're a Python fanatic! --TT-- Oh boy that reminds of when I was about 9 mor 10 and my Mom worked for a veterinarian. They would do all their surgery at night and I would get to watch. Sometimes staying up until 1 or 2 in the Morning, lots of neat stuff I missed seeing this one. I didn't. There goes a perfectly good plate of bacon and eggs. Thanks for helping me with me diet! D!
  15. Hey Now! I've had a few questions about how to get color text into you online log, so I thought I'd put a link here about the UBB Code. Also good for bold, italics, underlined text, centering, etc.. Although, if you're already in the forums, you're probably already familiar with it... D! Edit: Having said this, the UBB code seems to be a little different. For example, text [/color} doesn't seem to work for online logs, but [bLUE] text [/bLUE] does. Anybody know why? I'm sorta still figuring this out. PS- used wrong bracket up there on purpose
  16. As long as this thread is devolving , has this happened to anyone?? Read this log. I would have been major upset if I was bringing my kids to this park.
  17. Please don't use the words "cleared out" especially in or around MTRP it will just cause more caches to be activated!! Say what? ... all the caches have been cleared out you say? NO! Turn up that hearing aid! NOT CLEARED OUT!
  18. Why I outta... Thanks all! Birthday?? There goes my spore theory! Happy B-day! And... Yay me! Today marks my 3rd geo-anniversary! Grandparent's Cache
  19. Good place to start: Must do caches in SD Cya, D! Edit: Whoops, meant to quote Kealia
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