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  1. Did anybody read the San Diego Union this morning before they went caching???

    Check out section B, front page. I don't know if the whole county gets the same 'B' page, but East County does. ANYWAY~~

    Does anyone remember Radical Geezer???? He lives in Lakeside and is about to go on a little walk across the US to DC to gather signatures to protest the war in Iraq! He is selling everything he owns to do it!

    We thought he looked familiar! His cache 'There's Gold in Them Thar Hills' is right next to his house.

    You can probably get the article on line if it isn't in your Sunday paper.

    Quite the quest.

    The Splashes :D:D

    WOW! just read that story over breakfast, but had no idea it was Radical Geezer as I have never met him. Maybe we can make him a travel bug. Ouch, that was bad, wasn't it.

    There's Gold in Them Hills was my first cache find.

    Kudos to him for doing something he believes in.


    I cached with RG back in Anza-Borrego a couple of years ago. Nice guy. Here's a link to the article: Protestor will walk the walk

  2. Sorry for all the questions but...


    What's the weather likely to be like in February i.e. will it be comfortable for hiking as the more I look at the MTRP area the more I like it.


    Is there a source of reasonable maps I can load to my PDA for navigating round the area so we don't get lost whilst out hiking? What do locals use? I know in Florida in August we did not use any mapping as it was too hot for hiking so it was all park and grabs but we're hoping to get out and appreciate the countyside a bit on our next trip.


    Here's my log for Kumeyaay Solstice Sunrise from February 2004.

    It even has a weather report!


    As for map, I'm not sure. All the trails in MTRP are well marked, you can't get lost. You might be able to get a trail map from the visitors center.


    If you want some company, let me know, there's actually still caches I need in MTRP. I'll watch out for rattlers for ya (although they'll probably be sleeping). :unsure:



  3. Anyone come across any whilst caching? Wish I would! Never seen a snake in the wild!


    I've been wary whilst tramping through heather that perhaps if there was going to be a snake anywhere then it would be here. I'd love to see one though!


    Hope you don't mind a post by an American (Californian) lurker...

    I come across about three or four snakes a year while caching, mostly rattlers.

    Here's one of the largest Western Red Diamondbacks I've encountered, almost 4 feet long.




    A desert Sidewinder:





  4. So long, and thanks for all the fish!


    We leave San Diego tomorrow, and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the fun I've had enjoying everybody's caches and being part of such a great community of folks. I'll still be caching in the UK, so if anyone is on that side of the pond, drop me an email so we can meet up! The cache density is a little lower over there (5 mile radius reached within the first page of results!), but there are still some good ones. I hope to resurrect some puzzle ideas, and steal a few of the dastardly ones from some of you guys too!




    Have a good trip! Will give you an e-mail on our next trip over! Cya,



  5. WTF


    Funny how California's best can find things the rest of us think are missing.



    I heard from a reliable source that current #1 cachers often drop off "gophers" to find their caches. My source talked to one of these "gophers" and the gopher told them that when there is a park with caches in it, that they drop him off and he finds all the caches in the park and puts their stickers in them.....



    Well, there goes my idea of getting some hired help from Home Depot for some of those longer hikes... B)

  6. I think it's time that we have a MEGA event in Southern California!!!


    The date will be Saturday, June 23, 2007 at will be at the Emabarcadero Marina Park South - right behind the convention center and located close to most of the downtown hotels.


    The event will coincide with the ESRI 2007 User's Conference which takes place June 16th-22nd. For those of you that are unfamiliar with ESRI, they are the largest GIS (Geographical Information System) modeling and mapping software and technology. On any given day, more than 1,000,000 people use ESRI's GIS to improve the way their organizations conduct business.


    The ERSI User's Conference brings thousands of people to San Diego each year and many of them are Geocachers!!


    I have been in contact with ESRI, as well as several vendors, lots of Geocachers and Groundspeak regarding the event and so far the event planning has been very well received!!


    Lots of games, caching, contests, food, drink and much much more planned for the day and into the night. One group of cachers from Redlands, California is also going to try to break their record of grabbing 234 caches in a 24 hour period - I think they will need some competition???


    I am going to be asking several Geocachers from the San Diego area to assist in planning by sitting in on a planning commitee. We will meet monthly to go over details, ideas, activities and anything we'll need to pull the event off without a hitch. If you are interested in sitting in with us, please contact me directly at price.gc@gmail.com and let me know!!


    Great idea, Tony!

    I'm already asking for those days off!

    Can't wait!



  7. New topic. I'm a pretty direct person. This is a warning that I may say what I really think about your cache when I log it, when most people might say "TNLNSL" or "Found it" or "clearing out my radius". As I wrote in a micro today that I didn't find: "Didn't find it and won't be back. What a miserable place for a cache!" (it was supposedly in a dead tree next to a fence next to two busy roads next to a dirt parking lot).


    Now I don't hate all urban micros, and I admit it is nice making a clear space around my house and seeing my numbers rise, so I will continue to do urban micros. I understand some people really like those. And I know I can't do anything about their proliferation, but I just want to vote for "please pick good locations!" and I figure the best way to cast my vote is with my log. If I knew in advance which ones would suck maybe I wouldn't seek them out, but I don't always have the time to do that much research in advance. I'll go to the next one on my GPSr and occasionally I find a neat place to visit or a clever hide. But then I find the next few tucked into a lamp skirts. Even those aren't that bad, sometimes. Especially if they were more rare.


    Maybe some people don't care that some of their cache locations suck. Maybe some people know it, but don't care if people think they do. But maybe there are a few people who don't realize, or who might take a bit more effort if people wrote something other than "Thanks!" in their logs. So, at least some of the time, I'm just going to be honest and log them as I see them. Feel free to do the same for mine. It's nothing personal, and I may have loved (or will love)(or at least not dislike) your other cache locations.


    Umm, ... sure is hot t'day ain't it?


    How 'bout that local sports team? :wub::cry::cry::wub:

  8. :unsure::ph34r:;)B):drama::drama::drama:

    BZ to Duncan!

    He found his 300th Puzzle cache Yesterday!



    Do you have ALL of them in SD County?





    Nope, still need another 35-40 to clear out the county.


    I wanna know what happened to the 'APC' caches???????

    I really, really, liked that 'sort of' series........................THEN.....YOU WENT TO THE DARK

    SIDE!!!!!!! ;)B)


    Splashette :unsure:




    The Anti-Puzzle Caches may need to make a come back. I think I like "puzzle blocker" better. You can blame Darth Thompsen for turning me to the dark side. :)



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