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  1. BZ to $kimmer on 4700! She always seems to stay 200 ahead of me...
  2. WOW! just read that story over breakfast, but had no idea it was Radical Geezer as I have never met him. Maybe we can make him a travel bug. Ouch, that was bad, wasn't it. There's Gold in Them Hills was my first cache find. Kudos to him for doing something he believes in. I cached with RG back in Anza-Borrego a couple of years ago. Nice guy. Here's a link to the article: Protestor will walk the walk
  3. David? A winner? Are you sure we have the right David? There are just a few in San Diego...
  4. Here's my log for Kumeyaay Solstice Sunrise from February 2004. It even has a weather report! As for map, I'm not sure. All the trails in MTRP are well marked, you can't get lost. You might be able to get a trail map from the visitors center. If you want some company, let me know, there's actually still caches I need in MTRP. I'll watch out for rattlers for ya (although they'll probably be sleeping). D!
  5. Doesn't that guy have a day job? If he ever overtakes $kimmer the Geobabes will have to take him out. Geobabes are taking me out?? Great! I like Mexican food. Pizza is good too!! D!
  6. Some pics from Game 1 of the NLDS
  7. Almost forgot about this one. Talk about a cache guardian. D!
  8. Hope you don't mind a post by an American (Californian) lurker... I come across about three or four snakes a year while caching, mostly rattlers. Here's one of the largest Western Red Diamondbacks I've encountered, almost 4 feet long. A desert Sidewinder: Cheers!
  9. Go Dodgers!! Go Padres!! (NL Western Division Champs!) But, hey, to be fair... Way to go NL Wild Card Dodgers! Woooo Hoooo! Wild Card!
  10. Have a good trip! Will give you an e-mail on our next trip over! Cya, Duncan
  11. I heard from a reliable source that current #1 cachers often drop off "gophers" to find their caches. My source talked to one of these "gophers" and the gopher told them that when there is a park with caches in it, that they drop him off and he finds all the caches in the park and puts their stickers in them..... Well, there goes my idea of getting some hired help from Home Depot for some of those longer hikes...
  12. Great idea, Tony! I'm already asking for those days off! Can't wait! D!
  13. GPO 40 up and running in San Diego, CA: GCXYT3 Thanks again! D!
  14. Umm, ... sure is hot t'day ain't it? How 'bout that local sports team?
  15. I'll offer to take over Take me out to the ballgame and Little Padres. Next time I'm in England can I crash at your place? D!
  16. WoooooHooooooooo!! Do you have ALL of them in SD County? Thanks! Nope, still need another 35-40 to clear out the county. I wanna know what happened to the 'APC' caches??????? I really, really, liked that 'sort of' series........................THEN.....YOU WENT TO THE DARK SIDE!!!!!!! Splashette D! The Anti-Puzzle Caches may need to make a come back. I think I like "puzzle blocker" better. You can blame Darth Thompsen for turning me to the dark side. D!
  17. WoooooHooooooooo!! Do you have ALL of them in SD County? Thanks! Nope, still need another 35-40 to clear out the county. D!
  18. Hey Now! Congrats! Okay, what are we congratsing for??
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