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  1. Janie,


    Seems like I'm driving my pals into the hills of Cuyamaca Rancho

    State Park. Whenever I'm on the trails it's all about me and

    nobody else. Hmm, maybe there's a message I need to pay attention



    "Recontuer" is a word I heard spoken in a Lakeside Cafe, if you

    could call it that. Rough lookin' guy in a gimme-cap said "Reckon

    Ah'll connect to 'er,": something llike that. Got the idear it

    means "Hot chick."


    Hmm, senior citizens leavin' their clothes behind bushes and knocking

    thangs off ... th' glasses I mean. Yepper, that's th' gang I know and

    often wonder about. More or less I'm their care-giver and that's why

    I sent up up into th' wilderness today just t' see if they can find

    their way back.


    Now I'd like a fact or two about Duncan! Why th' hail is that boy

    carryin' a flowered umbrella around while exploring the wilderness

    with a couple of Geocaching babes? Ask him where he bought that

    umbrella ... must be a chick-magnet. Got t' get me one of them chick

    magnet thangs.



    Sweet ol' Harmon




    Congratulations, this is my first image enhancement using the

    brand-new beta version of Photoshop CS6. (There's no prize.)

    I wish I had that 'brolly for the whole hike considering how red my neck is!

  2. This Just In... Dawg Team! Thwarts Forest Fire, Bags 10 FTFs On The PCT.

    Hey Now! Super-cachers to the rescue! Way to go!


    If there's anything that truly deserves a "Like" button, this is it.




    Note to Self: Huh? " ... had the opportunity to wake up some handsome firefighters."

    I have to admit, I was wondering about that myself...

    I knew someone would bring that up... it's just what TripleCrown told me.:)

    So now the spotlight of inquiry pans from Duncan! to TripleCrown.


    The operative phrase here is "... had the opportunity ...." As it is one can

    only speculate about ways to "... wake up some handsome firefighters."


    What happens in the firehouse stays in the firehouse, is that it?


    Note to Self: Gawd! ... now those stupid Like buttons are on the Forum threads. Nowhere to hide ....


    I was a little surprised at the communal sleeping arrangements at the firehouse. Duncan! rang the bell, the light came on inside and since the blinds were open, we saw all the young firefighters jumping out of their beds in their shorts (no shirts...because they're it's too hot.) Soon they were all suited up and rolling in the rig! The fire at the campground was soon out, but NOT the fire in Duncan's heart! :o


    The fire wasn't quite that far north...:unsure:

  3. This Just In... Dawg Team! Thwarts Forest Fire, Bags 10 FTFs On The PCT.

    Hey Now! Super-cachers to the rescue! Way to go!


    If there's anything that truly deserves a "Like" button, this is it.




    Note to Self: Huh? " ... had the opportunity to wake up some handsome firefighters."

    I have to admit, I was wondering about that myself...


    I knew someone would bring that up... it's just what TripleCrown told me.:)


  4. This Just In... Dawg Team! Thwarts Forest Fire, Bags 10 FTFs On The PCT.


    Mt. Laguna, CA - In the early morning hours of September 4th, Dawg Team! members Chuy!, Duncan!, Mocha!, TripleCrown, and Willow! had just finished caching and hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail when they spotted an out of control camp fire at the Desert View picnic area, close to GC31H0Q


    TripleCrown called 911 while Duncan! sped to the nearby fire station. Duncan! rang the bell at the front door of the Mt Laguna fire station and had the opportunity to wake up some handsome firefighters. After alerting the firefighters, Duncan! and TripleCrown returned to the fire to find Chuy!, who was traveling in a separate vehicle, also phoning 911. Firefighters arrived on scene and quickly doused the flames which encompassed several hundred feet. Afterwards, Chuy! and TripleCrown made the short walk and scored the find on GC31AH6 Which took them much longer to find than it should have!




  5. Widespread cheating is one of the reasons I decided to stop logging all my finds. No one but me really knows how many caches I have found. This is just my way of dealing with those who blatantly cheat. I can't control their behavior and way of playing, but I sure can control mine!

    I hope that you at least post notes to thank those that hid the caches.




    What's the difference between someone logging your cache when they were never there and someone not logging on line when they actually visited the cache and signed the logbook? The on-line logs are skewed either way. But I guess it doesn't matter how others play the game, does it?



    It matters because most hiders that I know of like to get thanked for their efforts. So... it does matter how others play the game. We don't live in a vacuum.


    I agree, it cheapens the game and it cheapens my efforts.

  6. M*A*S*H III ...




    Don't miss it next year!


    Yep, that's my girl, Claire. She was feeling really sick at this point. I don't think it was the award ceremony that was making her sick as much as the malted milkshake we picked up from the nearby fast food joint. Perhaps it was a combination of both. Just after Tom wrapped things up she proceeded to lose the contents of her stomach on the table. Did you notice how quickly we left? I did give one of the staff a heads-up about what was under the pile of napkins on that table. Harmon, thanks so much. I laughed so hard when I saw this that I pulled a muscle somewheres.



  7. My suffering at the hands of Jodi is akin to the plots and schemes of the beautiful Milady de Winter against d'Artagnan. One might wonder what will be written in

    our epilogue. (James, help everybody out here please.)

    I would not like to spoil the ending for anyone by speaking out here...but I would mention that in 1939, Tiffany Thayer authored a version of the Three Musketeers told from the perspective of Milady de Winter.




    This books was sometimes purchased by librarian's for the Children's Sections (and also for school libraries) which made it immensely popular when the children discovered that ol' Tiffany was rather explicit when dealing with intimate relationships. (Indeed, as this is a family site, I have toned down the cover art...)


    The book is no longer in print but one can find copies quite inexpensively through Amazon and other used book retailers.



    You are amazing .. a wealth of knowledge.

    The follow-up question is obvious ...

    might you be related to Tiffany Thayer?


    Harmon, this one looks like it's right up your alley. So to speak.



  8. smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif

    Do any of you agree: Every Turnout Needs a Cache? Can you say ETNAC? Yup..it's an ET series brought to you by Jahoadi and John. Ok....it's a wanna be ET series placed by JnJ.


    Ok.....Here's the scoop: On or about Saturday May 14th at 9-10 ish pm...or whenever the VOLUNTEER approvers are available 100(+) Jahoadi and John caches will be published. They are all at SAFE turnouts along an East County Road. They are not all the same. They are micro, small, medium and large. They are bisons, lock-n-lock and ammo cans ( and of course bird houses silly....Jodi did have her way). They are everything we could think of to make a cache container out of. They can't be picked up and carried to the next stop.


    Safety is most important.....there is plenty of room to pull off. Don't cross traffic.....caches are east bound and west bound.




    So, who's all going out for FTFs tonight?

  9. Hi all,


    I'm brand new here...(only 11 finds so far, no hidden caches for me yet), and I'm looking for any groups in the Southern California, Orange County area. Anyone out there?????




    I suggest you go to a geocaching event near you and hook up with some other cachers! Some events in the OC County area. Good luck!

  10. Very sad news to report....




    GRUBERT, CARL ERNEST 1942 to 2011 Born in Illinois. Family moved to San Diego in 1949 where Carl remained until his death. He married Stella Elena in 1964. Two children were born of their union. Carl served proudly in the military. He worked over 33 years for Pac Bell, never missing a day of work due to illness, and completed his college education during that time. Carl started at Pac Bell as a linesman and worked his way up to engineer, while going to school and raising a family. Carl was a fitness fanatic before a "healthy life style" became popular. He was known for his incredible endurance in running, biking, hiking, fishing, and geocaching, etc. Anything that involved physical activity. Carl just finished his last marathon, crossing the finish line in Heaven. Carl is survived by his beloved wife, Stella; son, Carl (Ashley); daughter, Laura (Jim); sister, Carleen (George), and two grandchildren, Joseph Street and Ariel Grubert, and large extended family. Memorial services will be held on March 26, 2011 at Del Cerro Baptist Church, 5512 Pennsylvania Lane, La Mesa, California, beginning at 3:00 p.m. In lieu of floral arrangements, please send donations to the American Cancer Society or the American Diabetes Association .

    The last time I saw Carl he had found a pair of my sunglasses that I had left at some cache somewhere, and we met up for a FTF hunt in MTRP. He was still very strong but told me about some health issues with his legs. RIP, General. We will miss you!!


    It was an honor to have known Carl. I'll always remember his smile and his bone crushing handshake.



  11. Hello all! I grew up in southern cali and lived there till i was 20 years old. I am not 35 and plan on coming back for 10 days starting the second week in April. I wasn't really into the outdoors then, and now that I am, I'd like to take my wife to the 3 main different climates too find some geocaches. I'm looking for some good places for day hikes, in the mountains, the desert, and the coast. Now sure, I've been to all those places, but never hiked them. I'm looking for easy to moderate hikes, no more then 10 miles round trip, probably 5-7 miles for the mountains. I was thinking somewhere up in Big Bear or San Jacinto for a mountain hike...and maybe the Mojave desert or Joshua Tree for some desert ones....and really the only place I can think of that's coastal would be near San Diego? I may not be able to find a nice coastal hike in Southern Cali, probably central or higher. Thanks for your help!


    Wanted to add that trail heads need to be accessible by 2wd vehicle, can't bring my Jeep on the plane =(


    Torrey Pines State Park is a great place for a coastal hike. Not a lot of caches, though. Have fun!



  12. Today (February 1st) is my 10th anniversary geocaching! :D My very first find was Powder Can Cache in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Unfortunately, it was a casualty to the park's no cache policy and was removed. It would have been nice to revisit it today.


    Just wanted to take a moment and say thanks to geocaching.com and to all my "geobuddies" for a great ten years! :)






    Funny, that was the first cache page I looked at back in May of 2003. I was doing a google search for the Goat Canyon Trestle and I stumbled upon the Powder Can Cache page.



  13. I'll be visiting in two weeks, and will have a day and the car to go on a geoadventure while my family goes to Universal Studios. I like long hikes,and lots of elevation gain on lesser used trails. I'm comfortable with off-trail scrambling.


    Can you make a recommendation for me? I would be perfectly happy with just one smiley if it's a good hike.




    the cfm of OR


    Not my neck of the woods, but I did enjoy the Bridge to Nowhere hike.




    Cache near the trailhead: GCH426. Looks like it will be archived soon, tho.


    Have fun!

  14. Several years ago in a moment of stupidity, I logged GC55A5, Änglamarken, a mis-identified traditional that was an armchair virtual. Now it shows up as my furthest cache as well as most northerly. I would guess this is the case for many a geocacher. I'm very willing to delete my log on this one but it seems the correct action would be to change the category to a virtual and exclude it from the statistics.


    Please advise if this is a possibility.




    I'll get this added to the list we keep for traveling and armchair caches, all of which are excluded for determination of distance statistics. If you hear of others, please note them here so that we can add them, too.




    Could this one be added to the list as well?




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