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  1. Check on eBay. I have seen some 62s units listed on there for repair parts.
  2. I agree with the previous posters. If I do not get the answers right away, I will send them a message. After the second contact and hearing nothing, I delete the log. I have had to delete about half a dozen, most from new cachers, but one from a guy that had over 4,000 finds.
  3. If I find a cache filled with "junk", I will clean it out and then put in whatever swag I have along. I clean off the top of the dresser on a regular basis, picking up all the stuff that is too good to throw out but I don't want or need anymore.
  4. When I am out caching, if I find the cache and can open it, then I consider it a find, even if the log is too wet to sign. I keep a sharpie with me, so that way, even if the log is wet, I can sign the plastic bag, the cache itself or anything to show that I was actually there. I usually have an extra piece of paper with me too, so I can sign that and put it in the cache if needed. If I find the cache, but it has been destroyed (I found one that was a birdhouse attached to a tree that was hit by lightning. The cache was literally blown up.), I will clean up the area the best I can, put what I can find of the cache back together and log it as a find. I will also log it as "Needs Maintenance" so the owner knows something should be done and other cachers will be aware. If I see it, but can not get to it, then I don't consider it a find.
  5. Congratulations. I made Platinum a while back, but still look forward to finding my next one.
  6. Congratulations. I made Platinum a while back, but still look forward to finding my next one.
  7. I am a huge fan of EarthCaches and achieved Platinum last fall. It would be fun to add a number designation to the Platinum level - for example, maybe every 50 EC finds, so it would be Platinum 50, EarthCache Master, Platinum 100 EarthCache Master, Platinum 150, EarthCache Master and so forth. Thanks, OFG
  8. The "Big Bang" by ohjoy! (GCPRH2) in Washington was my first and I can't wait to get back to this area - it is truely amazing. There are now 4-5 more around Mt. St. Helens.
  9. I just tried this again this morning and it worked again - downloaded the Geocaches as geocaches and no longer as waypoints. Thanks to whoever fixed this.
  10. Many thanks for the update. I decided to just wait for it to be fixed rather than deal with the work-around. Hey, at least I'm seeing my wife more! Kojones
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