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  1. This is a beautiful coin, we ordered 2, hopefully they will get here in time for Christmas. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
  2. Our slogan is: Hide, Hunt, Find & Repeat We thought it said it all.
  3. We bought the Vista HCx and really like it. What I did was check Wal-Mart dot com($224 right now, very cheap) printed the page with price and took it to Cabella's. They matched the price and gave me $20 off for opening a charge and through the charge recieved a $20 credit as a reward. A great deal, you might want to check which stores price match near you. Good luck. (edited for correct price)
  4. We fit this topic. When we signed up to check out Geocaching I had no idea how much the name would be used. At events people don't even use actual names, fun.
  5. We like the idea and the new design with more letters available. We will watch for more information and please include us in the list of interested people, thanks.
  6. I love the design and the theme. I would like to buy one antique gold. I'll be watching, thanks.
  7. on the same topic, I have done (2) 500 waypoint PQ's and loaded them into my palm and Garmin Vista HCx. I now have hit the 1000 waypoint limit on my Vista. Do people add and delete waypoints/geocaches as they plan trips to different areas? People seem to have all of the info with all the time. Thanks for the help.
  8. I love the monkey, could you put me on your list for 1, 2 maybe, thanks & good luck.
  9. These are great, I just sent my preorder. I'm glad I checked today and made the deadline.
  10. The coins are great, I've ordered 1 of each. My daughter Jenna who is part of our GeoFamily has Asperger's syndrome. It's a great cause, so many people have an Autism spectrum disorder that it needs all the support & research possible, thanks.
  11. sorry, 2 posts, I'm new to this.
  12. What about the "take one leave one" comments that are posted? If you don't have any to leave should you take the TB/TBS anyway? IHave posted a discover to show it is still there if I don't have anything to leave.
  13. 1. internal 2. yes 3. 49 4. male good luck with the project
  14. minnesotafox checking in, Maple grove
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