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  1. Kyllä vaan kirkkaallakin ilmalla näytöstä näkee. Pitää vaan antaa auringon paistaa suoraan siihen näyttöön, sitten näkee oikein hyvin.
  2. Perhaps. Sometimes there's mosquitoes aplenty, sometimes only a few. It's best to buy a product called OFF! It's a little spray bottle and prevents mosquitoes. In sommer I have a bottle in my geocaching bag and it's proved to be a good practice some five times this summer (that means mostly it is not needed but when you need it you really really need it
  3. http://www.kivenalla.fi/index.php?act=tuot...;subcategory=19 Alue 6 is Lapland, 200 euros You can visit http://www.kivenalla.fi, choose Palaute (means Contact) and then you can write in english to the shop. The fields on this form are Nimi (name), Sahkoposti (Email address) and Palaute (write what you want).
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