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  1. I recently put a cache by our public library that is along a walking path off a well lit parking lot. A log was made for the cache that made me wonder if this might be an unacceptable location. Here is part of the log. "While parked in the Library lot with the family and the car

    steamed up, an RCMP officer interrogated me re my presence.

    Apparently the parking lot is a frequent hangout for drug dealers and

    prostitutes. Had to spill the beans on Geocaching to avoid a trip to

    the station." Could this have been an isolated incident because someone was in the car with the windows steamed up or do you think i should rethink the location? This is a public parking lot at a library that is open 7 days a week. Opinions please.

  2. quote:
    Originally posted by Renegade Knight:

    We need more rules.


    All the whiney newbies in these boards are cluttering the place up. They get all excited, they get a gps without even bothering to look up all the advice that’s already been given. Then they can’t use it and they rush out and can’t find their first cache and then they come back to the forums and post that they are blind morons. Ok we already knew that but did you have to post it? _The commision will please excuse that my first cache was also a skunk, there were extenuating circumstance_


    I’m thinking a waiting period is in order. Something like you have to find 10 caches before you are allowed to go find your first cache. Sure it sounds impossible, but let me tell you, it’s better than the crybaby alternative.


    Or, we could make them take a test. One that covers GPS use, Cache protocol, trading rules and the like. Then they would get a Geocaching License. The would have to get sponsors to recommend them to the testing board. “I being a geocacher of reasonable sound mind and scratched and bruised legs do solemnly swear that this newbie would make a worthy addition to our ranks. I take full responsibility for their behavior during their probation. Should they whine or fail to maintain a cache they place I understand that I will be excommunicated from the fraternal order of Geocachers”


    Newbie excitement should be squelched at all costs. Yeah, lets do that and then we can all stagnate in comfort. Somebody pass me the remote I want to watch Geocaching on ESPN.

    Who's doin all the whining?

  3. A passage from "Guide to finding a cache".


    Step 4 – The Find


    Huzzah! You found the cache! Congratulations! Now what?


    Usually you take an item and leave an item, and enter your name and experience you had into the log book. Some people prefer to just enter their name into the log book. It’s an accomplishment enough to locate the cache.

    Make sure to seal the cache and place it back where you found it. If it had some rocks covering it, please replace them. It’s pretty straightforward.

    Remember that waypoint we suggested you create where your car/trail was located? Use that now to get back! You’ll be glad you had it.

    When you get home, email the person who hid the cache and let them know you found it! They’re always happy to know the condition of their cache and it’s nice to know that people are looking for them.

  4. The maps are folded as they were when I bought them.They are folded acordian style (6 sections)vertical with the map facing out and then 3 section fold top to bottom so that when all is done the name and map number are on top.I put them in 10 x 10 generic ziplocs and there is room to spare.It would be nice to see this cache as a map exchange.I'm gonna add a note to the cache to this effect. Thanks

  5. Satelites being what they are and being owned by the military for their own end use,would it not be possible to shift the satelites to different orbit positions or put new ones in different positions to account for the shifts?If I had all those funds tied up in satelite nav technology I sure wouldn't want my equipment to be out.

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