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  1. I believe the need for the GPSr to be in the photo is to ensure thjat someone is not "cheating" by using old holiday photos or pics from the net. This helps ensure that the finder was actually at the find. As for revisiting a cache, I believe it is not a problem to revisit a cache to drop-off or retrieve a bug or coin, as long it is not logged as another find. A note should be added to the cache page explaining what you have done. Edited for spelling.
  2. Danners would be my first choice and combat boots my second.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong,but I don't recall ever saying that I don't care what anybody else thinks.
  4. Haven't quite figured out this quote thing yet. Sorry
  5. Wouldn't you know it. That's whats in my fridge. I can't afford Tequila anymore. Cactus must be getting scarce, or is it the worm? Hadn't you heard ? The worms formed a union and went on strike 6 months ago... Alright...I know...not on topic.... How bout them virtuals....gonna try to start one this weekend...
  6. UTM would be my first choice but I understand both. Using UTM I have found it easier to project a waypoint.
  7. Try this for a list of LC'S http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.asp...2E-225A0D2ADF9D
  8. If someone had done some LC'S and truly thought that they were "padding" their numbers and that they didn't feel right, wouldn't it make them feel better if they deleted those finds? I know if I truly felt that way, I would try to make myself feel better at what I was doing in my hobby. Most people say that total finds don't matter and that they do it for the enjoyment. I enjoy LC's, so as long as they are part of the game, I will continue to enjoy them. If one day they are gone, I won't be shedding any tears.
  9. If you look in the LC section, under "Last Found", a whole bunch (lots) of the caches have "TODAY" showing. Seems like there are quite a few cachers that enjoy doing the LC'S.
  10. We started discussing LC's, now were're discussing disecting the whole GC site, Wow. I stand with my original opinion. Leave the dang site alone, stay away from the parts you don't like and get the heck outside and find some caches ( no matter what they are - just find them).
  11. Dividing the site into "sections" will undoubtedly make one side the "BAD" side. The perverbial (?) other side of the tracks. One group will always look at the other as "cheats" or "padders" or "illegitimate" and "not real cachers". I like the site the way it is and as previously stated by many, if you don't like it don't do it. Why should there have to be "special sections" just because a few don't like some aspects of the game? Why cause more dissension when all people have to do is DO WHAT THEY LIKE TO DO AND BE HAPPY WITH THAT. Not be unhappy with what someone else is doing.
  12. Bravo hedberg. Extremely well said. One more note: If some part of this game was to disappear (lc's or regs or any other) I would still cache and enjoy whatever was in the offering. On the other hand I'd be willing to try any new parts as well.
  13. "FINDING THEM AT A NORMAL RATE" - What the heck is that? Now we have a rate at which people think we should find caches? Yeeeessh!
  14. I don't usually post, and after this I don't think I ever will again. I come to the forums to gather information, of which there has been very little lately, and to see if there are any new ideas that might interest me. I've done a lot of LC'S lately and I love them. I'll bet I spent a way more time and effort (weeks) looking for a yellow jeep than most have on any "regular cache". Most would give up on a regular cache after looking for 15 minutes or less and then register a DNF. What I do, I do for personal reasons and I don't give a rat's a** what somebody else does or does not do, let alone their "COUNT". It's like watching TV, if you don't like it, don't watch. BTW - Well said Doc-Dean.
  15. You don't have to live in Oyama, you just have to be able to get the picture. Thanks
  16. Looking for someone in Oyama, Japan to do the "SISTERS" cache withme. I live in Mission, British Columbia, Canada which is the sister city of Oyama. If you are interested my email is "crystal2@earthling.net". Thanks - Kingsmen26
  17. Looking for someone in Oyama, Japan to do the "SISTERS" cache withme. I live in Mission, British Columbia, Canada which is the sister city of Oyama. If you are interested my email is "crystal2@earthling.net". Thanks - Kingsmen26
  18. I heard a rumor that pirates will soon be back.
  19. I'm with logscaler. Someone can have my share too.
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