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  1. I have stated this on Woodsters.com so I will post it here as well. I think we need to look at what these caches are to the caching population at large. They are the "lunchtime" caches, the "history" caches they are the ones that people find because the 4/2 mountain climbing cache is not compatible with their wheelchair. It seems like people are ready to kill the LC/VC caches because THEY don't like them. Look at how many people log these things. I have never seen a physical cache with as many logs as some LC's.


    For the most part these are the caches that people find because they are easy and maybe they can't walk the 1.5 miles of trails to get to the other caches. When you dump LC's, VC's, and later 1/1 urban micro caches (or drive up caches) then where will the people be who can't get the tough ones go for caches? It shouldn't matter what the individual thinks as this is a group sport (one person hides it, others find it). It should be something that people think of the group as a whole. Hide what you want and find what you want but don't force others to do what YOU want. Thats wrong.


    I am not saying all caches should be easy but if you dump all the easy ones then where does that leave the people who can't get the harder ones.

    HEAR HEAR !!!!! 10 Thumbs up. :rolleyes::):rolleyes::)

  2. I am not condoning (spelling) this practice in the least. I think it would take a fairly mean hearted person to do. On the other hand, the group gag was quite funny. I hope that this doesn't happen to anyone again.

  3. Yes.

    There was a thread (a year ago or so?) where a hider teamed up with other cachers in the area.

    He "planted" a cache that was not there and all the other cachers registered "finds". Their logs spoke of how hard it was.


    Of course, the target of the hoax (some super cacher and major FTF person) didn't find the cache after many tries and was getting more frustrated.  they finally told him, I think at a party.

    Thats pretty diabolical (spelling) but funny. Any that weren't a group effort?

  4. :huh: Has there ever been a cache that was a complete hoax. I mean has there ever been a cache that someone has posted but there never was a cache at the posted location? Or has there been a multi where the final was a hoax?

    All the same, thanks for stopping by to whine about our whining about locationless caches. Your input is appreciated. :D

    Just know that I am willing to fight to the death for your right to whine.


    I honestly don't understand the fixation about others cache totals and how they came to get them. I have no idea how many caches most people here on the forums have and I don't even care.


    If those numbers are so important maybe bowling would be a good sport for number people?

    That's a good point. Numbers are numbers. Some people obsess over them, others (like myself) don't give a hoot about them. Probably because I only have about 12 or 13 finds.


    As for bowling, well, I think my current find count is almost as high as any bowling score I've ever gotten, so that doesn't work for me! :unsure:

    Against doctors orders but oh well! 5 or 10 pin Sparky. And to stay on topic - I still love LC's and haven't felt illegitimate since I found my parents marriage certificate.

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