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  1. EARTH FIRST !!!!!! We'll log the other planets later !
  2. No "skid marks" from the drop? Was it "paperless"? Urinate - if you were a Garmin you'd be a 10. Too bad it wasn't made by Timex - Takes a lickin ..... Did you "Go 2"?
  3. You ever seen how deep a prairie thunder-box is? 6-8 feet.
  4. I dropped 35 cents in an outhouse once. I took out my wallet and thru in a 20 after it. My ole lady says "What did you do that for?" I said " You don't think I'm goin down THERE for 35 cents do you?"
  5. Off topic - but this is the question I'd like to see answered!
  6. How long could you leave them at the MacDonalds playground?
  7. I didn't start out looking for ideas but ..........................hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Some of you are thinking pretty devious.
  8. Stainless steel hip flask as a FTF prize. I will engrave cache name and coords on it as soon as possible.
  9. Maybe just one more thing. Sometimes on an LC I get more enjoyment from the thing that I've found and photographed, than I do from searching thru a box full of trinkets, trial packs (sunscreen and hand lotion) and toys. So on occasion, I feel better doing an LC.
  10. I am not condoning (spelling) this practice in the least. I think it would take a fairly mean hearted person to do. On the other hand, the group gag was quite funny. I hope that this doesn't happen to anyone again.
  11. Thats pretty diabolical (spelling) but funny. Any that weren't a group effort?
  12. By no cache do you mean that it never was there or it was just not findable?
  13. Has there ever been a cache that was a complete hoax. I mean has there ever been a cache that someone has posted but there never was a cache at the posted location? Or has there been a multi where the final was a hoax?
  14. I have on occasion left something and not taken anything,especially if the cache is getting depleted.
  15. How does he feel that if he was an LC you wouldn't go out of your way to seek him out? Oh well whatever. I still like LC'S.
  16. Whine? Never! It gives me a headache. But if someone was to fall off the fence and offer some smoked salmon?
  17. Just know that I am willing to fight to the death for your right to whine. I honestly don't understand the fixation about others cache totals and how they came to get them. I have no idea how many caches most people here on the forums have and I don't even care. If those numbers are so important maybe bowling would be a good sport for number people? That's a good point. Numbers are numbers. Some people obsess over them, others (like myself) don't give a hoot about them. Probably because I only have about 12 or 13 finds. As for bowling, well, I think my current find count is almost as high as any bowling score I've ever gotten, so that doesn't work for me! Against doctors orders but oh well! 5 or 10 pin Sparky. And to stay on topic - I still love LC's and haven't felt illegitimate since I found my parents marriage certificate.
  18. Well it's been a swell evening but it's time to take my sweety out for New years. Wishing all the best of the season and a Happy New Year. Kingsmen26. Hmmmmmm. I seem to have too much cache at the end of the year.
  19. ok - On advice from my Doc, I won't post on this topic until someone starts a new thread on such. By the way -(off topic) do you guys have firecrackers in Florida to help bang in the new year?
  20. Can't help myself. Just..................can't..............let......................this.................post............diiiie.
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