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  1. Back in 2004 a group called Xtreme GPS team put out a bunch of cd's with music and cacher greetings on them. If anybody remembers these, I have a whole bunch of them (may be a full set I can't remember). If anybody is interested and would like them please drop me a note. kingsmen26 @ telus.net
  2. KCOGRN - I'm going to post the pics direct to the cache page. Kingsmen26.
  3. KCOGRN - Are you still looking for help with N52 04.760? I was on holiday last week and have a pic if you are still looking. Kingsmen26.
  4. I input the coords into my garmin GPS12 and then use the the distance function to show the distance between the two points. Maybe your GPS has the same capability.
  5. I was at London Drugs, Abbotsford this afternoon and they had the Starfrit Lock and Lock containers in a package of 6 (1-100 ml, 2-550 ml, 1- 870 ml, 1-1L and 1-3.9 L) in the clearance bin at the front of the store for TEN BUCKS! There was three packs left at 3 PM. Good Luck!
  6. I'm in. P.S. - My wife thinks your career choice is outstanding (so do I)
  7. Nope. I would never log a find if the cache was missing. I have only been to one cache site where the actual cache was missing and I posted a DNF. How can you claim a find for something that you DNF?
  8. The wave. I own 2! Both are well used and in top notch condition.
  9. I guess we had all just better stay home and hide under the sheets. If we stay home NOTHING BAD can ever happen to us! Always knew my cahing days would end sometime.
  10. Do you want the pic of my unit in the box or out?
  11. Does this not mean that the finder can activate the coin as his own? Nope - I answered my own question. You need the user name and password of the original purchaser to activate.
  12. Does this not mean that the finder can activate the coin as his own?
  13. Can not access the bc forums from work or home.
  14. This topic is not what i had envisioned. I guess i didn't word it correctly. What I was asking was, who around here liked looking for caches in the dark RATHER than looking for them in the day. I was looking for someone with enthusiasm for night caching to help make a new cache that would be best done after dark. I think I'll just persue this on my own.
  15. No, I am not saying that all caches should be done at night. What I am saying is that I have an idea for a single cache that would make that cache more fun if done in the dark. Ultimately, what I may be looking for is a single (not single as in unmarried - single as in I don't want to tell all for fear of spoiling the cache for all) person that may want to help create and set up this cache.
  16. The reason I'm asking is because I have an idea for a primarily night only cache.
  17. Who in B.C. likes night caching the most?
  18. It is actually close to 2.6 cents canadian, but who's counting.
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