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  1. I have had similar problems visiting countries that have no or very few caches. This summer for instance I was in Paraguay, which has few caches, and none where I was. When I spoke with a local geocacher about this and that I missed to get a found cache for this country I got the info that there is a way to get the country loged all the same. Simply create an event in the place that you are visiting. If there are no local or tourist geocachers visiting the event there is of course a problem, as there has to be at least two geocachers to log as atendees to get the event approved, I think. The best thing is to set up the event as soon as possible so the word has time to spread around and hope for the best. Hope I helped somewhat, and best wishes for your trip!
  2. Thanks >fetiche< for the info and the link to the old cache! I have a friend who might help me out by placing a cache over there, so I and others can find. I just have to convince him as he is a muggle.
  3. I am going to Ceuta sometime mid July to end of July. Yes, I was also a bit surprized that there were no caches there.
  4. Well I hoped more that someone else would like to put up a cache there (so I and others can find it . Of course If there are no caches when I get there I shall try setting up an earth cache.
  5. Hi, is there a Spanish (or other nationality), geocacher interested in placing a cache in Ceuta? Could be an earth cache if a physical box not ok. Hablo un poquito Espanol
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