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  1. I think a Steward's Enquiry was indeed needed. I did misread my source when I checked the information. However I was thinking of coxless pairs in Atlanta in 1996, so I shall DING Optimist on the run, and give him the Gold Medal for answering the first part with the answer I was thinking of. Over to you, Checking on wiki, the other two occassions were 1904 in St Louis Tom Kiely in 'Men's All-Round' which was a forerunner of the decathalon, and in 1952 in Helsinki, where was a wait until the last event on the last day, when the team Equestrian jumping gold was won. i would have been impressed if anyone had got either of those two.
  2. Well that was a good guess.... In one of those Olympics Great Britain only won a single gold medal. Who won it? And for a bonus point where, and what year?
  3. The only one I could have a guess at is that they were all born in the same place, but where that is I do not have any idea.
  4. Omphalophlebitis is infection of the navel in new born (animals) so I suspect you are right. I guess only Adam and Eve would be able to show their midriffs
  5. I believe he was born in Downend in Bristol ( I went a post christening party at a cricket club he was involved in). If he did mot stray far from home, it could be Gloucestershire.
  6. When you say 'stoned' do you mean he had been smoking waccy-baccy, or that he was subject to a rather gruesome method of execution? Or am I missing the point of this question?
  7. I think 'peta' has something to do with Stone, as in Peter. So I will guess at a statue
  8. I use the old faithful GSAK. You can load multiple photos on that, and publish them in one go, you still need add them one at a time, however it is far quicker than uploading them one at a time via the webpage
  9. In the speakers corner, A Big Daddy Ding-ding-ding End of round one Over to you
  10. Thank you for that ding What name is Shirley Crabtree better known by?
  11. That's a Ding, Ding, Ding for each of those answers. Over to the Yorkshire one
  12. Try a geocaching event, such as this one: Winter Warmer #5 Events are designed to meet cachers, there are several more in the area in coming weeks. Try to get to one of these, I am sure you will be made welcome
  13. Thanks for the DING. A lucky/educated guess there A return question - what are the three peaks in the Yorkshire Three Peak Challenge?
  14. I think I posted a question about this a while ago on this very topic The only characters I can think of that are associated with sporting event are mascots, and I guess these are the mascots for the Olympics in Brazil next year. The predecessors are Mandeville and Wenlock, from London 2012.
  15. Ding Spot on with your first thought - he is the chap behind bars. Over to you
  16. Thanks for the MacDing I have remembered that I answered this time..... So here is my question: In which game would you find 'Jake the Jailbird'?
  17. I believe a 'spurtle' is a porridge spoon, so I will guess it is for a porridge eating competition.
  18. I don't know myself, however my sister is an expert in North American geography. She will know. I think I'll ask her...... As a guess, and the answer is correct for 50% of 'state' questions, I will have a go at Alaska
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