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  1. Spot on with that answer, the QI Klaxons were waiting, but no Alan Davies.... Yes, there was a slight typo on the Gran Canaria, a problem with big fingers on iDevices. So a ding to Pajoholic - over to you
  2. Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Carnaria and Fuertaventura are all part of a group of islands. What animal is that group named after?
  3. Is he one of the meerkats on the compare the market adverts?
  4. Spot on, there is a DING to Mr (or Mrs) Beach Hut Well done
  5. Thanks for the Ding I have a question along similar lines, hopefully one or two people might know this one.... What is the name of the prize given to mathematicians under the age of Forty by the International Mathematical Union? It is awarded to up to four winners, every four years. The most recent meeting being held in Soeul in 2014. Good Luck
  6. The only other GCSE I can think of that fits the social science theme is Economics. Other than that I am drawing a blank
  7. I cannot spell philosiphy, so I cannot use that one, I am going to have a punt at Geography
  8. A big DING for Hellfire. It was the great Swarb, who we shall 'meet on the ledge' And of course I was at Fairport's Cropredy Convention. Over to you
  9. Well, I did not expect that stab in the dark to successful! You have the choice of two questions, I will accept a correct answer for either: Sticking with the music theme: Where was I this weekend? And hence the late posting of this question. Or Which former member of the excellent Fairport Convention died earlier this year in June?
  10. Working backwards from Pajoholic's post - I will have a go at Coldplay, Red Hot Chilli Peppers have been around for ever, so not necessary that contempoary, and Maroon 5 - well there's a guess for someone else.
  11. Hmm On further investigation using the old faithful, wikipaedia, one list acknowledges the Artic, and the other does not, however the Antartic is still (marginally) larger, and the ding is pointing at Hal-an-tow.
  12. And the correct answer goes to hal-an-tow The Antartic with an area of 14 million sq km, The Sahara is second with 9 million sq km, Gobi has only 1 million sq km So over to you with a DING to the frozen, but rather dry Hal-an-tow
  13. North Wales is famous for being the wettest place in the universe, my question is: Where is the largest desert in the world?
  14. I can see from our overflowing post bag, that we have a letter from Mrs Trellis of North Wales.
  15. That's a ding to Martin&lindabryn No middle name, but uses the initial K, reportedly for Kathleen, from her paternal grandmother
  16. Sticking with the Harry Potter theme What is J.K. Rowling's middle name?
  17. I would second that, why not use a multi-cache, to collect information from the building, eg number of windows, details from a display board etc. these can then lead to a hide a suitable distance away, but still brings the cacher to the area
  18. Are they pictures of the 'big five' species that are the ones to see when on safari, maybe lion, elephant, rhinoceros, leopard and something else?
  19. There are lots of wild animals in South Africa in the game parks, so I am having a stab in the dark with Elephants
  20. This sounds very masonic to me, so I guess it would be one of those orders - perhaps Knights Templar
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