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  1. I really like the idea, and the intention behind the calendar on the dashboard page, however I found an shortcoming with it - it has not included my closest event on 31 August which is 10 miles away, but instead listing one 60 miles away Here is a screenshot of my calendar for the events on 31st August, showing an event However there is another event much closer to me on that date which the calendar is not picking up GC7APZ5 Why is the closer event not being listed in the calendar, and should it be at the top of the listing as it is my closest event. I hope this is a bug that can easily be resolved Many Thanks
  2. I shall get things moving again, thanks for the ding. I have a geocaching friend doing the three peaks challenge next weekend. Ben Nevis, Scafell and Snowdon. What is the total height (elevation) of these three in feet? In memory of the play your cards right presenter Brucie, there will be a higher/lower until the right answer is hit.
  3. You should not answer a question with a question, however, Why would you bury a man who was living?
  4. Are they a Scottish varient of a Will-o-the-wisp? Perhaps living on marshes, and in lochs?
  5. I couldn't agree more with the previous post, Outforthehunt has done a fantastic job, and a real service to the geocaching community by keeping the YOSM Going for fifteen years visiting over 700 locations. (S)he deserves recognition for all that effort. A real shame, and loss, for the archiving and locking of the great virtual geocache. Paul, please acknowledge that contribution
  6. I think you are right: 2nd year minus birth year gives age in the second year: 2025-1980 = 45 and so on.... That seems part of the answer, but I cannot help but think that is too simple. The age must be something to do with it, however what, I do not know.
  7. In the Back to the Future films, what was the number plate on the DeLorean that Doc Brown turned into the time machine?
  8. As a stab in the dark, is the overground train station underneath the underground station?
  9. I think Ripon would count, as Reading is a town rather than a city.
  10. I doubt that he ever finished on the podium, and in line with his number on the mean machine, it was 00.
  11. A bit more of a 'chink' of glasses than a Ding. Over to you, happy new year
  12. Thanks for ding A pub quiz question now, what drink's name is derived from uisce/uisge?
  13. It sounds like a cake, however I am a bit dubious about that, and am going for a variety of apple. There are so many different types I hope this is one of them.
  14. I am afraid that this question has lost its way slightly.... Hal-an-tow gave a good hint as the distance. Beach Hut is closest, in fact within the five mile leeway I was prepared to give. The correct answer is 55 miles. The story behind the naming was that it took three days to travel the length of the sands when it was first discovered. The explorers summarised that it must be ninety miles as they could manage thirty miles a day. What they had not compensated for was the fact that walking on sand slowed them to twenty. Over to the aptly named, Beach_hut DING
  15. KLAXONS blaring out Yes Alan, it is not 90 miles. If you know why the measurement does not match its name you get a bonus point.
  16. I did not expect that - so sorry for the delay in getting back to business. I went to New Zealand in years BC (before caching). One of the highlights was a trip along Ninety Mile Beach. How long is that beach?
  17. I am going to have a complete guess - How about Bing Crosby? Seems like his kind of thing.
  18. Thank you Now for a bit of detective work...... What is the name of Sherlock Holmes' housekeeper?
  19. It's a supermoon. I believe it is the closest that the moon approaches to the earth, it does this with a periodicity of approximately seventy years. It is the brightest and largest to view
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