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  1. Back to the point, I have bought several packages of coins from geosawg.com, and they have always arrived - mostly in a week, but sometimes it h as taken a bit longer - and I am in the UK - I think you are being a bit unfair blaming the geocin company; to me it sounds like there has been a fault somewhere in transit - Perhaps this is a case where shooting the messenger might be more appropriate. They have always prvided me with 100% satisfaction and service I could not fault them.
  2. Funny, I was having similar thoughts about the ethics of logging an archived cache - and was search the forums with the intent of starting a new thread/topic. Well here's my experience/question. I was on a FTF dash, and whilst looking for a small container at GZ I first came across a film canister, opened it expecting FTF and the log sheet was full,l and dated back ages. I guessed it was the 'wrong' cache; one which I knew by its name was archived, so I signed it, replaced and went onto discover the true new cache around the other side of the hedge. Opened it and there was a virgin sheet of paper, signed and went home to log the FTF. Dilemma - do I log the other one? Not being sure of the etiquette, I emailed the owner of the original cache, and he quickly replied saying he thought the cache was lost, and was happy for me to log, as I had found the cache. Which I did. I have no problems with that - it was just a lucky smiley - perhaps making up for the DNFs where the cache had been muggled/was plain just not there. Some may consider it cheating, but nowhere near the logging caches you did not find. As for disabled - as long as there is no safety issue - no problems, I disabled a multi due to incorrect coords at an intermediate point (wrong format) if some had 'solved' the issue I would have been happy to let them log.
  3. Managed to turn a 5 terrain into a 1 terrain this weekend, having hijacked a passing boat to retrieve a cache hidden under a bridge this weekend
  4. It's a problem all over, down in someset, locked gates, removed signs. I think you are within your rights to remove obstructions from footpaths.... As for ploughing this is not allowed on paths that run around the edge of fields, but those crossing fields are allowed to be ploughed, and need returning to 'passable' with 14 days. Good Luck in putting these right
  5. I find my Garmin 60CSx handy in the car, sometimes its routing defies (my) logic, not always taking the shortest route. It does get me there in the end, also it does not do Postcodes, you have to enter the Address manually through a tedious system. Also no voice commands - Those talking ones irritate me something dreadful An excellent GPSr unit, fantastic for geocaching (albeit not paperless) which is a competent Sat Nav
  6. I think a lot of cachers (myself included) are embarassed with a DNF, and do not log them; that said the more caches I do the better I see them. As someone else stated study the cache page - that will often give clues - If necessary look at the hint, and previous logs often give pointers as well.... I often find that a second visit to a (not logged DNF) cache the container appears in my hand. In fact I was once told off by a cache owner for writing a note saying a container was missing - He said surely it should have been a 'DNF'.
  7. Nice Coin - Let me know when there are out - I will have at least a couple of them
  8. Some bargains to be had on ebay, and I have had no problems with any that I have bought, (In fact never had any problems with ebay fullstop). Many of the vendors - listed on the forums elsewhere offer the same coins, or new ones for much less than some of the coins sell for on Ebay. Have a look at those, may be more economical, and some offer 'grab bags' so may get an unusual one or two in them. Must admit I tend to trade with them now.
  9. Had an email saying the Lady Luck coins are just about ready, and they should be posted next week, looking forward to seeing them after so long, - The old saying 'Good thing come to those who wait' must be suitable for these occassions; On another note, so glad I bought them last summer, not now with the way the dollar has gone against the pound.... Well Done Jim, so pleased that you have kept to your word. I know these times must have been tough, and you have had more important things on your mind than producing coins. Best Wishes
  10. For caching there the only things the colorado has going for it is the paperless caching option, and that is only carrying the cache details. It does not do averages when marking waypoints, it is not possible to change coordinates for multis/mystery caches. There is no on road routing to caches.Takes ages to load GPX files to it. My Missus has the colorado, but it has to be used in conjunction with mine, for anything other than local traditinal caches. I am more than happy with my paper (can make notes on them) and would not think about a colorado,
  11. Pleased to see that the coins are now coming through. Looking forward to getting mine, although I will have to wait a wee bit longer, living over the pond, and having to wait for the 'Lady Luck' series. It is such a shame that we were not kept in the picture as to what was happening, I understand we all have problems, and things go bad, but an update of the status of production would have been nice. Anyway looking forward to mid February, when mine should arrive. Good Luck with getting the Lady Luck coins out
  12. Still checking my mail box everyday just in case
  13. I ordered some Titanic, and Lady Luck Remints..............
  14. Mine arrived today, All the way from USA, to the UK much more prompt than some I have ordered. This has restored my faith with dealing over the Atlantic. Many Thanks for these wonderful coins, Look forward to putting them out in the wilds this winter. Many Thanks. Would defininately buy off you again should you design more. Excellent.
  15. Was about to add my voice of irritation this morning about the lack of Coins, having ordered both Titanic, and Lady Luck sets, when I had an email apologising, and saying the Coins would be minted. The delay is due to relationship break up, Guess there have been other things on peoples minds... Hopefully things will come in time Copy of email: To all customers of Geocoin Design: This is Jim speaking here and I would like to give you all an update and status of just what the hell is going on with Geocoin Design. This letter to you is very very personal, and will explain everything to you. It is my hope that you all take this information to heart - and can be compassionate, or at the very least, understanding. Mine and Paula's lives are in turmoil. We have separated and are going through a divorce. The issues we have are very personal, but on the business end, there was a matter of fiscal irresponsibility. I have taken SOLE CONTROL of Geocoin Design, and in the past week, have changed all business accounts that have had my wife attached to them. I have received a number of inquiries that have been sent by a few of you, however, I did NOT receive any of them until I got my computer hooked up at my new residence on the west coast (Oregon) of the US just YESTERDAY (10/01/08). I truly apologize to each and everyone of you if you had felt ignored. I felt it necessary to be straightforward with you all so everyone is in the loop. Now - on the subject of Lady Luck and Titanic geocoins - They will be produced. I intend on fulfilling each and every order and I am a man of my word. I understand that the credibility of Geocoin Design is pretty much crap unless those coins are delivered. It is my intention to provide a status every 7 to 10 days so nobody is left in the dark as you all have been for weeks. The fact of the matter at this point is that the presales for those coins closed on July 4th. Given the production time of 3.5 weeks and another week for shipping time to complete, I figure at this point I am about 4-5 weeks behind. Which considering my circumstances, is not entirely bad. I know that is not what you all want to hear - but it's a fact I have to contend with. What I am asking of all of you is first of all your understanding. It's been a witchhunt on the forums from what I understand - I haven't been on to look for myself. Cinema Boxers is NO LONGER the voice of Geocoin Design. I have had a username on GC.com for quite some time now (Geocoin Guy) and will be on there as that - just so you know who is posting (If I do post at all). I am absolutely crushed on a personal level, but business is business and I (as I said before) am a man of my word. Please allow me a bit of time to compile everything and get on track - I figure I can have everyone taken care of in a relatively short period of time - but it should not take any longer than 90 days. As I said, I will keep you all posted. Again I apologize, but felt it necessary to provide you all 'some sort of explaination' as to what the actual story is. Now, on a different note, but along the same lines - I, along with the world saw the US stock market crash recently. I don't know what this is going to do to the purchasing power of the dollar as far as coin production goes, but I will suck up the excess if there is any, and I feel that I should do something special for all of you. However - Lady Lucks and Titanics are first and foremost on my list of things to do - along with several apologies on behalf of myself and my estranged wife, Paula. With a heavy heart - Jim Collins Geocoin Design info@geocoindesign.com
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