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  1. OK, maybe I didn't say the "correct" thing in my original post. When you complete a challenge cache, the owner requires you to either 1.) Upload all the information to the log, or 2.) make sure it is available in the stats on your profile page. The latter is what I was referring to. COs were trying to be considerate and check on your stats without have the information posted on the page. Clear now?
  2. OK, I'm confused. How do I open the profile information I have added to my PROFILE? Clicking on links doesn't work. Also, since many challenge caches require you to have your stats on your profile for ease of checking for qualifications, what happens to all these caches? How do they access it? Seems like someone has opened a great big can of worms and has no idea of how to get them back in! Right up there with the NEW AND IMPROVED cache location map page - it stinks!
  3. So, the GPX isn't clunky? Well, I have to click on the button, say that I want to save it (and where) to my computer, the security scan runs, and then after I get all of them saved, attach my GPS, select all the GPX files I want to upload, and upload all of them to my GPS. Whew! Now this is as opposed to attaching my GPS to my computer, clicking save, and it's on the GPS. Lot more extra work! And I don't know who had problems with the old system? I've been using it since 2015 with no problems (except for 1 MS update that Garmin told be how to easily fix). And soo, the answer is to buy a premium membership so I can make some kind of list and, I suppose, download them all at once and then upload them afterwards. Almost sounds the same as above? I know of a couple other fixes they need to make to the site, but I know if I post them they will be ignored like other problems I've raised in the past.
  4. What's happening? Previously I could download GPS coordinates from a web page to my GPS device. Suddenly that has disappeared. Now, to make matters even worse, it has disappeared from the MAP VIEW listing where you click on the icon and basic info on the cache is shown. This one is REALLY, REALLY frustrating since I was just using it few hours ago in planning for my forthcoming trip and it worked fine (even though the capability had already disappeared from the web page). Now my only option is to download a bulky GPX file and then upload it to my GPS, all of which take time and add to the frustration!. Help! Help! Help! Please fix!
  5. Thank you, Hans. Unfortunately, your solution is not as workable as you presented. If there are NO future events in your area of search, then you get the old goose egg (zero) - only if you have future events do you see the green bar for showing past events. And since the past events are grayed out and labeled "Past", it seems sort of stupid to have that green bar option. This problem has only recently shown up so it must be imbedded in one of the latest webpage releases. After all, if a past event shows when you select EVENTS and any other category, then it should be able to be shown when only EVENTS is selected.
  6. Today I searched for an event that I attended yesterday (needed to log). Selected my home location, changed the filters to 15 mile radius and deselected all types of caches except EVENTS. Zero results! Went back and selected ALL types of caches. All 3 EVENTS showed up (all are past) with all the others. Went back and deselected ALL types and selected EVENTS and any other type. Viola! They appear with the others! Tried many combinations of cache types - each time the events would show up, even when there were no caches of the other type (i.e., Wherigo). So, now past EVENT caches ONLY show up on the search IF you select another type of cache to show along with them. Since there are no future events in my area (at this time), I can't say it they will show up if the filters are set to EVENTS only. Can you fix?
  7. Noticed last night that I can no longer click on the "filters" tab when I have listed the caches in an area. It doesn't wok on my and my wife's accounts, and it doesn't work on either of the computers we use. Or, as basic members has this disappeared from our options?
  8. Thank you for you reply. Remember, I an referring to the computer-based maps, nor smart phones (apparently I have this thread in the wrong place but don't know how to get it moved or to start over or whatever). Can that be the difference? Also, I'm only been a member since May 2015 so I don't have a link to old stuff from several years ago so we can eliminate any artifacts. 1. I go to geocaching.com. I ask for all caches in my 10-mile radius from home, and then I MAP THESE RESULTS 2. I see (at that time) 318 caches. There were PMOs showing that were traditional or mystery. They showed with the proper symbol in the little white box. If I clicked on the icon, it came up as a standard blurb, but the ability to UPLOAD TO GPS was grayed out. I could NOT load or read the cache page, BUT I could (and have) logged a visit when I was able to locate a couple with others. Also, only PMO caches that were about 5 miles distant would show - those closer to home never did unless I set my search to a different city then they would show on the map. Same thing applied when I had my laptop in Germany this past summer and would search for caches in the area - PMOs showed on the map. 3. Until recently, those caches that are PMO and I did locate and logged, showed with the smiley. Now all the icons are gone, including the ones for PMO caches I have located. They (the PMO caches) are still showing in the list, and the ones I have located do show the smiley attached to the TYPE CACHE symbol. If I click on one, I get the usual "PMO cache" header, etc. But, I still have credit for finding them on my stats. 4. These icons showed on either of the two computers (both Windows 10-based) I used at home, and they showed (in Maryland) on my daughter's laptop (a MAC) when we used it. So, we can eliminate the laptop/computers from the equation. And, when I zoom out to where you just see smileys or green boxes, they ain't there either (but they were in the past). 5. Something apparently has changed, but what?
  9. I just can't figure out how you could have been seeing them before. With the current version of the map that has been in place for several years now, PMO caches have never been displayed for Basic members when you're zoomed in to a level where the icons shows as white/grey boxes with a cache type symbol in them. They would only be displayed if you zoom out to the point where they just show as small cache type icons. Nothing has changed in this respect for many years. Is it possible the caches you thought were displaying on the map as PMO were actually something else, or were you definitely seeing circular icons representing PMO caches? If you were seeing circular icons, then I would say it was a bug and you weren't supposed to be seeing that, and the bug has since been fixed.
  10. Thanks for your attempt to help. Unfortunately, I have tried everything I can (checked on 2 different computers with my account, checked on both computers with a different account (my wife's), called my daughter in Maryland (also a basic member) and she sees the same problem. So, something has changed. I even don't see the smiley on the PMOs that I got with a friend before. Everything is a no show. Tried expanding the radius from 10 to 15 miles. Nothing. Tried the old search engine. Nothing. I see them listed but they don't appear on the maps anymore. I'm betting it's a ploy to get basic members to go for premium, but if I can't see where they are I can't really be interested in spending the money for ones that are out of my area or caching ability - the list with the generic miles in one of 8 cardinal directions gives a pretty wide swath once you are out more than a tenth of a mile or so!. I did notice that this "problem" popped up about the same time as the smileys started showing a gray box around them for disabled caches you have already found. BUT, only after you clear the search filters! Maybe they've screwed things up worse than they think?
  11. Since you're not using an app, then the 1.5/1.5 limitation does not apply. Basic members can see all non-PMO caches when searching for caches on geocaching.com I'm pretty sure that if the website map is zoomed to the 5-km/3-mile level or further out, then the PMO caches will appear. I'm guessing that they don't show the PMO caches when zoomed in closer so that Basic Members won't be able to identify the hiding spot. Additionally, an individual PMO cache might not be seen anymore because maybe it was archived since the last time you looked at the map.
  12. Well, I wasn't sure where this question might go and this forum was as close as I could find to perhaps get an answer. Do you know of a forum where this might be a more appropriate question? I scroll down through all the pages and nothing seems to fit anything - all sorts of subjects seem to be mixed all together. But, I've seen this on other forums before and that's why I try to avoid them. Sometimes it ain't worth the effort to wade through the garbage. Anyhow, thanks for your response. The 1.5/1.5 was on another posting that I might have gotten mixed up with.
  13. I'll try to help, though you asked a GPSr question in a phone app forums. Only apps were updated. Other than the last search update, nothing's changed on the site. On pmos dissappearing, did you try to pan in/out on the map? Sometimes that works for me when that happens. I don't notice much anymore unless I'm looking to place another cache. I'm still able to see all cache types, and enter the cache pages (other than pmo). Any "stumbling block" (right now...) based on access is only with folks using apps. Please explain, I'm not sure I know what's meant as the "1.5/1.5 argument". - Thanks.
  14. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to put my question, but it seems to fit. 1. I am a basic member. 2. I do not own or use a smart phone. I use only "geocaching.com". 3. Until a week or so ago, if I searched in 10-mile radius area from my home and mapped the results I would see icons for premium caches even though I couldn't read the cache description - it was nice to know they were there if I ever decided to up my membership. Now, I don't see them. What's up? Oh, BTW, there is a 5/1.5 premium cache about 3/4 of a mile from my home and it doesn't show now so there goes the 1.5/1.5 argument. 4. Is this another stumbling block thrown in the path of basic members? Or didn't someone do their homework when they "updated" the website? Concerned and Confused
  15. On the map view, I always see the shaded icon for deactivated caches that I have not found. I also see the smiley (found) icon that has a grayed-out border for a currently deactivated cache that I have previously found, but, only after I have checked the box "CLEAR SEARCH FILTERS". Can it be fixed so the grayed-out smiley icon always shows?
  16. I'm fairly new at this geocaching thing but am computer literate. That said, let's get on to the problem. I get into the program. I tell it to find caches in my area (I get a listing of 299 within a ten mile radius). I start scrolling down through the list. I get to 100 and things start repeating! I continue to scroll down and it keeps adding the same 50 or so entries to the bottom of the list. So, being computer literate, I click on "DISTANCE". Now they are in reverse order. I start scrolling down and again after 100 entries I start getting repeats. Appears the system is smarter than me! So, before the questions start coming in, here's the background. 1. Generally work off my laptop running Windows 7 Pro. I use both IE 11 and Firefox 4X. 2. I made sure to log off through both IE and Firefox (I was only on through Firefox page, though). 3. No luck! 4. Went into Firefox and deleted history, visits, passwords, etc. The whole enchilada! 5. Logged on through Firefox. Same problem. 6. Logged off through Firefox's page. 7. I go upstairs and check my wife's computer. It's running Windows 8.1 and IE whatever. 8. Hah! I was logged on through it. 9. Logged off (no active accounts anywhere that I'm aware of) and then back on. 10. Same problem! What's up? I sure would like to find the missing 100 or so entries. I guess I could go into the filters and tell it 5 miles or so and see what happens then. BUT, I shouldn't have to do that. I like the option of seeing them listed by distance so, as I have a little time, I can decide how far out I'd like to go and check on those in that relative area. Too bad it doesn't seem to be working properly. Orrrr, I'm not as computer literate as I think I am? Don
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