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  1. You could cram a few ammo cans into various spots that chick and she would never feel it.
  2. I would have to say B. Whats the point in logging multiple event finds just to boost your score. I am all for stats but I want them to be listed caches, and actual numbers, but to each his own.
  3. JMBella...make your avatar go away...my eyes are bleeding.
  4. Also will you be needing some personal time with his avatar?
  5. Yeah if he would only listen to us.
  6. Thats it Blue Boy, here is the perfect name for your dog Carleen Sparky-Bob Saxman.....Jr. NOTE: In no way am I associating carleen and the dog in anyway real or imaginative. (hows that for legalese Carleen?)
  7. I was almost hoping he would say: T-fish hook L- McToy SL
  8. Cats and smurfs...yeah like that will ever happen.
  9. No I got to within 0.5 of a mile away from the cache before sinking, So I decided to walk down the hill with my young daughter who was with me to arrange help to get the truck towed out. I will get back to that one another time when I can walk up the hill and claim the cache Don't let the cache beat you.
  10. Yea that should be a commercial for the HUMMER2, that wonderful all terrain vehicle that can go through anything Except for the fact that it is stuck.
  11. Yes I can just about LOL!! about it now! I am not sure my wife would LOL! if I did it again though. We were over 100 miles away from home and I left her shopping whilst I was going to grab a couple of caches before meeting her fo lunch! So did you get the cache?
  12. I don't change mine very often, but decided that I needed a new look for today. You like it? Well now, after reading a few more serious threads (yea right) I got really confused by the avatar-meld. I looked in abject silliness for an explanation first with no success. Now I understand; sorta. Sheesh dont you guys do any work at work? I think that's the first time someone looked in Abject Silliness for an answer to anything Sad when thats the "unofficial" off topic thread and thats where he got the answer to his question. I guess that shows that all threads will be on topic eventually.
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