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  1. The best is no words at all, it will fall off the page and pass into memory then fade away forever...until the next idiot replies and brings it back like a bad case of Herpies.
  2. The person above me started this thread.
  3. quote:Originally posted by General Bracket:I didn't, but the Howard Cosell bit nearly ruptured my kidneys. Then when I actually repeated it out loud in a Cosell voice, I passed out. The person below me is still reading it shaking their head in disbelief. I am still in pain from the Cosell bit. The person below me wants to know why chickens and road crossings are relevant to this thread.
  4. When the US Army lists you as a buyer for empty ammo cans.
  5. I am too new to know about the complaint thread. The person below me knows about the complaint thread.
  6. quote:Originally posted by enfanta:So where's the key, Brian? I mean, if I get all the answers right then the letters correspond to numbers that lead to a cache, right? RIGHT? ("Walk on your tip-toes." HA!) Yeah it leads to a cache that is near a railroad track, in an unwashed carboard ice cream container, full of Mcdonalds toys and tuna sandwiches.
  7. I would like to complain about the number of spiders around caches. Someone needs to do something about it.
  8. Post it as an event cache...You know about 5 people who will race to it for a FTF.
  9. What that beavers will one day rule the world? The person below me is afraid of squirrels.
  10. I have taken that tour...it's 82 minutes log...I asked for an 8 minute refund. The person below me spams the message boards.
  11. quote:The person below me has a set of http://www.bumpernuts.com on their car Yup, they give you better gas milage...it's all in the aerodynamics. The person below me thinks a tuna sandwich is a good trade item.
  12. I missed the kick. The person below me thinks this is the greatest thread ever.
  13. I resent that! The person below me smells like a musty logbook.
  14. Yeah no food in caches...except tuna sandwiches...yeah tuna in summer...mmmmmmm.
  15. and it is still a 1/1. The person below me molests travel bugs
  16. My wife and I got swarmed 6 years ago while backpacking but not since. We pulled about 30-40 ticks off of each other that night. They were small about the size of a pinhead. It was a bad event all around. On the up side neither one of us got sick or anything.
  17. I am allergic to aardvark...now muskrat...there some good eatin' The person below me caches in a dress.
  18. Must see the posting carnage. The person below is stopping to rubberneck as well.
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