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  1. Maybe I will try for the sun next as no real cache would survive. TPBM wants a badger as a caching partner.
  2. I like the website idea. Anyhting to make it easier as I have never used DalNet.
  3. I don't think I can get it to the 10th page. The person below me will spam it to the tenth page.
  4. I hate looking for threads that fall off the front page. :BUMP:
  5. What? Did you call me? The person below thinks a live snake is a good trade item.
  6. But of course. I will post for it to be archived too TPBM thinks Geocaching is the hoarding of small cars.
  7. quote:Originally posted by Mosestron:When you have a day off and you're searching for new caches in the area and your wife is thinking of honeydos that you can get done instead. But you convince her that the two of you can knock out 10 or 12 caches and still get the grass cut before dark. For proper caching time you got to get the wife involved. That way you can both put off the honeydos until later.
  8. I thought those were hidden from view. TPBM once did a TICO by mistake.
  9. quote:Originally posted by Og's outfit:TPAM is a very cool person that shouldn't have had to wait so long for someone to praise her! She is also very aware that the person below her may very well be typing out their oun "diatribe" on the merits of TPAM! OG TPAM said it for themselves so what more can I add.
  10. Hi, We are Chris&Cindy and we are Geocachers. We don't have a problem though. We can quit whenever, we just don't want to. I think the world is to harsh about geocaching. They could see how great it is if they just tried it. Here you want to try it? Just try it once is all...I will take you on your first hunt for free.
  11. Just got back from ourt there and we didn't find it. Sorry CJ all I found was a tick.
  12. The person above me is needs an Avatar.
  13. I got the shakes from not caching in a few days and I don't think penicillin will help. The person below me needs methadone for caching withdrawls.
  14. We take our dog with us when we can. I like the idea of noting if dogs are allowed at the cache site. One thing that is nice is we have a huge "off leash" dog park with lakes and woods where there are a few caches hidden and room for more .
  15. Yeah cause I am about to go caching! The person below me gets aroused by lemmings.
  16. quote:I'll be at the trailhead at 8:30 Saturday morning. Anybody else gonna be there? 8:30 am? Thats early . How about a decent time like...1:30 pm when the sun is warm and the birds have stopped singing. When normal people are just waking up...you know after lunch. OK see you at 8:30 am.
  17. No it's not real...just do your job and make electricity and everything will be fine. The person below me thinks this thread is in it's death throws.
  18. quote:Originally posted by General Bracket:Nevermind. The person above me figured out that it was a board game from the mid 60's. I have played it, It's a fun game. The person above doesn't think this thread will take off like the "Person Below Me" Thread.
  19. Maybe if there is a better spot it can get posted here.
  20. 8:30? You don't belive in letting the sun get warm first do you? Where is the best place to park for this one? My wife dumped me off and we used cellphones to organize the pickup when we did this one.
  21. So is the weekend group hunt going to happen?
  22. quote:Originally posted by CWL: quote:Originally posted by Chris&Cindy:Post it as an event cache...You know about 5 people who will race to it for a FTF. Nobody really gets the FTF on a GeoEvent. Yeah that was a joke.
  23. Yup, cardboard box filled with tuna sandwiches for trade items. The person below me wishes they were Mighty Mouse.
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