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  1. Funny. I can picture her now all blue and everything hunting caches. Little Bob is growing up so fast.
  2. There arnt any Navicache caches near me.
  3. My one concern about bringing Molly is that she barks incessantly at people when she is chained up. But if there will be other dogs there for her to play with, that could keep her amused and quiet. I'm sure Molly and Sparky will get along just fine! Is Sparky related to Bob?
  4. Sorry to hear about your loss. Chris, Cindy and The Ugly Puppy
  5. Well the first game was disappointing.
  6. Sounds good to me! (See how easy it is to work with Keystone?) yeah just pay...er ask and you shall receive.
  7. IF we make it, The Ugly Puppy may not be with us as that is a long trip for a dog of her age. I am still working on scheduling and hope to be able to come.
  8. Just let me know when and where and I will be there. Well unless I can't make it then I guess I won't be there...but I should be able to be there.
  9. LOl I carry a GLock 22 40 cal. with golden sabers and hydra-shoks. I also carry a, class 3, H&K MP5 SD as backup. ok just kidding about the mp5 but one can hope. I also carry a Meridian Platnium, cell phone, pocket knife and pen.
  10. I don't believe you said that Someone needs to teach her how to cache if you fail in that aspect of her life.
  11. "...and the Lord looked upon geocaching and said, 'It is good'". Geocaching Book 1 Chapter 2 verse 9.
  12. Also have you chosen god parents for her yet?
  13. I dare you to get 200 in 1 day! ChrisCindy is the only one crazy enough to do that arund here I forgot to take my meds that day.
  14. You could start your training of her over the phone. If you were a good doggie parent you would...
  15. Soup Nazi's DVD Cache is a DVD swap cache here in the Memphis area. You gotta love a cache that involves a swamp.
  16. I am a blacksmith/metal artist. I work when I work. I have my own smithy (blacksmithing shop) at the house and when I want to work I go out and work. If I already have a paying job I finish it ASAP and go back to making things as I get "inspired".
  17. How about who cares...it's just a game. <----reality check.
  18. I saw nothing in the spoof that said he did or did not agree with the war. Stop trying to stir things up without just cause. And for the cache pics, very funny.
  19. I read the book the other day and I have mixed feelings on it. I like the game aspect of the book but I felt like it seemed more of a way to vent his views on the catholic church. I am not taking a religious stand here so hold your arrows. In an unbiased way it just seemed like it was more of a book to attack the Pope. If I wanted to read a book on current affairs and political views I would buy a book on that subject.
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