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  1. I have never changed mine for longer then a day for the joke/theme days we had a month ago.
  2. Yeah, I would get that looked into.
  3. Before you die you try and get your grave set as a vert.
  4. I am off on a trip in a few weeks and plan to see what my GPSr says from the plane. I hope I can get near the window.
  5. Kinda hard to come up with stuff on that one huh? "Ummm hit it when it's hot." JK
  6. It wouldn't be that fun though because they wouldn't "pull over" to log the caches as you passed them.
  7. That is such a positive attitude. I suggest you devote 2 more hours per day to your job. I would do more if I could. I am a blacksmith/metal artist. Any more suggestions?
  8. Well, if I were to tell my clients to get a life I wouldn't have a job for very long so I would welcome the suggestion but common sense should take care of that and it clearly didn't in this case. I'm sorry that you didn't understand. I am not talking about anyone's clients. I am asking how people would react to someone attempting to instruct them on how to do their job. I would welcome it because anything that betters my abilities in my job betters me. As for the actual instance here when you are as big an a** as this Turner guy you deserve what you get. If you can't take it don't dish it out.
  9. It's a good way to get an "old" cache revisited. Some folks drop bugs in their harder to get to caches to encourage people to give it a try.
  10. There is Bitbrains 4X4 off road adventure that has some 4X4/ATV trails near it. You can't drive all the way to the cache but it is a fun one anyway.
  11. Ouch! That hurt... That was for the sarcastic newbie comments. LOL
  12. It's a good place to tease Chris about his crack cache hiding skillz. LOL I still need to snag that one and replce it. I will go more West Nile 7 with it thins time since they seem to have found it already.
  13. Having grown up in Jackson, I would take that as.......the truth I thought about doing some Jackson caches when I go up there to visit family, but I will probably stay away from Muse -- when people call it shady, they're NOT referring to the trees...... Ok...Ok...Ok...Ok... I know Already!.... Being from Memphis I had no idea about what went on there. I picked it from a list of parks in Jackson I found on the internet. <-- (No not from those sites... get your mind out of the gutter) This was one of the only that had some woods for hiding a multi cache. If I had known I wouldn't of put it there. Doh! Nobody has hit it in a really long time anyway. I just might archive it. Get Bartster to check on it.
  14. Oh, and I would place myself/us around a 2.0
  15. I know geocaching tends to be afflicted by the more "geeky" people, however shouldn't there be a 10% warning for "overgeeking"?
  16. Local newbies can go to MemphisTW for some local Memphis boards.
  17. What about a caching partner? I bet they are low fat.
  18. So should you only be allowed one forum suicide mulligan?
  19. Well actually on Mondays and certain Aztec holidays it is Wala.
  20. I bet he is well practiced at that.
  21. Peanut butter, mayo, onion and anchovy sandwich mmmmmm. They make great trade items too.
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