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  1. Dang...I think I put myself on my own killfile list.....oh, wrong thread for that. We're talking about quotes, Doc.......sheesh! I know you will be on mine, LOL jk
  2. Methamphetamines. Or lots a coffee. Coffee made with meth! Is that Methffee?
  3. If everything works out we will be in England and Scotland in march so I hope to do some caching there. Other then that...A foreign country?...California I guess.
  4. Methamphetamines. Or lots a coffee.
  5. This one was done by Arkansas Bugman for Halloween. He had all kinds of great stuff out in the woods to make it more spooky. He took down the props but the nighttime cache is still there and it's a multi so it takes a bit longer which is cool. We had a great time doing this one.
  6. I bet there is one on that rover somewhere already.
  7. Yeah this seems to be a double topic thread.
  8. LOL of course if they were in your killfile you couldn't quote them as you wouldn't see their post. (I know you know and were making a joke, but someone else may not know) Edit= * added so the quote that RK made would stay in quotes...if that makes sense.
  9. If you want to do the plastic bag thing then paint a Sucrets tin a camo color and use that.
  10. Yeah they are just a bit better then throwing the stuff on the ground without a container.
  11. So basically everyone will killfile someone and the threads will never be on topic because half the people wont know what the other half are saying, and then the mods will warn half and ban the other half, then people will get mad and leave shortly before Armageddon and the end of the world but after dogs and cats start sleeping together because it is better then listening to their owners yell and cuss because they can't follow the thread, and we end up all burning up as the planet goes hurtling into the sun? That type of killfile?
  12. I feel you are correct to a point. Having new ideas and sharing them is great. It will help people think outside of the box (pun intended) and keep geocaching fresh. On the other hand, having opinions that are based on ignorance are not. What's even worse is making an un-informed statement and defending it beyond all reason. I don't think this "Dogpile on the new kid" is going to keep any other "Newbies" (a phrase I have used 7 times in 16 years to describe someone) from posting ideas, opinions and thoughts. What it will show is that tact and an understanding of the subject matter is necessary for an intelligent discussion. I made that statement more to let the other new folks know that we are not out to "dogpile" them. It was for their benefit that I said that. I wouldn't want them to think we are going to jump them just for asking a question. I didn't intend you to think I was flaming you, so if it seemed like that I am sorry. To all new people: Feel free to post as for the most part we don't dogpile mew people. Well except on Tuesday's and Major Aztec holidays.
  13. If I remember it got somewhat heated.
  14. Stop the violence man...have a Starbuck's and think about water falls and rainbows and butterflies. Say OOhhhhmmmmm a few times then name you child raindrop. Oh you can hug a tree and skip and jump and press wild flowers...
  15. I think the frogs were doing alright keeping up with evolution.... they just have a problem keeping up with the humans... We are part of the world too. It's not like we just arrived in our space-traveling 1978 Buick station wagon. If they cant keep up then their time is over. I thought that is what evolution was.
  16. Groundspeak apparently bought the domain (they own it) and pointed it to the same server. There's other domains they did this with, but this one made me laugh. The other ones made more sense (geocashing.com, etc) - I have no idea why they bought this one.. it's amusing though. Ahhhh, I thought you were just calling it yourcachesucks.com in the UBB code when posting.
  17. Hey, don't MOD me.... if ya do, BANG! ROFLMAO!!!!!!! You going to send your cat to pop a cap in someone?
  18. I missed the point here it just goes to GC.com. Are you saying GC.com sucks?
  19. What hit him in the head with a hammer? JK RK
  20. As long as you were nailing him to a tree.
  21. Don't bash them all based on one person. The new people with ideas are the future of the game. You are going to make them not want to post and share their ideas with us or ask questions. It's not fair to use newbie in a negative way as we are all newbies at one time. If you want to bash Subigo then say Subigo (I am not bashing you Subigo just making a point) don't just say newbie.
  22. I don't......navitrash's closest cache to me is over 250 miles, last time I looked. I think the closest to me is 95 miles away.
  23. So, what does 'I' stand for? Indigo As in the Indigo Girls? Yeah they had a color names after their band.
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