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  1. I guess I should talk to Cindy about this huh?
  2. I have retained a psychic who is sending Bob signals to her as we speak. Yes oh yes Mr Saxman your dog will answer to Bob.
  3. My guess would be they are moving faster or were moving fast when the lion saw them and that triggered the predator/pray instinct which caused an attack or stalking.
  4. I got one that is a nitro pill bottle for 3 emergency pills to carry on your key chain. There is one item inside that is smaller then a rolled up piece of paper and it barely fits.
  5. Sparky is doing fine. We have told our relatives what we have decided to name her, so they can start teaching her to respond to it. She'll know her name by the time we get her on President's Day. That's nice. I called them this morning, too, and told them her middle name is Bob. I hollered "Sparky" over the phone, and she barked a nice reply to me. We've bonded already! Geody Bob Saxman?
  6. Let it be spoken....let it be heard! Can I get a witness?
  7. Put it in OK, and make it on a 3 day weekend and we MAY come. Can't promise anything. Although I am not a forum clown and only post serious well thought out replies I would still want to come.
  8. The Graveyard has character though and does add some spice to the whole bit about having a bug get KIA.
  9. What? That is so dated. Who do you like in the World series?
  10. If you have to cheat to play you are cheating yourself. Why play? You are just occupying bandwidth that I could be using.
  11. Ummmm....I've held both of those positions. I'm also going for most zits popped in one squeeze. No, there's not an official contest for the top poster thingy....it's just something a few of us have been joking about amongst ourselves. I'd explain more, but I've got to make 59 more posts before midnight to make my quota. "You no post, you no eat....you post harder"
  12. They should be held to a higher standard then us as they enforce the rules. If they say we can't be off topic then they should never be of topic as it is hypocritical to serve up a ban for something they do. KA in looking at your statistics I would say 1 instance of jabs at a close is wrong regardless of who did it. Why? Because it is a sign of a coward first of all. You take a shot then close the thread before the people can reply. It's like hanging up on someone or slamming the door in their face. I think mods and the general population should be held accountable for all their actions. However they aren't and that is the problem.No one mods the mods because 1 or 2 of them do what they want and nothing ever gets done about it. I know I am just "the bitter guy that is back from a 1 month ban so don't listen to him", but that is the way it is. I just think that if we are asked to conduct ourself in a certain fashion the by god the people who are asking us to do that should have the character to do the same and if not then they should have the honesty to say "I am not a good admin" and step down. Lead by example. If you want to be a leader then be in front leading not behind cracking a whip. KA this is not an attack at you, you just happened to bring up the numbers. Nothing personal.
  13. I prefer to leave threads open unless it becomes a forum war. When this topic has run its course, it will fade away on its own. After 5 pages, there have been no attacks made and quite a good discussion has taken place. Closing this thread would serve no purpose except to make me open another one. LOOK YOU MOTHE...SON O... ARRRGGGHHHH I am done now. So how is Bob...er Geody doing? Had any word lately?
  14. I think it would be a fun idea. I guess you would have to make it a puzzle cache cause it would get found and lost eventually. Also how to get them there as a GPSr doesn't do well inside (another puzzle to do that)?
  15. What they are good for is filtering the people that flood the forum with 100-200 posts a day that are just to boost their post count.. I guess I am part of that group. After getting a month ban by a mod for reporting them for breaking the rules, that they enforce, I am trying to stay somewhat non controversial because it is pointless to voice an opinion other the proTPTB. Kinda like in communist countries where only government rhetoric is acceptable. Therefore it comes down to drivel. I answer questions from the new folks but other then that I really don't care about posting anything that means something here because it doesn't mean anything, but a potential ban. Almost every topic has been talked about already unless it is a current affair and most of those are off topic. You could Markwell almost any thread that comes up and close it as there are at least 1 if not more on the same subject already. The only reason I stay and post is because I enjoy posting with some folks here. If it were not for them I would have been gone a long time ago. ( for those that will whine "just leave then") As with our other discussion this is not an attack against you. I am not trying to flame you I am just replying with the other side of the coin.
  16. Dang...I think I put myself on my own killfile list.....oh, wrong thread for that. We're talking about quotes, Doc.......sheesh! Careful, your ignorance is showing again.... You should really get fixed! Get fixed? What are you suggesting?
  17. You could also do an underwater cache and use the fruit cake as the anchor.
  18. Must be the same person who was placing them in mine. I've found them in several caches during maint trips. I left them for the same reason you did. One cache I was able to do last week had a package of Kleenex. At first, I thought that was odd, but only for a few seconds as my nose was really running bad from the cold temps. So, I did a trade for the Kleenex! Ya never know what emergencies may come up! Charmin makes those small rolls of toilet paper that fit into caches nicely...you never know. I thought about those (found some in a cache once) while posting on the thread where the guy dropped his GPS in the porta john.
  19. At least I'm wanted Only on Tuesdays and Aztec holidays.
  20. I figured it out! It says, "Buy LEGO sets at Toys "R" Us ". Expensive commercial huh.
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