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  1. I can bring an instrument...but which one? Can you bring a sitar?
  2. Ahhhh, high quality criminals at work.
  3. You can do the same thing useing the IMG button to do pics. I explained that in your question on my Post a Pic of Yourself Caching. So go post your pic
  4. You first need to go to the cache page and copy the URL from the top by right clicking it to highlight it the scroll down to copy and left click copy. Next come to the forums and click the "http://" button to the left of the IMG button. The first field you fill in is the URL so paste your URL in the first field that comes up. It says " enter complete URL here". Be sure you don't double enter the http:// as it is already entered by default. Click ok when you have it entered and the next one is the name of the cache, web page, or where ever the link you posted leads. You may type in anything you want it to be called here and hit ok. If you need anymore help email or PM me and I will try and help.
  5. Put it in the same file as your pics for you avatar then click it till just the pic and nothing else is on the screen. Then use the IMG button and copy and paste the URL in the field (note make sure you don't do HTTP:// twice as it defaults to that when you open the IMG link and it also copies it when you copy it from the pic) PM me if you need more or Better instructions.
  6. Hey there are so many new folks on the boards lets get some faces to go with the names. So post a pic of yourself geocaching. If you don't have a geocaching pic then go caching and get one. I will start off with pics of my wife Cindy, Me then The Ugly Puppy. <p> <p> <p> Have Fun, C²
  7. There is also the one where the guy left pics of his "little general" on the cache cam, then the police got the cache because he stashed his "stash" in the cache.
  8. Will there be finger sandwiches or mini quiches served? If you bring them, they will come. What about a live band?
  9. My mental firewall gets sprung often enough.
  10. Man don't delete your post after I quote you...sheesh now my quote is blank.
  11. I had a friend named Matt but I don't think that makes as good a dog name as Bob or Larry. As I am not a cat owner I can't make a comment about cats being named Matt but it seems silly to name your cat Matt other then the fact that the name rymes with cat. Paco is a good dog name..though Bob is better.
  12. Will there be finger sandwiches or mini quiches served?
  13. I put some mouse traps in some caches (the fun type). New, not used or anything. I guess a used mouse trap would be bad...like the glue ones with a dead mouse glued to the pad. That wouldn't be fun.
  14. Fred sounds good for a cat name, better then fluffy. But Bob is a dog name. You can't use a good powerful sounding name like Bob on a cat as it is a waste because cats don't comewhen you call them as well as dogs do. And usually you just say "Kitty-kitty-kitty-kitty" etc. to call a cat. I had a friend who had an English Mastiff named Larry. That seemed fitting.
  15. Wow that is original. My dog is light tan but we didn't name her "Light Tan". Bob, now thats a powerful dog name. I would suggest Ugly Puppy™ but it is trademarked. LOL I am just kidding about Rusty as a name...it's a great name for a beaver. His full name is Brandy's Rusty Stub. His mothers name was Brandy's Snowhite and his fathers name was Stubby Temperment. He is orange and white and has a stubby docked tail that is a rusty orange kind of color. If you had a Dalmatian would you name it spot?
  16. He is someones buddy so they didn't ban him.
  17. Before you remove the splinter from your brother's eye, you must first remove the log from your own. ---somewhere in the Bible--- Nicely quoted there Sparky...I went right to it in the Bible. Who would have known "somewhere in the Bible" could be such an exact reference.
  18. Wow that is original. My dog is light tan but we didn't name her "Light Tan". Bob, now thats a powerful dog name. I would suggest Ugly Puppy™ but it is trademarked. LOL I am just kidding about Rusty as a name...it's a great name for a beaver.
  19. Lets see now. I could go on a big rant right about here but I will back off a touch. A couple points and I will back out. Around here where I live work and hunt, Cougars hunt ELK for food, 600 pounds and Mule Deer around 150 pounds. And even livestock. I would think Blacktail Deer and some(?) Mule Deer(?) for the region in discussion. Around something like 100-125 pounds. A person on a bike something like 125-175 pounds. And damage? These critters back FIVE razer sharp Switchblades on each paw. And they are designed to use them in getting the goods to eat. As for being defensive. When? Getting something to eat comes natural and if they have not been conditioned to fear man or livestock, a young cat will get what it can when it can where it can. Just check the numbers pre dog ban verses now. I had better stop about now before things get hot. logscaler. logscaler I appreciate the lesson on mule and blacktail deer I'm glad you "held back" and didn't unleash the full frontal assault that is the "knowledge of mountain lions" by logscaler I was basically bringing up how powerful they really are. born at night but not last night. Yeah not last night but last Tuesday night for sure...jk
  20. Whoa there Rusty we are going with Bob here. Who names a dog Rusty or Sparky? There are only 2 good dog names, The Ugly Puppy and Bob.
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