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  1. Oh, how cool...impressing the ladies with your big magic warn wand. A regular knight in shining armor... I heard his wand was small, not big.... Oh, that was painful LOL
  2. Yeah like someone would log: T-$1,000 L-Golfball SL
  3. Vicious?? It was a frickin' joke. Lighten up. I'm hoping this is just one of those "power trips" that the approvers get on, and it wasn't actually Carleen reporting it. I guess jokingly calling Jeremy a nerd got me on that special "watch list." Hmmmpf, 10%. Your just a lightweight.
  4. seems like they should be easy to dodge at that size. Ever try to evade a herd of swarming buffalo before? Yeah I didn't make it but that was going to be my next geocaching injury post...thanks for ruining the surprise...sheesh.
  5. or stop posting so much...how da heck am I supposed to catch up... Hey, it's hard work keeping ahead of Sparky and ChrisCindy Post
  6. seems like they should be easy to dodge at that size.
  7. I don't pull any punches. If someone doesn't like what I say they can step up the next time I'm at an Event. Don't hold back now. Tell us what you mean.
  8. You are putting way to much into this. It's a game.
  9. Don't forget about a pic of his caching dog.
  10. Be a conformists like the rest of us.
  11. Sounds like my list for a romantic evening when I was younger...... LOL
  12. As long as Harleyguy doesn't do anything as heinous as make an off topic post he should be OK.
  13. All good cache events also need to involve hammers. Caches and people are all you need to make it fun. The rest is just gravy.
  14. I have posted the "post a pick of your caching dog/self" should I do vehicles now?
  15. Actually, I thought we should just this topic going until Upinyachit comes back. Is it hurting anyone by doing so? If it isn't bandwidth you're concerned about, why close it? Act like you arn't having fun and everything will be ok.
  16. More like if CO is so concerned with bandwidth then do your part by not posting at all.
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