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  1. Hey now... What is that suppose to mean? I look good naked..
  2. I want to put these on the FTF Freaks in my area...
  3. I just hit the mark button, use the thumbpad to page down and change the coords to what I want them to be. Of course before changing the coods I usually change the name to something other than 001/etc... Seems rather intuitive to me..
  4. I use it with with 2004 without any problems. I do have some issues with it and StyleXP, but its not a big deal and its easy to work around.
  5. For those of you who like MapPoint. You may like this little piece of software(Plug-In for MapPoint.) http://www.hypercubed.com/projects/coordex/
  6. You still can't project waypoints to the hundreth decimal place like you can with the legend..
  7. I use watcher (and learning the ways of GSAK) to combine several gpx files into one. Then I load the gpx file to both my PDA and my GPSr. My current GPX file has around 900 caches. GPXSonar loads quick enough for me and for the most part I never close it unless I update my PQ with new caches. I use IcBar on my Toshiba 755 which allows me to access the main screen from a "home" button on the bar. It also allows me to switch between programs quickly. When out caching the only two programs I have open are Sonar and Mapopolis and my PDA handles it just fine. I would use the routing on the 60CS, but I found it easier to navigate to different caches with Mapoplis because I can more easily see where they are on the map and their name. In the end My GPSr, Mapopolis, and Sonar all have the same information which makes using both programs and the GPSr almost seamless.
  8. I would like an extra decimal place when during projections. My Legend would allow say a 1.25 mile projection. The 60CS will only allow a 1.2 mile projection. There are caches where I need that extra decimal place.
  9. Here is a "prototype" container where I was testing different "fillers". I thought expanding insulation foam would be a great idea.... Until the nozzle broke. I must stress how hard it was to explain why I had bald spots all over my arms where I needed a razor to remove this stuff.. The final product is much nicer, has hair, and weighs in at an authentic 12lbs from using plaster. Its incased in a nice camo "box" behind a cemetary. The cache page is here > GQ's Headcase
  10. D@mn you people.... You just made spend $530! Thanks for the coupon code! Now I just need sell my Magellan and my Etrex to ease the pain in my wallet.
  11. Yes.. Very true... Magellans are fragile and more care is needed. Sorry couldn't resist
  12. You haven't mentioned the firmware version on Legend? Have tried updating to the latest firmware availble for the legend? You're more than welcome to test with my Legend or my 755. I'll be at the next UsMorrows event cache on the 13th.
  13. Just wanted to say that GPXSonar Beta2 has been rock solid. For me at least.
  14. Mapopolis works fine with the SporTrak that I have. However in the SporTrak menu NMEA has to be turned on. Default setting is off, or at least it was on mine.
  15. The solution that is mentioned here http://www.cachegear.com/modules.php?name=PocketCaching regarding the Radio shack cable will work as well. The only differnce is that you need to buy the serial PC cable for the sportrak. I tested this with the spare SporTrak I bought for $89 at Fry's. However I only tested it with G7ToCE to upload waypoints to the SporTrak. I can test with mapopolis later when I leave work. It should work though..
  16. quote:Originally posted by -=(GEO)=-:Geek-Qualizer... The 'Found Field' will bear a checkmark when you load a GPX file containing caches that you've already found. Tagging a cache with a field note does not make that checkmark appear (since you have not yet logged it online). Regards, Fabien. http://img.Groundspeak.com/user/82972_1100.jpg Thats what I thought. Then when I just now read you message it clicked in my head what I was doing wrong. I had several gpx files on my pda dating back a few weeks. I opened an old one thinking that I would see the found check mark since I had found several caches that would be listed in that gpx. Doh! That won't work.. They're old gpx files which do not have my logs, and my newer GPX files only have caches that I have not found. Sorry... I rolled out of the idiot side of the bed today.. Thanks.. now I can go back and change my pocket queries.
  17. Looking good! Everything works for me except for the new Found field. Is there something I need to do to make it work? Besides actually finding the caches I'll give it a workout this week and report back any bugs. Thanks again for all your hard work!!!
  18. Bought my Legend initially for wardriving nearly 2 years ago.. May be longer than that, but I have had no problems with it what so ever. I keep it up to date with latest firmware. I even took it apart to look at its guts and its still working good. Just not as waterproof as it use to be. Bought my bother a legend for x-mas last year and it had problems with the display right out of the box. Exchanged it and his has been working just fine as well.
  19. quote:Originally posted by as77:When do you need waypoint projecting when geocaching? For some multi-caches or what? Yes. There are several caches that require you to project waypoints. Slegal, I know a few people that use a cf gps and their pda. They don't own a stand alone gps. So in order for CacheDragon to be a complete solution for the PDA this a must have feature. David seems like a nice guy and I'm just trying to do my civil duty and give him useful feedback. That's all..
  20. So I'm standing at waypoint1 and I need to get to waypoint2 and the only information I have is distance and bearing. So I would need to project waypoint2 from waypoint1 at a distance of 5 miles with a bearing of 335 degrees. This is something you can do with an eTrex. Does that explain it?
  21. Is there a way to project a waypoint with cachedragon? Is there any ppc application that project waypoints?
  22. The Navigator version of Mapopolis ($90) has turn by turn voice prompting. A co-worker uses it and its pretty slick.
  23. My PDA is too valuable and expensive for me to be handling it when in the woods looking for a cache. So it stays in my backpack. It comes out when I need to take notes or lookup caches descriptions. I carry the legend in hand because I can drop it, get it wet, etc and not worry about it. However to answer your question. I use a gps mouse that stays in my vehicle that I hook my PDA upto for driving to caches and mapping/navigation. I like Mapoppolis. The mapping software is subjective and others will have their favorites. You can get a cable from these people to connect your vista to the iPaq PDA/GPS cable
  24. Geo, The more I use this program the more I like it. Some of the things that you are doing with how the cache pages are displayed are clever and just plain make sense. Its got simplicity without sacrificing functionality. Its exactly everything I'm looking for. The program as been rock solid for me these last few days. There are 2 things that I would like to see though. 1. My Pocket Queries are large and so the performance of scrolling thru the listings is slow. If there was a way to speed this up that would be nice. Not a big deal though. 2. I like to keep the "founds" in my queries so I can look them up if I ever need to go back to a cache. So having a means of maybe specifying my username and having the program automatically marking the caches I have already found in the field notes would be great. btw, I'm using a Toshiba e755 with PPC2k3. Thanks for the program and keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to seeing future versions with much anticipation. [This message was edited by Geek-Qualizer on September 11, 2003 at 06:04 AM.]
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