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  1. There's also a movie, but it's 16 MB in size. As far as answering your specific map questions, I don't know. My suggestion would be to contact Garmin directly, they're usually very helpful. Any further news if this guy who posted the movie is back home and safe & sound? Cheers from Sweden, Viktor
  2. Now that really is a nerdish watch! Maybe I just keep on going without a watch and look at my cell phone whenever I need to know what time it is. Also, I've been doing fine just bringing my good ol' 60 CSx wherever I go for the last year so it seems for now I continue doing that. It's not that I'm in a desperate need of a watch even without gps and cardio functions, I just thought it was another geeky cool gadget.. I'll keep looking for other peoples opinions of these watches. Thanks guys for sharing your thoughts!
  3. Hi there guys (and gals of course!)! My old watch died some time ago and I'm considering buying a new one. Being a gadget freak and an addicted cacher I was thinking of buying a watch with built-in gps receiver. I've been looking at the Garmin Forerunner 405 HR which costs around $360 here in Sweden and also the GlobalSat GH-615M for about $195. I will use the watch primarily for seeing what time it is and seconday as a lightweight gpsr that's "always there". I know both models have heart rate monitors which adds some extra $$ on the price but as I said I'm a gadget freak... I already have a GPSMap 60 CSx and a eTrex Legend Cx so for the real caching missions I use those (read the 60 CSx) units but since a good watch will come with a price anyway why not get one with a gps?! I wonder if anyone has experience of using any of these little fellas, both for daily use and for softcore caching, especially the cheaper GlobalSat model. It would be nice to at least download some caches from the computer to the watch, perhaps not directly from the cache page but maybe in a .loc file. Cheers, Viktor - SWE_Bridgeman
  4. Hey there! I just wanted to share my thoughts regarding different gpsr's. I started geocaching in October last year and soon after that I bought a Garmin Venture Cx. Sure, it's a good unit but I quickly found out that when caching in "not-that-dense" forests, near mountain walls, in canyons or in the city it can be quite inaccurate since it doesn't have the SirfStar chipset and compass feature. After about 3 months I bought a Garmin GPSMap 60 CSx and I absolutely love it, I hardly ever leave home without it! I almost never use the altimeter but the compass makes things so much easier when searching for caches. When using the Venture Cx that lacks the compass you always have to move around to make the gpsr change directions while the GPSMap 60's compass needle point towards the target at all times. I paid around $200 for my GPSMap 60 CSx on amazon.com but I guess it was on some kind of sell-out by then. So, to finalize, depending on how addicted you are (or expect to become) the Venture Cx, works just fine but the GPSMap 60CSx is so much better as a geocaching tool that it in my eyes justifies the additional 2.5x or so cost compared to it's smaller siblings. Best regards, Viktor, Husqvarna, Sweden
  5. Hmm, I'm not sure I know exactly what "autorouting" means. I mainly use the handheld gps for geocaching and Tomtom Navigator 6 installed in my PDA for car navigating. /Viktor
  6. I sent a mail to one of the retail stores in Sweden and they replied that the topo maps I have should work no matter where the unit was sold. I hope they're right so I don't sit there with a useless GPS with only US base maps /Viktor
  7. Actually, I already have the Topo maps for Sweden for the Legend HCx I already have and it's possible to use them om two different units. I do hope that the maps doesn't care about which market region the gps unit was intended for... /Viktor
  8. Hello there! I have a Garmin eTrex Legend HCx that works quite well but is inaccurate as soon as there's a tree or anything somewhat close. I'm interested in buying a unit with SiRFstar III chipset; the GPSMap 60 CSx. In Sweden, where I live, this little fella would cost me over $700 and in the US the price is around $300. My question now is what differs the US version from the European one. Is it the base maps and/or are there other things to think about before having a friend of mine's, living in the US, ordering it for me and then mail it over to Sweden? I understand that warranty issues can be difficult but I'd be happy to hear any other suggestion. Best regards, Viktor Broman SWE_Bridgeman
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