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    So I created a Wherigo cartridge in the Builder and then imported it into the Urwigo program and then checked the "Enable emulator protection when the cartridge is run in Urwigo". I then compiled a cartridge and then ran it through the Builder emulator and the Urwigo emulator and didn't have any problems. How come it allowed me to run it through the emulator? Additionally, I like the idea of letting them run the cartridge part of the way (hopefully to get them hooked) and then stopping them if played through the emulator. What is the best way to accomplish this?
  2. I had the same issue (wrong username/password) when trying to upload my Wherigo from the Builder tonight. I was able to upload it from the Wherigo website though.
  3. Short story - see attached file. Long story - I imported the lua file into Urwigo and saved. Thank you for your help! If you can find the issue(s), please let me know what the issue is (instead of just fixing it). That way I can learn what the issue is. Plus, I don't think there is an import a Urwigo file into lua. Larry.zip
  4. Thank you Geo-Magician. I thought about that, but I don't think will solve my bigger problem (I could be wrong though). Can anyone solve my bigger problem?
  5. Just when I think I have finished my Wherigo, I run into problems testing it in real life. My latest problem is that the Wherigo has problems processing the information and goes back to a previous screen. Example: On my items the player clicks "Sell". There are 2 options, Button 1 and Button 2. If Button 1 it displays a message and then when the player clicks OK it processes the following information. cartLarrytheLeprechaun.MsgBoxCBFuncs.MsgBoxCB29 = function(action) if action ~= nil then -- #GroupDescription=Script -- -- #Comment=Script Comment -- zitemYellowSneakers:MoveTo(zcharacterSkeetReese) zcharacterSkeetReese.Visible = false Money = Money + 85 zitemWallet.Description = [[You have ]] .. Money .. [[ gold coins in your wallet.]] Wherigo.ShowScreen(Wherigo.DETAILSCREEN,zitemWallet) cartLarrytheLeprechaun:RequestSync() end end If Button 2 it displays a message and then gives 2 more options - Button 1 and Button 2. Button 1 then displays a message and processes the basically the same information as the previous Button 1. Button 2 displays a message and then gives 2 more options - Button 1 and Button 2. Button 1 then displays a message and processes the basically the same information as the previous Button 1. Button 2 displays a message and processes the following information. cartLarrytheLeprechaun.MsgBoxCBFuncs.MsgBoxCB35 = function(action) if action ~= nil then -- #GroupDescription=Script -- -- #Comment=Script Comment -- zcharacterSkeetReese.Visible = false zitemYellowSneakers.Commands["Sell"].Enabled = false cartLarrytheLeprechaun:RequestSync() end end I have one issue on my Oregon 200 and one on my Andriod phone. Oregon - The Oregon doesn't have any problems when selecting the different options, it is only slow when processing the "following information". It basically shows the item and the "Sell" again until it is down processing the information. I am not as concerned with this problem. I am more concerned with my Andriod phone. Andriod phone - The phone doesn't seem to have problems processing the original option 1, but it has a problem navigating through the other options. 50% of the time it will just go back to the "Sell" screen and you will have to start the process all over again. I have tried waiting a few seconds before answering Button 1 or Button 2, but that doesn't seems to always work. Also, is there a perferred method for scripting Button 1 and Button 2. I have tried both of these options, but then seem to work the same. If Button 1 message end If Button 2 message end If Button 1 message else if Button 2 message end Please help.
  6. Some how, some way, I found my answer. I found the needle in the haystack in Ranger Fox's Shopping Demo. For most people, you are probably saving duh and it looks exactly the same. Groundspeak Builder answer - Set zitemWallet Description equal to [[You have ]] .. Money .. [[ dollars in your wallet.]]
  7. Thank you for your help! I understand what I need to do, but I am still having problems (I am a very basic programmer - I wish I knew a lot more). I can create the Set Wallet description to equal, but I cannot create the concatenate function. Can anyone tell how to create this in the Groundspeak Wherigo builder. Unfortunately the builder is what I used to learn how to create Wherigo's (I know I am in the minority).
  8. So here is my new issue. I am trying to sell some items worth $5 and $10 and put the money in the wallet once sold. I have seen Ranger Fox's Shopping Demo, but the coding under the "Author Script Editor" is too complicated for me. I have attached a starter cartridge. Can anyone help me program so the wallet $ increases by the amounts sold. Money.zip
  9. I was finally able to test the On Click. It does not work for Items nor does it work for Characters. While it wasn't a huge part of the cartridge, it would have been a nice touch. It seems like everytime I learn something new, I learn two things that don't work.
  10. Does the On Click work for Items? Is there any real difference between Characters and Items? If the On Click works for Items, I could put the "Characters" under the Items.
  11. I see your "author script", but unless I can see it in the box under Events I have a hard time understanding the programming. My show Sell enable true on Enter and Sell enable false on Exit seems to be working OK. Here is my new question/problem. Why does this work on the WhereYouGo app and not my Oregon 200? Basically when the player clicks on a Character, it should bring up a message and then it should take them to the inventory screen. The WhereYouGo works perfectly, but the message doesn't come up on the Oregon. function zcharacterMarioBatali:OnClick() -- #GroupDescription=Script -- -- #Comment=Script Comment -- Wherigo.MessageBox{Text=[[Can you check to see if my shoes are ready?]],Callback=cartLarrytheLeprechaun.MsgBoxCBFuncs.MsgBoxCB6} end
  12. Follow up question. If I only want the "Sell" command to appear while in or in proximity to the Store, is there a better way than to show Sell enable true on Enter and Sell enable false on Exit? I had to change the on Proximity to on Enter because I could not a way to Sell enable false otherwise. I believe/hope this will work in the field, but I know there are sometimes issues with certain units (my phone - Android network) that had issues with entering zones and that is why I try to use proximity.
  13. Thank you charlenni!!! It worked!
  14. I am have having issues programming my new Wherigo. Can anyone help me? Basically, the player picks up one item in each of the 7 zones and then the player takes the items to the store zone to "sell" them. The "sell" command should be enabled when they are OnProximity to the zone, but it does not happen for all the items. I used this same command is a previous Wherigo so I am confused why it does not work now. The full LUA file is attached, but my problem area is below. function zoneStore:OnProximity() -- #GroupDescription=Script -- -- #Comment=Script Comment -- if Player:Contains(zitemItem1) then zitemItem1.Commands["Sell"].Enabled = true elseif Player:Contains(zitemItem2) then zitemItem2.Commands["Sell"].Enabled = true elseif Player:Contains(zitemItem3) then zitemItem3.Commands["Sell"].Enabled = true elseif Player:Contains(zitemItem4) then zitemItem4.Commands["Sell"].Enabled = true elseif Player:Contains(zitemItem5) then zitemItem5.Commands["Sell"].Enabled = true elseif Player:Contains(zitemItem6) then zitemItem6.Commands["Sell"].Enabled = true elseif Player:Contains(zitemItem7) then zitemItem7.Commands["Sell"].Enabled = true end end Seven Items.zip
  15. I deleted all the items and added the items back and added some more programming. So far so good. If you need me to break anything else, just let me know.
  16. I am having some problems after using the new "maps". I think it isn't related to the maps, but not 100% sure. I have been playing my cartridge in the emulator and run into errors/crashing. I think the problem is that when adding a description to the Red Slippers I accidently deleted the name and closed it. I then opened it back up and typed Red Slippers again. The emulator has crashed twice now (not every time though) when running this cartridge. After it crashes, "red slippers" is now in front of every other item when it is "Pick Up" (see attached cartridge). I am going delete all the items and re-program. Will this fix my problem? Your biggest fan, WINSLMA Larry The Leprechaun3.zip
  17. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! If you have saved me once, you have saved me a million times. The two links on your last post did not work for me, but your first link at 4pm worked?
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