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  1. I have thought of that but I was also thinking of a logo with possible the skyway bridge or just something that works with the area plenty of trails or even the gulf but the more designs the better.
  2. Okay I really would Like to get This Going. I would like to have a logo that represents the Gulf Coast or tampa Bay Area. So The Winner will Now Get $100.00 just go to the site and submit your entry. Thanks
  3. I need help in getting a logo for Tampa Bay Area Cacher's So Iam having a contest that is running until the End of October and the winning Logo winner will get $50.00 please post your logo's on Tampa Bay Area Cacher's site go to this Link Tampa Bay Area Cacher's Thanks for your Help and upport
  4. I like both but if you just want to get your pocket queries in your gps then Easy Gps is all you need.
  5. Thanks I was kinda of thinking the same thing. But I have been so busy working that I haven't had time to work on an event.
  6. Thanks for your input I really appreciate it.
  7. I could be wrong, but I think there is already an organized group for Tampa. You might email some of your area's established cachers, or check our http://www.floridacaching.com/. I think they have links to all of the local FL groups and have forums set up for the various regions. You are right but there have been no post since march so I was thinking of getting a group of cacher's in the area more involved in a local site it will either work or not. And to have a monthly events. And since there is the NEFGA my favorite site and the SCGA also it can't hurt to try one over here.
  8. I need some help in holding an event in the tampa bay area. And to maybe get some support on my caching site that I started called Tampa Bay Area Cacher's just click on the link. But I was thinking of holding an event some where along Hwy 19. Either on a week night were we can eat and talk about how to make this group work out. Or on a weekend sometime after the 4th of july weekend. Any input or help would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Cache Register gets the PQ from GC.com and syncs it directly to the GPS. A tiny convenience, saving the step of downloading it and unpacking it yourself first. To me its more then a tiny convience. I really like what it does.
  10. I am starting a site for cacher's on the Florida gulf Coast I am in no way trying to compete with nefga or fga sites they are well established and great sites. But I think it would be nice for cacher's in the area check it out, http://tampabayareacachers.forums-free.com/portal.html
  11. I have really enjoyed my pn-20 and with the new update it just got better for geocaching. just be careful with the SD card lock it breaks very easy mine came off today when I was changing battries. but still works very good.
  12. delorme pn-20 does for a $174.00 and it does.
  13. But will it do turn by turn routes when you spend that kind of money you don't just want a basic geocaching gps. I don't like that you can't even mark a find. And I want a gps that will do more then geocache.
  14. I have finally updated my list of top 50 travel bug Finders check it out at http://azcachers.com If you know of any cachers that should be added to the list that I missed please let me know. I have no specail program to update the list I just go out and search for cacher's
  15. Well here is the winning logo. thanks to Jake - Team A.I. for the logo http://www.azcachers.com
  16. what is the actual link? The voting is in their Forums. Here's the link AZ Geocachers Forum Topic Last chance to vote ends tommorrow or just check out the site and if your interested in the top 50 travel bug finder its also there. have fun & keep caching
  17. its time to vote time to go vote for Azcacher's logo and check out the site. This site is for cacher's for all of Arizona. go to http://azcachers.com
  18. Last Chance I would like one more Logo. I plan on submitting them next week for voting I have some nice one's already but would like one more. Or If just want to check out a growing arizona Cacher's site everyone is invited and if your from arizona and what to have a forum for your part of the state or other forum ideas check us out at http://www.azcachers.com
  19. Thanks Looking forward to having you down in the area right now I know of one Cacher's working on a logo and would like to see a couple more. But then again I only need 1 logo.
  20. when we moved out last july we had no place to live thanks to craigslist it all worked out. Looking forward to having you in the area and everyone is welcome out here.
  21. Checkout AzCachers there will be someone glad to help you
  22. Iam using vista and mapsource v6.13.7
  23. I also got my previous version to work finally.
  24. I uploaded the beta version now nothing works. the old mapsource gives me registery errors and the beta version gives me NTDBData error not sure what I did. I removed both programs and reinstalled and its the same thing
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