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  1. Can you clarify what "cannot download" entails? Error message? Corrupted file? Nothing at all? It appears to be a setting in my anti virus software. Everything worked on a different computer, so it must be some setting that needs to be changed. thanks
  2. PQs ran but I cannot download them from the querry page. Anybody else having this issue?
  3. Let me get this straight, you've hidden a cache and cannot find it? Sorry, couldn't resist.
  4. I have replaced logs before that were full, wet or otherwise in need of maintenance, if I have the supplies with me. I then send the CO a note, tell them what I did and ask if they want the old log. I have never gotten anything but thanks from the CO for doing the maintenance. Not one of them has asked for the old log.
  5. What's funny to me is that Deleware and Baden-Wurttemburg show on my Droid but not on my profile page. Maybe my phone visited Germany with out me???
  6. Oh great guys. Now she is going to be able to hide MORE caches I cannot find.
  7. Under resources on geocaching.com, there is a Guide to Geocaching you can print out. I would hand that out. I would also spend time talking about safety, you know, don't cache alone, tell people where you are going and when you will return, watch out for snakes and such when in the woods. I would also take sample cache containers to show them what they are looking for. I would also talk about respecting nature and other points of geocaching ettique. You could also show them the geocaching website and how to look up caches, download waypoints, read the logs and hints, and finally how to log a find. Just some random thoughts....
  8. 1001001. I think it is a binary puzzle. now how do we solve it?
  9. Wife and I found a golf ball cache once and decided to place a couple. One was muggled before it was actually activated and the second was replaced 3 or 4 times before we archived it. If you are going to place a cache like this, it probably needs to be somewhere people are not looking to pick up stray golf balls. Ours were near the out of bounds area of the golf course, but apparently lots of people walked there and picked up the stray shots.
  10. Mind did the same yesterday. I tried again today and the .zip opened, but now the html you copy and paste into your geocaching.com profile is not working right. I don't know what is going on, but I suggest you try to inport your .zip file again. on edit....I just tried to export the html file and it worked just fine. Try again.
  11. Where's the log, under the hood or inside? At least it won't fit under the skirt of a light pole in the Wal-Mart parking lot!
  12. Cammo helps blend in when grabbing those pesky LPC's! Nobody even looks when you are in full cammo in the Wal Mart parking lot. Seriously, jeans, long sleeve shirt and a hat to keep my bald spot from getting burned.
  13. He/she is bound to have some frequent flyer miles by now!! I don't even know where some of these places are.
  14. I used mine once to find a cache. We just knew where it had to be, but could not locate it. Sure enough, it was where we thought, only it was burried under 4-5 inches of compost. I just hate those DNF's!! We could have found it without the metal detector if we had persevered.
  15. I think the first one of those I found was silver and was attached to a bolt on a street sign. It looked like an extension of the bolt unless you looked very closely. It was a fun cache!
  16. I didn't see a single Wal Mart parking lot LPC in the bunch. What's up with that?
  17. Hm, I guess it does vary according to where you are located, because if I try N 34° 01.545 W 118° 25.641 and N 34° 01.545 W 118° 25.642 The difference is 5 feet, not 4 feet. Interesting. But I guess a .001 difference will probably always be between 4-6 feet (longitude or latitude), right? Wrong. Latitude spacing will always be almost exactly 6 feet per .001'. Longitude spacing per .001' can vary in the range of zero (touching) to six feet. Equator = 0 Degrees Latitude Cosine of 0 = 1 1 times 6 = 6 feet of Longitude spacing per .001' Pole (North or South) =90 Degrees Latitude Cosine of 90 = 0 0 times 6 = 0 feet of Longitude spacing per .001' At Latitude 60 Ddegees Cosine of 60 = .5 .5 times 6 = 3 feet of Longitude spacing per .001' Get the idea? I never knew that stuff they tried to teach me 30 something years ago had a practical application! Thanks for the education and reminder.
  18. The first couple of caches I found were ammo cans and I have loved them ever since. I found them hanging in trees, under rocks and under logs. The only ammo can I don't like to find is the one full of mud without a log. That's just not right!
  19. Thanks for the many responses. I separated the two units this morning and the transfer worked just fine. I will continue to play with it. I tried a search on the wikispaces.com, but obviously used the wrong search terms. Doh well! Thanks again everybody.
  20. hmmm they were right next to each other. I'll separate the little buggers a bit and see how that works. Thanks for the suggestion.
  21. My wife and I both use the Oregon 400t and yesterday I tried to send her a cache. My GPSr said it was searching and hers was set on receive, but nothing ever tranferred between the two. It worked once and then didn't work again after that. Anybody have any ideas why this might happen?
  22. My wife and I both carry compasses in our geo bags. We did an orienteering cache a while back using a cheap compass (which was really a mistake). We did another cache that said you need to find a number on a post. That number was the number of feet you went at xxx degrees. In both cases, we needed the compass to actually find the caches. So, we always carry a compass now. As to “special equipment” I would agree that the answer is no, but the cache page should definitely say that a compass is needed.
  23. Thats great advise. Now why didnt I think of looking back through my emails. It does seem to be the same reviewer a lot in Northern Ireland so it should be a piece of cake to work out his working times. Why not just have her give you the coords? Having her give me the coords wouldnt of been fun. Its the chase I enjoy! So finish the story, please. Did the cache get published and did you get the FTF?
  24. I get great satisfaction when I find a cache that has several DNF's before my find. I also watch logs for DNF's on caches I have placed as an indication that I may need to check my cache. Therefore, I think it is good to log DNF's when you cannot find a cache you actually looked for. Just my $.02....spend it wisely!
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