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  1. Lähin kätkö on GC656D eli Parkour - Pasila, 0,3 km, ja sitten on GC1008P KLM 0,4 km ja GCNGCQ Death Wish 0,5 km. En ole vielä yrittänyt löytää niitä. 1 km - 9 kätköä 2 km - 29 kätköä 10 km - 433 kätköä! Ensimmäinen löytämäni kätkö oli GCVHQ4 Fearfactor II - Aavesilta, 7,6 km:n etäisyydellä, ja lähin löytämäni on GC408F Rusa. Gandal
  2. Anyone out there with experience of a Nokia N95 for geocaching who could tell of their experiences?
  3. But hey, most people take their cellphones everywhere they go nowadays, don't they? I've not had any problems with that so far when hiking in the countryside. It's mostly just a matter of being careful, and the better Nokia phones are pretty durable nowadays.
  4. I'm fairly new to geocaching and haven't yet bought a GPS device. I'm wondering if anyone has experience and would recommend either the Nokia 6110 Navigator or the N95, as both have GPS capability? (There's also a new version of the N95 due out any time now, with 8GB memory.) Thanks for any advice!
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