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  1. She used raiza84, and at least somewhere in Finland she found caches, as far as I know.
  2. A friend of mine was caching from 2008 to 2010. Now she would like to recover her username, but can't find it! Could it have been deleted perhaps, after a long period of inactivity? Is there a time limit on old/unused usernames? Cheers, Gandal491
  3. I started making a page for a new event, but didn't enter anything in the Short Description. After saving and viewing, I see the system (or software) has put the date and time of the event into the short description. When I reopen the page for editing, it doesn't show me any short description, and I would like to change it! Any suggestions? Cheers, Gandal491
  4. I've sometimes used your last-mentioned, project-gc, but in my logs I like to differentiate between nametags, geocoins and TBs, making them more personal. Doing it the 'slow' way you also get to see the trackable's page, where you can get reminders of who was actually behind the badge, or who the coin and TB owner was. If you just take photos of code lists like often happens at events, especially Megas, then log them en masse on one of those sites, it comes down to being just about the numbers! As they say here, everyone caches in their own way! Thanks for taking this up! I look forward to seeing it fixed!
  5. When catching up with trackables you've seen but still haven't logged, you log one for say last week Tuesday, when you enter another code, the "Post a New Log" page shows the current date again instead of last Tuesday's date! Earlier it showed the date you chose for logging the previous TB! If you've still got dozens of trackables to log after an event, it's a pain to have to keep changing the date back to the day of the event. This used to work fine earlier! I don't know when it changed, but it sure was useful to have it show the same date! I hope you can reinstate this feature!
  6. I also used the conversion tool regularly, and now need to find a convenient way to convert, until they bring it back - they will, I'm sure, now they hear how much it's missed, it just takes time! Gandal491
  7. And here's my English version! (I've clarified the destination by adding Lapland and Finland - I hope that's ok?) Weihnachtsmann: Somebody has hidden my sleigh, so I have to travel without it back to my village in Rovaniemi, Lapland (northern Finland). I would really like to get back in time for Christmas 2012 to the cache "Rest Stop Santa Claus Village" GCK2BQ. Thank you and best wishes for 2012! Für den Schlitten: He's disappeared! Has Father Christmas left for home without me? Would you please help me get home by 24.12.2012 to the cache "Rest Stop Santa Claus Village" GCK2BQ? Thanks and best wishes for 2012!
  8. Hi VirtKitty, I'm a Brit living in Helsinki, and it's always interesting to meet cachers from other countries, exchange stories, talk about hides, swap coins and bugs. If you manage to get an event set up for October 5 or 6, count me in! Meanwhile, here's a good list of Helsinki caches: Caches for tourists in Helsinki It may not be up to date with the newest caches that have appeared recently. Cheers, Phill (Gandal491)
  9. Entäs Männistönmäki, onko se Vihdin seutua? Sen korkeus näyttää olevan pikkasen Rokokalliota korkeampi. Koordsit on suunnilleen N 60° 29.638 E 024° 25.332. Yt. Gandal491
  10. I clicked the 'Send to GPS' button, and it said ' Successful' or something similar, but then how do I find that cache information in my GPS? It's not listed by cache name, alphabetically. Thanks! Gandal491 Edit: Okay, I worked it out: the cache is listed by its code number, GCxx1Ax or whatever.
  11. Today I've received 3 LOG messages which date back to March and April. One says: You are receiving this email because this listing is on your watch list. Visit the web site to change your watchlist settings. Location: Finland <Geocacher (name changed by me!)> posted a note for The Helsinki Fair Center (Traditional Cache) at 3/1/2008 Log Date: 3/1/2008 a This cache wasn't on my watchlist back then, and the entry was a "Found it" with a full sentence of text, not a Note with just "a" as the message! Another erroneous message reads: You are receiving this email because you are the owner of this listing. Location: Finland <Geocacher (name changed by me, but same as previous!)> posted a note for Pasila Fire Station (Traditional Cache) at 3/1/2008 Log Date: 3/1/2008 a The third says so-and-so found Pasila Fire Station, with the correct sentence quoted from his log on 27 April. As it's my own cache, I received that message back when it was posted, so something's going wrong with the system, somewhere. Anyone else getting similar error messages? Gandal491
  12. Does he sign the logs of those caches he's visited? Has anyone tried to trace him? Gandal
  13. That would be kind! I still quite new to geocaching and haven't owned any TBs yet. We could email to finalise the details. Meanwhile, you might get your travel bug into Tervasaaren kuuset, Helsinki (GC168BK) if it's not too big (the name means Tar Island spruces, which should help find the cache!). Cheers, Phill (Gandal491)
  14. Some caches have been placed after that list was made, and the list also includes micros. Here are some caches (traditionals mostly, some of which are on that list) in downtown Helsinki that should be big enough to take a geocoin (no micros): Helsinki Monopoly: Korkeavuorenkatu (GC11K0X) (needs a screwdriver or other similar tool!) Halkolaituri,Helsinki (GC16T5T) Kruunu13 (GC16PMT) Tervasaaren kuuset, Helsinki (GC168BK) Ravintolalaiva Väiski,Helsinki (GC16254) Siltavuorensalmi (GCZ05P) Siltasaari Beach (GC1ARDR) Down Under - Manan majoilla (GC16MQT) Tram 2 and 2V, Linjat (GC17V4E) Lintsi (GCXHND) HIFK (GCR54T) (= Helsinki Sports Club, or something like that! Ice hockey team anyway) Helsinki 1952 Olympic Games, Rowing Stadium (GCPM3H) Helsinki 1952 Olympic Games, Olympic Stadium (GCPM2G) Bridge of Sturenkatu (GCM6AX) Metro Helsinki, Kalasatama Station (GCMNKZ) Mustikkamaa (GCYZ3G) (Red Herring, Helsinki, GC561B, is not a Regular, but a micro!) A bit further from the centre: Railway Station of Pasila (GCY4D0) Pasila train observation (GCG94J) Valentine's Day (GCMRF1) Rauhaa ja tarkoituksenmukaisuutta? (GC19BXF) Helsingin Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu (GC15VEE) Rodopuisto - Rhododendron Park (GCM11N) and lots more! Enjoy your visit to Helsinki, and good luck! Gandal491
  15. 0 km: Hauho (GC18262) is enabled again / on enabloitu taas, uudessa paikassa.
  16. 0 km: Hauho (GC18262) disabled/disabloitu. The container is missing. I'll try and find a better location. Purkki on jästitty. Yritän keksiä paremman paikan.
  17. Ainakin täältä löytyy selityksen (vain englanniksi, toistaiseksi): http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=185981 Gandal
  18. Jos saat sellaisen pystyyn, niin ilmoittaudun oppilaaksi! Terv. Gandal491
  19. Joo, oli puhetta siitä, että minä sitten voisin kätköttää Hauhon nollapisteen, kun käyn Hauholla ehkä useammin kuin Stone'5. Itse kätkösivun kuvaus on tekeillä (GC-koodi annettu) mutta piilopaikka ei vielä ehditty valita. Toivottavasti saan sen tehty ensi vuoden alussa, viimeistään talviloman aikana. No niin, nyt tuli tehty: Hauhon nollapisteellä on GC18262: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC18262 Harmitti vähän, että ei löytynyt sopivaa paikkaa isommalle purkille kuin mikrolle!
  20. If you read all the text on it, it should come to you (or to her!)
  21. Have you suggested they try a long stiff wire with a hooked end? Or a magnet on a string or on the end of a long thin stick?
  22. Joo, oli puhetta siitä, että minä sitten voisin kätköttää Hauhon nollapisteen, kun käyn Hauholla ehkä useammin kuin Stone'5. Itse kätkösivun kuvaus on tekeillä (GC-koodi annettu) mutta piilopaikka ei vielä ehditty valita. Toivottavasti saan sen tehty ensi vuoden alussa, viimeistään talviloman aikana.
  23. GCG94J, eli Pasila Train Observation:in purkissa on halkeama, ja olisi hyvä vaihtaa.
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