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  1. I tried that and there's nothing there. It seems like when you go to edit the item it automatically shows "no item selected" first. Since Dune Buggy is the first one I edited, I must have changed it to no image. I didn't notice that until after it was done and now the choice of an image has disappeared.
  2. I had images on all of my travel bugs. I went back and added some text to one of them and my image went away and there seems to be no way to retreive it. Any help?
  3. What's the best way to attach a bug sheet to a TB? I already have one failed bug attempt and would like to have better luck this time around.
  4. What would be the best way to attach the travel bug tag to a matchbox car?
  5. I've already had one travel bug disappear- it was a cute little stuffed bear. I went out today to try to find something that wasn't too cute, and the only thing that looked remotely promising was matchbox cars. So, what does anyone think? Would a matchbox car make a good TB?
  6. It's nothing against anyone here. It's just that there is a topic that no longer pertains to me. I still haven't figured it out though. I don't see an option to stop tracking the topic.
  7. I subscribed to a forum topic a while ago and I don't want to be notified of new entries any more. I didn't see an option to unsubscribe. How do I do it?
  8. Not necessarily. If you have the details, you can post them. You never know what can happen! Thank you. His bug is Bucky Ducky http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...cf-0d6da07692a1 Owned by my Dad, Rockscaler. Let me know if you need any more onfo. Let me ask a quick question - Have you or your father made any attempt to contact the current holder? looks like someone who gave up early on. --Meatstack, serving the central Ohio Area. Meatstack, My dad emailed the kids who picked him up several times and got no response.
  9. I'm pretty new to geocaching. I just got my GPS for Christmas and am finally doing geocaching on my own. I found a few this summer with family. We have a bunch of snow on the ground now. Is this perhaps a bad time to start? So far I have 1 DNF that I think is because of snow. So tell me, how much harder does snow make geocaching, on average?
  10. I've just released my first TB and I'm wondering how long is normal for it to sit in the same cache? It's been a week so far. I was just wondering how long should I let it sit there before I "rescue" it by trying a different cache?
  11. I live in Germany but I have an American Post Office box, so mailing it here costs the same as mailing to the US. I'd be happy to set one free here if you want. Just let me know.
  12. I'm an American living in Germany temporarily and I have the detailed American maps, but didn't want to pay for the detailed German map also, however, I do have a very basic world map that shows the major cities and roads. What I've been doing so far is making my own map by walking and driving around to the nearby villages and marking them as waypoints and saving my tracks to indicate paths and roads. So far I've just been going for the caches that are in or near villages that I have already mapped out, but I only have one more of those left to find. Other than continuing to map the other villages, what do I do when I want to find a GPS in an unmapped area? Yesterday I went looking for one of those and I just went off in its general direction, but ended up nowhere near it before I had to go. I thought I remembered my brother finding a way to mark the caches on a paper map of the area that I have when he was visiting me, but I don't know how to do it. Any help?
  13. Thank you all for your advice. I charged up the batteries and took 'er out for a walk today and all was well. *Breathes a sign of relief*
  14. Go to the bug page and under View the Gallery click on the 'Buddy at Home' link. It makes the photo nice and big. Uh oh, how do I fix it?
  15. No, I don't think the numbers are OK being seen in the photo. You are taking a chance of it getting yanked. Really? You think they're readable? I could read maybe the first 3 numbers but thought it would be OK because I couldn't read the rest.
  16. When using the TB Passport, what number to you put on it? The tracking number or the reference number? I just released my first TB out into the world and I fear he is too cute. Here he is:http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=35438 Do you think the numbers are OK? I read the post about them being not readable after the picture was taken. He's still in the cache where I placed him 2 days ago which is close to my home. I was thinking about adding a passport and anything else you think might be necessary. Please let me know what you think.
  17. It was somewhere around 30 degrees, or maybe upper 20's. It did flash "low battery," but continued to run after I pressed enter, with fading graphics. I turned it off once I saw that and changed the batteries. I just talked to my dad who is a geocacher and bought me a battery charger with batteries for Christmas to go with the GPS that my husband bought me. I used the new rechargable batteries that he bought me, but didn't realise that I had to recharge them before I used them. I have never used rechargable batteries before and thought they were good to go because they were brand new. My dad set me straight and I'm charging them now. I think that was the problem. Thank you to all of you for your help and suggestions.
  18. I'm sorry I originally posted this in the wrong forum. I am new at this and didn't see any other place to post it. It is a Garmin GPSmap 60CS. I hope that makes sense, because I don't much about it yet. I just got it for Christmas and haven't used it much yet.
  19. Not necessarily. If you have the details, you can post them. You never know what can happen! Thank you. His bug is Bucky Ducky http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...cf-0d6da07692a1 Owned by my Dad, Rockscaler. Let me know if you need any more onfo.
  20. I went out for a geocaching walk today and it was snowing pretty hard. I knew my batteries needed to be replaced soon, so I brought extras along. After nearly an hour of walking, I was within 30 seconds of the cache site and my screen started to fade due to low batteries. I was very careful opening it up to replace them, but some snow got into it. I did my best to wipe it dry, put the batteries in and tried to turn it on. It beeped as if it was turning on, showed a weak screen like it did when my batteries were low for about a second, and then went totally blank. I gave up on the cache and went home and opened up the battery compartment to let it sit for a while. Will it be OK once I thoroughly dries, or have I caused permanent damage? And if I've messed it up, is it fixable? Oh, please, someone give me some good news!
  21. I just found out about this group. I'm guessing it's too late, but my dad's travel bug went missing almost 3 years ago. There's not anything you can do for it, is it?
  22. I got to "My Geocaching Logs (All)", and it says this: Show: Found it, All Logs "found it" is the only clickable choice. I still can't find a way to see my DNF.
  23. I did log it as a DNF, but it was more than 30 days ago. On my "my account" page, it only shows my logs from the last 30 days.
  24. I don't see a "send message" link on his profile.
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