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  1. Bumper Sticker: "My other cachemobile is a Ferrari"
  2. I could see it being useful. For example the parking area is at 1200 feet and you notice the cache is at 1450 and is about 2 miles away. At least then you would know more about the terrain and upcoming hike.
  3. No paperless on the Legend - but it should do fine. Update recommended as others said. Another thing to keep in mind. Power on the units at least 20 minutes before you begin your hunt and place them were they can get a nice clear unobstructed view of the sky. This will give them a good load of the almanac data from the GPS constellation helping to improve accuracy and retention of your lock under tree cover. Remember that the Legend does struggle under heavy tree cover. Holding the unit out in front of you especially once you get close to the cache (within .1 mile) will help hold sat lock and improve the hunt for them - but having cached before they may already be aware of these hints.
  4. All sounds really nice. Preloaded caches, fact sheets and tech guides to get folks started. I can see the popularity factor and believe the same would apply here. I could see it helping to get more folks interested in our area. I have an old Legend that I could donate but fear that heavy tree cover could discourage new users so I think I'm leaning toward eTrex H models. I'm still struggling with the potential for a 'kit' to not get returned and fear a sudden end to such a nice program in such a case (considering tight funding these days). I'm going to have to talk to our local director. They may have some better insight to what the level of awol materials is for our library and also on whether she would see it as feasible. There is an employee there that's a big techie so he would be a good resource.
  5. I like to take pictures along the hike and share pics that way too. I'll sometimes post a pic of the container but as others have said, try to take it from an angle or location that won't make it a spoiler. I'll make another suggestion to see what the others think - how about posting at your own website, photo sharing site as well. You could then provide a link so that any spoiler pics won't be on the cache page. If you have a spoiler on your site, warn everyone in the log.
  6. Same here - always had this issue - I keep hoping for a software fix but nothing so far (running 3.01 beta)
  7. Just curious how these libraries manage the devices from a circulation standpoint. Is there a deposit required for checkout or just normal lending practices. Time limit on how long a unit can stay out? Any additional fees for damage, etc..? This is something I would like to pursue in my community however guaranteeing that the unit(s) make it back to the library is my key concern. If a unit doesn't come back it could be like getting blood from a turnip to try and collect a replacement for lost/damaged/stolen units. Thanks,
  8. Pat is right in part. You can create a folder on your microSD card for DRIVE:\GARMIN\GPX and put GPX files there as well (so I've heard, but tried to verify). However best thing is to put your GPX files in the primary storage (built in) X:\Garmin\GPX folder versus creating another on the microSD. The GPX files aren't very large and won't clog up your onboard memory. I think your CityNav maps will be locked to your Nuvi.
  9. If you like the Garmin interface then the next logical step would be one of the H models. There are many flavors but the most basic is the eTrex H (yellow) and it will give you the same no frills features of the eTrex 1st Generation unit - but with the high sensitivity receiver - helping to give you better lock on satellites while in heavy tree cover. If you can stomach used equipment then eBay or the Garage Sale forum might be able to help pair you up with a budget conscious high sensitivity unit.
  10. Probably should have called it in but it seemed silly at the time (still seems a bit silly really). While doing a cache in a greenway park near my home I found a pair of gardening shears (clippers) and wood saw placed in a hollow tree (about 50 feet from the cache). The interesting thing was the tools were still in this tree as if they had been placed there very recently but the area had been under water just 24-48 hours before due to heavy rains and flooding of the creek just 10 feet from this downed tree. This spot was adjacent to some private property and not too far (across the creek) from a residential development so while it was odd it was also creepy. Good news: The cache was secured to a tree right where it was supposed to be. Dry as a bone inside - gotta love ammo cans.
  11. I just changed mine - took a few days from request via e-mail to Contact@geocaching.com to get it completed. Very nice and polite process. Remember - you don't want to be requesting changes often so give some thought to your change before making the request.
  12. I use pocket queries when I want to generate a list on demand, and I get instant notifications when new caches are published using the notifications. As pointed out - these are available to premium members. You can get a free trial if you bought a garmin, go here: www.geocaching.com/garmin/freetrial.aspx or you can join as a premium member. It's $30 for a year, or if you want to make a short commitment you can go with $10 for 3 months. I think you'll find it's well worth the benefits.
  13. Since REI stores are not everywhere I think you are mostly stuck with online purchases. I can relate to the instant gratification and getting something in your hands quickly (as well as touching and seeing in person before buying). I recently notified the outdoor company that has a few brick and mortar stores in my region to tell them about Geocaching and suggest that they consider becoming a distributor. Who knows - maybe they will some day. If you have outdoor stores in your area that are not national chains (they are much more difficult to influence) then I suggest you contact them.
  14. My first FTF was Bent and Busted (GC1RKJD, http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...c-a5f83f2b2afd) I live in a rural area with a very low cache density within 10 miles of my home coords. As a result I really never expected to have a good opportunity for an FTF but I did want to try to get at least one FTF sometime. Sitting at home at about 11:30pm I checked e-mail to find that there were new caches published - - - yeah, yeah whatever - they are always 25-45 miles away (I have a 50 mile radius setup for notifications). Then I saw it - Bent and Busted is only 2.7 miles away? Really - must be a type-o or I'm just getting too sleepy I thought. A click of the link showed it was truly very near by (well under a mile from my office). I'm not dedicated enough to head out in the middle of the night, and the cache is adjacent to or in a local park based on the map which is closed at dusk so I packed up my swag bag and put it by the door with plans for a quick pick in the morning on the way to work. I'm not a morning person (at least until about 11:30am anyway) but I managed to get up a little early to allow for about 20 minutes to hunt and log my first FTF. I arrived at the cache site and started toward the cache but approached from the wrong side and found myself it some tall grass and weeds. The dew that morning was very heavy and I was starting to get soaked - I had to go to work and failed to plan for the heavy dew. I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to return later after work and get dirty then. Only a 1/2 day today at work anyway since we close early so at high noon I returned with less excitement. The cache had been published for over 12 hours now and I was sure I would be too late for the FTF. Approached from the correct side this time and found my way to the cache. WhooHoo! I had made it! My first FTF. Most of the regional cachers were already on their way to Geowoodstock I would later find out giving me a little leeway. Having forgotten my pen in the truck I bushwhacked my way out of the hide site, back to the truck to sign the log and returned the cache to its hiding spot. Fun Fun - - - now I was ready to start getting my ducks in a row for a few hides of my own.
  15. I chose to wait to hide my first cache until I got sufficient experience that I feel comfortable finding caches, knew what to look for as a cacher (on the hunt side of things) and had a more general all around feel for the hobby. The type of container you choose (size, material, color/camo, etc.) could be influenced by the types/sizes of caches you ultimately decide you like to hunt - another reason to take your time. If you decided to go ahead and hide - that's great. Take a look at the Geosnippits videos here: http://www.geosnippits.com/ Specifically: and: These videos give a light hearted tutorial on good and bad hiding spots and cache containers. Best of luck!
  16. I see this occasionally on my unit (Oregon 400t). I'm running the latest beta software (3.01) so at this point there hasn't been a fix. Garmin is still working on both features for the software for the Oregon as well as refining accuracy and other functional characteristics of the software. Whether to exchange/return is really up to you. I'm keeping mine even in the face of some shortcomings (which I see as minor). The things the Oregon does well greatly outweigh the small glitches that I hope will be addressed in software updates eventually.
  17. Wow - bummer - didn't realize the 200 didn't have the sound. I use my Oregon 400t as an all around unit including auto navigation. The sound to signal upcoming turns is a great thing. Without it navigation wouldn't be worth much. To the OP: The newest version of the beta software for the Oregon eliminates the limit of the number of .img map files that you can load on the unit (in the past there were only about 3 names that the unit would recognize). With that limit removed (any .img file will be recognized within the limit of file size and total map tiles) then the 200 would be fine if you don't need sound, eletronic compass. I personally chose the 400t because at the time it was the same price as the 300 and I wanted the electronic compass. The jury is till out for me on whether the compass is really that useful. I think eventually the software will help to make improvements in how it functions. For now I use it as a loose reference but recognize the limitations in the current version of software. You do have to calibrate the compass each time you change batteries but I haven't had any other calibration problems.
  18. Holy crap! I'm gonna see if I can hit 5 or 6 caches a day now!!! I mean, you never know - and I have a better chance of finding a BMW the more caches I hit! Right? Anyone? [crickets chirping] Sure, but remember to trade up. I keep the keys and tltles to my Porsche 911 Carerra and Ferrari 308 GTS handy for just such a situation. When I get there - it will be hard to decide which one to use as trade.
  19. I guess you could try another computer. I just setup a query to test and it worked fine running Firefox 3.0.11. I see that 3.5 is a new version of Firefox? Maybe that's the issue. IE7 works fine for me as well. I'm running WinXP.
  20. I'm still new at this myself. I'm approaching 100 finds (90 currently) and I have yet to get any such notification in the manner in which you describe. I would imagine this was a very very isolated incident. As a responsible cacher you are doing just fine. Logging should be done as soon as possible, but sometimes this can take a while depending on each individuals circumstances. For instance, I don't have any internet on my phone - don't want it - don't need it. So I log when I get home most trips, but sometimes it can take me a day or two to 'get a 'round to it'. If that's a problem for a trackable owner then I would simply have to apologize. I have a lot to things that I have to balance to meet my personal and professional obligations. Sometimes priorities dictate a 48 hour wait for logging (although rarely). Just take it with a grain of salt and continue enjoying the game. It truly is a blast and as with anything there will be some that may not be happy with the way you play it. If you are following the guidelines and logging your finds (discoveries, trackables, etc.) then you are just fine.
  21. Me too - and I got my info from Wikipedia which isn't the most reliable source. My card is a Kingston 4Gb SDHC.
  22. I'd recommend getting questions in advance as well. It of course doesn't hurt to have a laptop and computer access to act as a memory aid and to help you clarify information during the interview. Don't be afraid to ask to answer a question after the interview so you can verify information if necessary - offer to e-mail your written answer to the reporter if necessary after you verify facts to ensure you are accurate. Just relax and have fun with it - and thanks for your service.
  23. My area has a very low cache density within 10 miles so getting out there quickly enough for those that are in the Louisville Metro some 40 miles away (with hundreds and hundreds of cachers) is unlikely. For me FTF is a treat. I have only one of 90 finds as an FTF (Thanks to FindItFixItDave) and only because it was less than .2 miles from work. Work clothes didn't allow me to get it on my way in to work (very wet from morning dew) but nobody beat me to it before lunch (thanks to some local cachers in route to Geowoodstock). I look forward to getting more but I don't ever see me being a hound due to my geographic location.
  24. I'll add that mass e-mailing users would be a bad idea and likely give GC.com a bad name. I don't think any of use would want that. There are enough struggles with land managers and keeping the game on the level and making a positive impact out there without that. I know that a simple note from the TB owner in my case made a significant impact for me. I'll never let a trackable go stale in my bag. If I ever decided to put the swag bag in the closet, I'll get all the trackables back in the wild first.
  25. Not sure what web browser you are using, but be sure it is current. I don't know what type of technology is used but it sounds like something isn't working on your browser. It is as simple as you think. Just click an attribute to include or exclude and it should turn from gray to black indicating that you have activated that attributed for your query. Try using Firefox 3, make sure your plugins are up to date, especially Java (www.java.com).
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