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  1. I have the Vista HCX and I'm pretty happy with it. I use it for hiking. I wouldn't think of using a smartphone for hiking, just because it always gets wet.
  2. I was just building a new box, the reason I came to this forum is that I have an older version of all the Ibycus Topo .img files, and I was wondering what registry key to use so that Mapsource 6.13.7 can see them? I was using this: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Garmin\MapSource\Products\NTDBData] "BMap"="C:\\Garmin\\Maps\\ibycus\\ntdbdata.img" "Loc"="C:\\Garmin\\Maps\\ibycus\\imgs" "TDB"="C:\\Garmin\\Maps\\ibycus\\ntdbdata.tdb" Mapsource gives me the "problem with Mapsource installation" message with these keys in there. I do store my maps in c:\garmin\maps, the files that are referenced do exist. Are there other registry keys that must be added as well? In the meantime, I am downloading the 2.1 zip file Thanks, Martin
  3. If the 4-prong end has a round style connector, then you probably need one of these in addition to what March2003 suggested: Garmin RS232 Cable This cable should have come with the GPS though. I use this cable plugged into one similar to what Mach2003 suggested to run my GPSmap76s off my laptop.
  4. I've loaded them onto my computer using mapupdatebeta.exe and so far they look great! I'll try and load them onto the GPS now... Great stuff ibycus!!
  5. Eneloops + Maha MH-C401FS work well for me. It will charge each battery individually.
  6. I have a Vista HCx (Software 2.5, GPS SW 2.3) and have not had this problem. I bought my unit from REI in Nov 2007. I'm glad that I read this thread now, as usually I am pretty quick to get on the latest firmware. I don't even use the odometer so that issue isn't a problem to me. I find strange that Garmin is waiting so long to provide a fix. The least they could do is offer a way to downgrade both the "Software Version" and the "GPS SW Version" to a previous version. Not being able to downgrade is a huge bug. I write code for a living, and when I get bug reports from customers they are usually vague and just say "your software is not working" etc. etc. and I have to try a dozen things to reproduce their problem. The information provided here is a GOLD MINE and I hope that the Garmin developers read it and use it to solve the problem.
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