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  1. I enjoyed keeping up with the progress of finds yesterday and I congratulate Groundspeak and the folks involved with our contribution to the contest.

    If there's ever a contest where 10 balloons are moored and the coordinates given to see which group would find them first.... Groundspeak would have them all in less than 15 minutes. :D

  2. Just got word that my coin TB2QA9H Todie's Wild Ride -Tips for Safety has moved only once but is now within 10 miles of where I work in Tennessee... from Louisiana! Cool, only now I wish I was at work today instead of 50 miles south. : (

    Eyes open for bikers!

  3. Man, just barely got in. Been out all day with family, rushed in and grabbed the first name that sounded good. Didn't realize he's starting 31st. But, odder things have happened. Just good to be in!

    I think Daytona races should always be televised on local stations!

    Good luck to everyone

  4. Been meaning to join in. Seems I always remember just as the race starts. Being from Spring Hill, TN I've always been a Marlin fan. He graduated a few years ahead of me here.


    Thanks for the fun!

  5. Oh I will say for number 8: 01.24 inches of rain.


    Seems it is summer. Never mind the pretty girls or the sexy guys. Keep your eyes on the road. :blink:


    Thanks! I was hoping you'd see my post. Was going to email you if not. I like your safety message. Just picked up my son and friend at the Rec Center and the pool was full! Speed limit 20 so no problems for me.


    #8- 01.23"


    Give extra room for bikes!

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