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  1. I scored this Geo Sasquatch Geocoin from Ignore List after Driving 115 miles, hiking .60 miles through the woods-n-climbing a big ole rock! It was an gr8 day, fantastic cache, and is an awesome coin! "Rocky"-rockymtn8iv's Geo Sasquatch Geocoin
  2. AWESOME! Hello-n-Congrats from Windsor, CO Home of the Windsor Wizards!
  3. We ordered one of each (day-n-night) too. Just got them yesterday and they are SWEET! Wish we'ld a known about the Nickel/Gold version sooner. Thanx a bunch!
  4. I wouldn't worry about it considering I know of at least 3 cachers who have logged caches they DIDN'T find, (some of us do check the logs!)-one with less than two years of caching under their belt, one caching since 2006, and one since 2007-all with over 2400 "finds" and probably no DNFs (like anyone sees!). All three of them well known cachers. And then there is the one who always "finds" it after it is archived ("Found it awhile back, forgot to log it."-once maybe, time after time????) They're probably proud of their milestone coins too! To some it is about the numbers, for most of us though it is the experience. We have been at it for almost a year and a half. We have 1076 legit finds and 96 DNFs. The best part of this hobby, we have found, is the friends we've made along the way who have integrity (some should meditate on the meaning of this word!). We too have had some really incredible experiences. That is what I believe it is about. Be satisfied with your own pace. Look yourself in the eye and know you are what you want the world to believe you are. The world isn't fair, but fairness exists. Just like honesty-It isn't "out there', it's in "here"! PS-Sounds like Arrogance to me!
  5. You know you're addicted to geocaching when you decide "that cache has sat there long enough" and spend 11 hours on the road and put 520 miles on the travel bug to get a FTF. 136 miles as the crow flies=243 miles by TB
  6. I had to go to my 'ole yellar dinosaur e-trex to find my last cache because my new colorado couldn't seem to hold onto a satellite signal. They both said "weak signal" but at least the e-trex "proved" itself again. I wouldn't trust the colorado in a backwoods emergency. Why is the new technology less reliable than the old?? That is my question.
  7. On most every page, on left hand side you will find a link that reads "Trackable Items". Click the link. On the page that comes up enter the numbers from the coin/TB where it says "Enter the Tracking Number of the Item:". Hit the button that says "Track" and it should take you to the page. Beware: If you don't get the page or it doesn't recognize the number it may be that you entered a (0) zero, instead of an (O) oh! or vis-versa. If this happens just go back, change the o to a 0 and hit Track again. There are other letters/numbers that can be confused too. Just have patience. Hope this helps Oh yah! Then go to Found It? Log it! It helps to copy the number from the "Trackable Items" link as you'll need it to log your retrieval, grab, discovery etc.
  8. The MILE HIGH CITY (That is Denver, CO-USA) is rockymtn8iv's city of choice. Not only would we LOVE to see it here, we are willin' to pitch in and do whatever it takes to make it an event to remember. Let's see, we have caches, the Pepsi Center (Where this years Demoncratic convention was held), caches, DIA (Denver International Airport, not Denver's Imaginary Airport), caches, a gr8 public transit complete with light rail, caches, hotels, caches, dining, caches, and the Gr8 Rocky Mountains (the leaves turning colors for the season should be fantastic!), caches, and some of the gr8est cachers in the world. Did I mention caches. Come play in our back yard!!!!
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