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  1. Mrs. rockymtn8iv says............................ Mark Martin Jimmy Johnson Kyle Busch Thanx 4 the test! Good luck all!!!!!
  2. We have had the joy of finding a total of 6 Unactivated geocoins in caches. 4 were as FTF prizes : a Geocaching Colorado Geocoin on our 8th FTF, another on our 15th FTF, a beautiful Sailboat Suncatcher Geocoin on our 67th FTF (a cache dedicated to our own "Roo") , a DNF Geocoin on our 70th FTF and 2 Geo Sasquatch coins , one silver and one bronze. The Geo Sasquatch coins were real work to get to. One was on a rock in Pike National Forest near Colorado Springs, CO (See Log) and the other at the end of a rocky off road excursion (See Log). "Raquel" and "Rocky" We have left unactivated coins in caches as FTF prizes also and are hopin' to someday have a coin of our own made for this purpose as well as a "mystery" coin of our own so that we may spread the fantastic feeling it brings.
  3. Yes that make it a definite bummer. On the plus side paypal may open it up again if multiple complaints are filed within 180 days, from what I understand, and apparently I am not the only customer having problems. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=231934
  4. Name of coin: Pirates of the Geocache - "Girl" Pirates of the Geocache - AS Pirates of the Geocache - AC Name of Vendor: coinswag.com Date Ordered: August 23, 2009 Shipment Due Date: Unknown Ordered by: 1. rockymtn8iv "Not yet received" Payment made: August 23, 2009 - Paid in Full
  5. Well this is a bummer! I placed an order with coinswag.com on Aug. 23rd, payed with paypal (taken the same day) and have been waiting ever since. I have noticed that the items I ordered from them are now shown in their "coin vault". On the 25th of October I sent and e-mail to their "Shipping Dept." link at their website inquiring as to the status of this order. I have still not received a reply from them. I just sent another inquiry to their "General Contact" link. I guess I'll give it a little more time for a response before I contact paypal and my credit card co. and I'll let ya know of any developments. Wish I'ld have found this thread sooner......................
  6. I don't know about all of them on one map or of any other program, you'll have to get others input on that but on your trackable page there is a link right next to the tracking history at the top of the logs that says "View Map". That will show you where that particular trackable has gone with numbers showing the order. Hope this helps.
  7. You might also be havin' trouble because of numbers like zero which looks like an O (oh!), 8s sometimes look like Bs, Gs sometimes look like Cs. Try some variations. Hope that helps.
  8. If you want to keep the mileage as straight as possible you can write a note on the cache you found them in, "Drop" them in and then retrieve them again to "drop" them in the cache you place them in for real. Also, you can delete the note after you "drop" them and they will still be shown in that cache. That way you don't have to leave a "Dropped Coin" note on the cache page.
  9. That is SWEET! Congrats to all who have received one. And a Special THANX to Mystical GreenMan for lookin' out for our one and only ""Home"!
  10. Congrats to all that made it. Wish we could have been there!
  11. I would say you should just contact Geo Sasquatch himself for clarification. Or send it to me, I'll find a good place for it to go. PS DON"T SELL IT!!!!!
  12. I would say you should just contact Geo Sasquatch himself for clarification. Or send it to me, I'll find a good place for it to go.
  13. If a TB or Geocoin is dropped in a cache before it is published it is possible to check the "map" feature on the TBs page and locate a cache. Someone found one of mine like that once. Now I wait to drop the "Bugs" 'till after it is published.
  14. All my life I have lived within sight of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and love them. When I was 5 yrs. old, we moved to Steamboat Springs. I lived in the yampa valley until I was 28 years old. I currently live just a few miles east of the mountains............ Thus my moniker. rockymtn8iv (Rocky Mountain Native)
  15. I've noticed a cacher who always logs caches after they have gone missing and are archived. Always sayin' "Found it a while back and forgot to log it." Once or twice............maybe. This guy does it regularly! Guess he figures no one can check the logs if it isn't there.
  16. Living History 2 - Grass Maze 136 miles as the crow flies, 243 miles by TB, originally set out for Mt. Harris Info. Stop-a close second!
  17. On 03/24/09 I scored this Geo Sasquatch Geocoin from Ignore List after Driving 115 miles, hiking .60 miles through the woods-n-climbing a big ole rock! It was an gr8 day, fantastic cache, and is an awesome coin! "Rocky"-rockymtn8iv's Geo Sasquatch Geocoin Congrats to all who have scored one of these beauts!
  18. Wow! You all are AWESOME! I appreciate all the feedback!
  19. Sure appreciate the fast response. So I take it there is only the 1. That is kind of a bummer. Happy Cachin' to you MustangJoni!
  20. I've been trying to find out some info on Animated Icons. I am interested in how many there are and the geocoins they represent. So far I have only been able to find 1............ The World Traveler. Are there any others????
  21. Miss Hagen-6th grade reading teacher. She deserves your prize. I was in a foster home and struggling in every subject. Reading was my favorite class. Spring break that year she and her boyfriend "secured my release" for a weekend backpacking trip to Lost Lake near Rabbit Ears Pass in CO. I didn't even realize she knew anything about my "personal" life. Much less cared. I think she took pity on me and wanted to do something special. We hiked in and set up camp and within hours it was raining. My tent developed major leaks and we all ended up crammed into one tent for the whole weekend. We played a lot of cards. (I'm positive her boyfriend wasn't happy that it turned out that way! ) May not sound like much, but to an 11 year old it was an adventure. More over what it did to my sense of self-worth. They made me feel like I was worth something. And that she was my friend as well as a teacher. It made me want to work all the more harder in her class and instilled a love of literature that has stuck with me to this day. It has been quite a while. Thanx for stirin' up some warm memories!
  22. Wow! Sure would be nice to see the Sasquatch around here. Up North o' the border. In Nova Scotia. Lots of wilderness and good caching trails. wink wink, nudge nudge. Congratulations on your find! Thanx! This guy seems to get around. The coins have showed up all over the US, including Alaska and in Australia too. So I would just say..........keep an eye out-n-good luck.........ya never know..................
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